What Is The Best Time To Study & Stay Productive?

This a big debate between two groups of people that has been going on for a long time. Some people prefer studying till late night whereas some people prefer studying in early morning. So we decided to make this video to logically find out the perfect time to study and stay productive. At the end of the day its all about staying productive and putting in maximum strength and energy to achieve success through hard work. Different people have different study times. So lets see what is the best time to study.

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what is the best time to study it’s one of those analyst debates among students is it better to study at night or during the day sign says that our cycles of alertness and focus are governed by circadian rhythms they are what form our 24 hour sleep wake cycle that then drives when we are hungry when we are tired and even when we undertake activities such as work and study it’s not hard to argue that studying during the day is a good choice after all we are refreshed in the morning after a good night’s sleep and should have just had an energy field breakfast that will sustain us well into the day during the day you are less likely to require indoor lightning sunlight is actually good for your eyes it provides just the right spectrum of light to maintain optimal eyesight and actually works with a budgetary gland to make you alert and awake but wait what about people who prefer to study at night the most obvious advantage of studying at night is the abundance of peace and quiet you have night time is when people are more relaxed the great risk with studying at night though is that you may lose track of time and end up sleeping less and this is the great enemy of learning a strong routine complete with deadlines on when you stop studying and start sleeping means you aren’t breaking the circadian rhythms that govern your body’s patterns so when is it best to study it all depends on your lifestyle younger people with a routine that sees them more active at night will find that studying at night comes more naturally to them if you are an adult and reentering study after a long time away you’ll find that day times are far better suited as you are used working or being active during the day in fact study shows that only around 2 percent of students over 30 find that studying at night works for them 80% of them would rather study in the morning the important factor for everyone is making sure you’re getting enough sleep so whether you’re a morning person or a night owl there’s nothing stopping you from taking one study in your own time and at your own pace if you liked this video make sure you subscribe our Channel and like us on all other social networks they release awesome science videos every week so check out a channel for tons of cool videos let us know what do you think about this video in the comment section and subscribe for more weekly science videos..


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  • 10 days i went for my exams without actually getting enough sleep.. i remember i just used to take a 3 hour nap in the noon n then stay awake all night studying !!! i really find my self more active at night rather than at daytime…

  • Good work bro.. keep it up one day this Chanel will as good as TEDED and will become very big… i will share your videos to my friends and tell them to spread… good work….

  • I have recently started a science channel and have had some trouble get it going. I tried to produce science vids with my own style but fail…do you have any tips on how to grow a science channel Allday SCIENCE

    ps….Your channel is great ….keep up the amazing work and you will be one of the biggest science channels in no time

  • Nothing is wrong with the channel on a whole but the similarities to ASAP Science are ghastly/shockingly similar. As long as you don’t recycle videos they have done, no one can tell you bad on the channel.

  • Emglish is not my mother tongue but I can understand everything you said. Don’t listen to people that complain about your accent because they’re the ones that need to improve their listening skills.

  • actually iam confused when should I study after seeing this video help me clarify :in early morning like 4to5 5to6 or at night time actually I don’t want to study at night because I feel very tired and want only sleep and in morning after sunrise too I don’t have time so suggest me a time table that I manage my studies in the time u said or suggest me other time to study.