Note: While our focus is on studying (go figure since we have the worlds biggest selection of studying videos) these principles apply to basically anything. Improving your memory can help every area of your life from academics and your career to your social life and just remembering where you left your car keys. At the bottom of the page, we have a way to download this entire Unlimited Memory audiobook for free and it’s things you can start doing now to improve your memory.

I’ve been obsessed with improving my memory for over a decade. From studying in school, university, in my career and even in my personal life.

What people often forget is results are not solely based on the amount of work you put in to study or work on something. Efficiency matters and memory is a big part of that.

Some people think if they sit down and study for 10 hours that day they’re working hard and doing well.

Others can get better performance in 2 hours. They’ll retain more information and still have time left over.

Have you seen the stats for retention when studying for those crazy hours? Most of that time is just wasted. You can read the same thing a dozen times and not retain any of it.

And this is not some superhuman feat. The Hollywood photographic memory doesn’t actually exist. Memory is a skill and can be worked on just like any other.

Whether you’re trying to remember someone’s name or an entire textbook the principles are the same.

And some are better at it than others.

So I started to experiment.

I tried all these weird sleeping patterns people talk about like sleeping three times a day rather than sleeping all night. I tried changing my diet. I tried medication and supplements.

I tried cursing my luck that I wasn’t just born gifted.

But nothing helped… at first. Until I happened to be chatting to a chess-playing friend of mine, Pete.

Pete was always in the library… but he was always there to play chess. He took most of the same classes as I did but he was doing much better than I was in a fraction of the time.

I jokingly asked him for his secret. Expecting him just to shrug and offer me a game of chess. But that’s when he said something I wasn’t expecting.

He said it was all about memory.

While I’ll spend 12 hours going over the same stuff constantly trying to drill it in, Pete was able to look at it once or twice and just remember it.

And it wasn’t because he had some magic memory (the whole photographic memory thing doesn’t actually exist outside of TV). It was because he actually worked on his memory. Originally he did it to improve his chess game when it was young but turns out it made his academic (and now professional) life a breeze.

It completely unlocked studying for me. My grades where never the same since.

I could go on and on about what it covers but basically, it’s how to learn faster and remember more. Basically everything you need for studying.

Now while I had to pay for my copy of Unlimited Memory and read the whole thing a few times to let it all sink in I have two benefits for you guys.

A) You can get the entire audiobook so you can stick it on while you go to sleep or you’re driving or something (so it doesn’t take away from your studying just now)

B) You get the entire thing free.

So How is it Free?

Normally it isn’t. It’s massively popular and cost me about $50 when I first got it.

But Amazon not only has the audiobook (so you can absorb the whole system without having to read it a few times – though you get that option too) but they give you it free when you signup to their trial. Even if you don’t keep the trial – you keep the complete thing.

Kind of hard to argue with that. Sign up takes a minute and you can instantly download the whole audiobook.

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