Weird Study Tips And Hacks: Get An Easy A On Your Exams!

Hey guys! So in today’s video I am showing you all some study tips and hacks! Some of these are actually pretty weird, but you never know, these tips could help you get an A on your exam! Since I’m guessing finals are coming up for most of you guys pretty soon (ahhhh), I figured I would help you all out with a study hacks video. Good luck and I hope you enjoy!

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ps. If you’re reading this, comment your favorite school subject! Mine is history.

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Write up:

today’s video is all about study tips and hacks so most of you guys I’m guessing or finals or exams are coming up pretty soon so this video should really come in handy but these are just any study hacks I mean these are pretty weird I guess they’re not like you know they’re not normal I found all these hacks from the internet and they were all backed up by like science and studies and things like that they definitely work but I’m not saying you guys should like ditch studying altogether just maybe try these in addition to your normal studying habits also about a year ago I did another study tips video it’s super basic very like simple tips but if you guys want to watch that I’ll have it linked down below as well as on the top of the screen right now and then one more thing before we get started if you are not already make sure to subscribe to my channel down below I post my videos every single Saturday and without further ado let’s get started so the first like a half you guys it’s just to read your notes out loud so you guys have probably heard this before but you may not believe it but it does actually work because not only will you have that memory of looking at your notes we will have a memory of speaking them as well which will make it oh it’s a lot easier to memorize and comprehend so moving on to Life Path number two so if you have a long essay to read online like an article that you just don’t feel like spending like an hour reading what you can do is make a little bit faster is copy and paste that article into like a Google document or like a Microsoft Word page and then change the font to Times New Roman this will make it a lot easier to read and your mind will be able to comprehend and read it faster like hack number three so if you are ever trying to cram in before test you can’t seem to understand the subject you are trying to learn what you can do is go to this channel called crash course it is run by John Green and his brother search in your topic and I can almost guarantee they will have a video on it all their videos are like 10 to 15 minutes long and it’s basically like a huge rundown of that lesson and it’s super helpful and it covers all of the important stuff in your lesson place out there before so I read the study that apparently says that looking at pictures of cute animals before studying will improve your overall concentration so it says that while you’re looking at pictures of cute animals and it’s making you happy it will narrow your attentional focus or you’ll make it easier to concentrate on tasks that require a lot of concentration now you totally have a bail excuse to look up pictures of baby animals online because it actually helps you study better like pack number five so eating sugary fluid while you’re studying is actually really bad for you because processed food impairs your brain function and sugar close your energy level in general so instead eat foods like dark chocolate not to end fruit chocolate boost your energy level and improves your memory and endorphins nuts contain high levels of essential fatty acids that help your brain to perform optimally and then they also contain oxygen and iron which will help you be more alert and retain information better third way to improve your brain function as well as make you less stressed which is never a bad thing because studying can be very stressful and that’s obviously not good for you either I got the spoon life hack number six so if you are studying and you cannot seem to stay awake or concentrate what you can do is just surround yourself with yellow like yellow paper pillows pens and or like literally everything yellow what this does is it kind of wakes up the left side of your brain so you’ll be able to concentrate better retain information better and just like stay awake and be more retentive and focused we rock it life hack number seven so you guys have probably heard this one before but I just think it is so cool so when you are studying for a test just chew an unfamiliar flavor piece of gum and then we actually go to take the test what you can do is to that same flavor piece of gum this hop jog your memory on what you’re studying the first time you toots piece of gum and hopefully it will help you avoid like totally blanking while taking the test like packet number eight so when you’re studying try to avoid music with strong vocals like any adult song really because it will just distract you and you just won’t get anything done so instead you are memorizing things try it with some music with like a slow tempo and if you were trying to write something or be creative listen to something with a fast tempo Oh something magical its life hack number nine so as soon as your chest starts take a Blakey note card and just write down everything you can remember like all the important stuff like a fact or some formulas stuff like that you’re worried about like blanking on something really important in the middle of the test this is definitely gonna help you with that because you will have all the important stuff you need to know like right at the top of your test or on your note card I really hope you guys enjoyed that video if you’re not already make sure subscribe my channel down below I post my videos every single Saturday so if you want to subscribe you won’t miss out on any of those also we should follow my Instagram Twitter and snapchat as well as my yoona which is linked down below I did broadcasts twice a week and basically if you follow any of those you can see like behind the scenes stuff get to know a little bit more about me and you know just like things like that so yeah I love you guys so much and I will see you guys next Saturday new video bye coming mm hmm oh God look I’m your friends oh he’s eating that I read out a dog is eyeing you just like we should go for me you died that’s a rodent oh that’s disgusting so cute hardtack victim ism is unconsciously it has heart attack symptoms..


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