We get asked a lot about how to take Adderall for studying. We actually get asked fairly often about smart drugs or study drugs as they’re commonly known.

Obviously, we’ve all heard the stories in the media but what’s the truth when it comes to studying with Adderall?

And I’m going to start this with a big old disclaimer. I’m not a doctor. I’m doing my research and sharing my findings with you based upon the fact that I run a site on studying and it’s a common topic. There are also plenty of places where Adderall is going to be a prescription-only drug and you might well be breaking the law by using it without one. Don’t try and claim afterward that I told you to do it.

So, going with the assumption that you’re legally allowed Adderall and with the understanding that I’m just sharing my findings – I’m not a doctor how do you use Adderall to study and is it worth it?

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Some Advice on How to Use Adderall to Study

Just to be safe, I would get an EKG first.

It’s unlikely to be particularly bad for you (I’m not one of those people who throws out long lists of possible side effects, because seriously – most listed side effects are mild and only by trying the drug first can you determine whether or not the side effects apply to you – if they do, well, they’re completely reversible).

However, if you have underlying cardiac problems (which are usually undetectable except through an EKG), then you could risk sudden cardiac death. That being said, the chances of that are very unlikely (but underlying cardiac problems like long-QT syndrome and prolonged afterhyperpolarization are somewhat more common than people think).

In terms of long term effects, see What are the long term effects of Adderall, Dexedrine, or Ritalin use?. It’s *possible* that those with ADD are more prone to Adderall-based amphetamine neurotoxicity than those without ADD, but this is an open question (as we’re not sure if those with ADD have too little dopamine – which is the basis for long-term amphetamine neurotoxicity – see What is the biological basis or cause of ADD/ADHD? for more)

But of course, these long-term effects are unlikely if you only take it for midterms/finals. There is the risk of psychological dependence, but judging from your post, this seems unlikely.

This was a great answer from this question on Quora.

Does Adderall Work For Studying?

And this is the big question. We can look at how to use it and we’ve looked at Vyvanse vs. Adderall for studying in the past as well but really the question is does it work and is it worth it?

Many college campuses around the country report that it’s an increasingly significant problem, and along with students using it without a prescription, there’s also been a rise in people getting prescriptions for Adderall.

There tends to be a misconception that somehow Adderall and other similar drugs are safer than drugs sold on the street, but the effects and consequences are often very similar.

So, does Adderall work for studying? Yes, in the short-term, but there are caveats.
First, while using Adderall does work for studying, you can quickly develop a tolerance to it. When you have a tolerance to a drug, it means it no longer has the effect it once did. It may have a diminished effect or no effect at all. When you develop a tolerance to Adderall, you have to take higher and higher doses, and eventually, it may not work at all to help you study.

Also, if you’re using Adderall to study something more creative or you need to write a paper as an example, Adderall may do more harm than good.

Another reason to reconsider Adderall for studying? When Adderall is used for studying it can feel great for a few hours, but as the effects wear off, people will go through a comedown similar to what happens with other drugs like cocaine. During this time the person will likely feel anxious, depressed and can have a range of other adverse side effects, which can counteract the productivity achieved while on Adderall.

There’s also the health risks associated with Adderall and the potential for Adderall addiction. If someone is regularly relying on Adderall to study they may become addicted to the drug, and if they become physically dependent then they will go through withdrawal when they attempt to stop using them.

While Adderall does work for studying, the benefits rarely outweigh the risks.

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