We talk a lot about ways to improve your studying sessions – but a big part of improving your results is also what you do when you’re not actually studying.

We’ve touched on this before when we looked at avoiding studying burnout but exercise has been shown time and time again to be a great tool in not only improving your concentration while you’re at the desk – but it’s also a great way to reduce your stress.

Which, in turn, is going to improve your memory retention.

As exams are approaching, England Athletics is launching its first #RunAndRevise scheme, which aims to encourage pupils to take a break from revision and support their mental health through running.

It is aimed at people aged 16-25, who can take part by running a mile or more by themselves, or by joining an England Athletics club or a RunTogether group.

Schools, colleges and universities have also organized runs for their students to get involved in during the campaign.

Liz Purbrick, England Athletic’s Inclusion Manager, said: “There’s a huge social element that running can bring.

“The #RunAndRevise campaign can be an opportunity for pupils to start talking about their mental health.

“Although we’re a membership body and we want to get more people running, we also genuinely want to contribute to the mental health of our nation.”

Obviously, you don’t need the campaign to get you running. You don’t need to be training for a marathon here – just get out there and move a bit in between study sessions and you’ll see for yourself.

It’s good to see a government organization taking more notice of this but in reality, it’s something everyone should consider. This video will give you some helpful tips but it doesn’t really need to be anything complicated.

I’ve said it so, so many times. Your results from studying are not about how long you can sit at a desk. It’s about what you’re able to do with that time and if a half hour of running is going to improve your results more than hours of sitting down – even the laziest of us should consider it.

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