Well…. First of all i would say that you need to ask yourself why you want to study 10 hrs or more than 10 hrs. Maybe continuously we can pay attention while studying 10 hrs. But in my opinion be sure that 57 hrs is sufficient for any exams even it can be IAS/NEET/GATE or IIT. But there are many students those who devote 1015 hrs for their study. But they are emotionally focused and motivated towards their study. They have basis need or reason for study so when even they feel boring while studying they do remember their reason and get themselves motivated or energetic. Therefore if you have any valid reason for study you can also read 10 hrs.

Here i am mentioning some points. Which may help you little bit.

Try to be physically fit & healthy

Take out sometime for morning walk or yoga even meditation.

Avoid junks food or oily

While studying you can listen to music not like Bewfai Songs it will leave very bad impact in your mind .

Maybe these poins will help you

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