I have been at both the ends. I have been a failure as well as a topper.

When I was a failure:

Never concentrated in class

Didn’t care much about education

Teachers only demotivated me more

My relationship with teachers was simple: I hated them and they hated me

When revolution striked in .. and no I didn’t go form a failure to top ranker, it took time.

Yes so revolution striked in when I changed schools l, and for some reason teachers there believed in me and coached me to know better, with that even my perspective about education changed I started understand its importance.

So eventually I started score alot better in my exams test etc.

So now as a topper this what has changed:

I learn to know and utilize my education/knowledge

I never mug up anything, I always understand what I learn or what is taught

I pay attention to each and everything that is taught, its always more useful (sometime I don’t even need to read for a test or exams that much.. thats the power of paying attention)

Most importantly, I learn that you need social skills in order to advance.. a simple 1st impression on a teacher can last you a long way. Be nice to them and they will reciprocate.

This is my life story but there are alot of advantages of being a failure, that im still reaping form, .. I know that feeling of happiness when I get one mark above the passeing mark and I never sulk for more marks like the toppers who have never seen failure

It is true that, U learn alot more from failure than from success =)

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