Things are retained longer if

You do problems and questions on a topic. It immediately tests as to how well you have GRASPED the matter. Secondly it helps embed the concepts deep in your mind. The deeper it is embedded the longer it stays.

Doing problems acts as a revision technique too. As you tackle a problem you have to think about the whole problem from every angle to dig out the information and solution. You get to revising the topic.

SPEED and ACCURACY are crucial. As you solve problems repeatedly your mind gets more and more trained. When you solve a problem second time or similar problem time taken next time is much less than it took the first time. Yet lesser timr next time. You may measure the time. As you keep repeating, a very tough topic starts sounding suddenly easy.

Mark topics that you find a challenge. Revise these every month.

Write summaries of such topics on the margin of your text book. Jot down key words and phrases. While revising reading only these key words will be doubly beneficial. It will save time and it will focus on the important ideas.

Underline key words with different bright coloured pens. Bright colours are embedded easily in mind. These colours are easy to retrieve when Time comes.

Do not study for long stretches – not more than 5060minutes. Keep taking breaks. Keep your mind fresh and recharged. Do not let the mind battery go in DEEP DISCHARGE. You try to recharge your mobile before its battery goes too weak.

In afternoon take naps. These are really refreshing n increase n boost your memory power.

In evening go out in oxygen rich green environment. Soak in sunlight. Do some jogging. Invigorate yourself. Send energizing chemicals to brain.

Stay away from social networking

keep your study area neat and tidy. Keep irritating clutter out of view.

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