I’m not normally one to be promoting less studying but we do have some news this morning.

The Myopia (commonly known as short-sightedness) explosion is now affecting 90% of east Asia students and a UK study of 68,000 people suggests this is because of the increase in intensive education.

Researchers from Bristol and Cardiff Universities say the difference is so great that if the average person who leaves school at 16 has 20/20 vision, the average university graduate would legally need glasses to drive.

They attribute this to long hours in artificial light during years when your eyes are still developing.

So what can we do about it?

Well, nothing massively out of the ordinary really. Things which should make it easier on your study sessions involve keeping it easy on your eyes anyway.

  1. Study in a well-lit study environment. If you’re studying during the day take advantage of windows to get natural light.
  2. Take regular (pre-defined) breaks and don’t just spend the time looking at the same screen. Get up and get away from your desk – this is good for the brain too.

In the long term, it’s something schools and colleges are going to have to look at too.

“Policymakers should be aware that the educational practices used to teach children and to promote personal and economic health may have the unintended consequence of causing increasing levels of myopia and later visual disability as a result.”