Yale students Kento Tanaka, Meng Fei Shen, and Nguyen Dustin Vu Anh at Yale-NUS

For the first time since the founding of Yale-NUS in 2011, three Yale undergraduates are living and studying in Singapore as part of a semester-long exchange.

As the partnership between Yale and Yale-NUS matures, Yale students have grown more aware of the many opportunities offered at and through Yale-NUS.

The fact that we have been sending increased numbers of Yale-NUS students to Yale for semester study abroad means we have more ambassadors talking about how amazing Yale-NUS is. Yale students are intrigued,” said Trisha Craig ’93 Ph.D, dean of international and professional experience at Yale-NUS.

In addition to longer exchanges, Yale-NUS also offers Yale students spots on summer “Learning Across Boundaries,” or LAB, trips. Two years ago, Yale students participated in a group internship project at Mrigadayavan Palace, a royal Thai summer residence. Several Yale-NUS faculty members led the program and the students studied and worked on environmental and cultural heritage initiatives. Last summer, Yale students joined a LAB in Zurich on “Connected Histories of Global Empires,” led by Yale-NUS professors Naoko Shimazu and Máté Rigó. According to Craig, Yale-NUS is attempting to increase such opportunities for Yale students.

More and more, Yale students understand that Yale-NUS represents a resource for them, and that Singapore is a great place. It’s an extremely modern city-state and a gateway to Southeast and East Asia, one of the most dynamic regions in the world,” said Craig.

source: https://news.yale.edu/2019/02/11/yale-students-studying-yale-nus-first-time