The Hardest Part About College (Q&A)

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hey guys it’s joy here welcome to my channel if you’re new go ahead and click that subscribe button and leave me a thumbs up on this video if you enjoy so today we are going to be talking about what I think the hardest part of adjusting to college is and I’m also going to go through the Q&A questions that you guys left on my Instagram page if you don’t follow me on instagram you need to go follow me follow me at joy way to underscore and you can ask me questions I always respond to y’all’s DMS and we can you know be friends so I know that you guys are gonna ask about the hair if you didn’t see some of my last video so this is this is clip in extensions and I will have the video I did on these hello so let’s get into the T the thing that I think is the most difficult part of adjusting to college is is making friends so I don’t know I just remember in high school I think junior year of high school was when I had a solid friend group it was four of us and we literally did anything we wanted to do together it was a reliable group so like I think we were going to go get food who would just be like hey let’s go here and then we would all go I know it’s really easy and didn’t have to do with anyone else etc etc so I feel like in college especially if you go to a really good school in a city like everyone is always busy everyone always doing things working on things reviewing schoolwork we’re going outside project and so it’s hard to coordinate when you can meet up with people when you can actually do things other than like you know go do homework together so I feel like making friends has been like really hard for me like especially going into like past freshman year where you kind of like live with all your friends as you like to become upperclassmen you start moving off campus you don’t move away from your friends and if you don’t live near friends or your friends go study abroad you’re like cool I’m gonna hang out with who I’m gonna hang out with so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been just asking people to hang out whether or not they say yes or no at least I’m trying I’m getting better at that but I feel like it could get discouraging if you’re like asking someone hey let’s hang out and then they’re busy they ask no there isn’t hey let’s hang out then they’re busy then you’re like I’m not better keep asking people to hang out so I feel like I’m searching for that like solid friend group now that I had like when I was in high school I had one freshman year but we kind of dispersed and we kinda don’t see each other now because we don’t all live in the same place like we did last year so I am on this search but yeah if you go to USC or you live in LA or go to another LA school let’s connect if you crazy let’s not connect but um yeah so I am open to making friends at USC it’s just like it’s a process and I need to you know understand that so if you’re in college and you had a point where you’re like I don’t know what my friend group is let me know below so I know you can relate and also leave any tips for other people who are in college or in high school or looking to like you know learn how to make friends you can leave that for them so let’s get into the Q&A okay let’s get into the Q&A so I posted this Q&A like six weeks ago I just never got around to it this is supposed to be February’s Q&A well my first question is from an e dot Omalu I’m starting colleges law and I just wanted to know if you have any tips on adjusting to college life joining clubs choosing courses etc so I’ll just focus on the choosing courses cuz I have talked about clubs and a lot of videos so I say for courses make sure that you schedule classes early plan them out early usually the schedule of classes is posted well before you get to schedule your classes so like at USC the classes were posted in March and for the Fall so for August so you have time to like you know get your schedule together and all that stuff I literally can’t stop touching my hair because I feel so brand new Nia BFO finish out Nia if you don’t subscribe to her channel you got a subscribe omnium on e so what’s your ultimate life goals so my ultimate life goals is to live a life of happiness where I can travel experience new things where I can be an entrepreneur and not have to work for anyone have a happy happy family life and all those great things I can serve up looks oh yeah I really just my ultimate life goals is to be happy with where at coz I feel like there’s so many times over where we’re not happy or we’re always trying to do something else or always reaching for other goals oh my god I really cannot stop and then this trap is like let’s fix this I really just want to be doing something that I’m passionate about at the end of the day because I don’t want to be in some boring job I don’t like men give up eight says when will you have a meet and greet so glad you asked this so if you live in LA I have no idea when this video goes up so this is my past but oh yeah those won’t pass because it’s literally next week but I’m going to be at the young african american women’s conference during a college prep workshop and that’s April 7th so it might have passed by the time this video goes up so ignore that but if you live in Atlanta if you live in Atlanta I’m gonna be at the world natural hair show so I’m gonna be a vendor there for both days and I’m also doing a college admissions workshop so if you’re in New York I’m gonna be in New York doing a book signing at bookcon and that is on June 2nd and 3rd and I’m signing on the 3rd with the book publishers so all that information will be streamlined through my social media accounts if you are in any of those cities well who if you’re not then let me know what city you’re in and I can try to hopefully be there one time in the near future Eva Queen says can you use university grants to pay for room and board yeah it just usually you don’t have the option of where your money goes and you’re finding for a package so it kind of like I know USC the first thing they go to is tuition then they go to room and board then they go to like whatever other fees so if you just have to talk to your financial aid office to see like if you have the option to see where your money goes chin a Mara Monza’s says how involved are you in college as far as like extracurriculars not that much but I have a job on campus and I am my inner burg admissions ambassador which is our journalism school so I’m an admissions ambassador for there and I just do so much business that I don’t have always in this club meeting because I’m always doing something during that time but I definitely want to find like an org that I’m really passionate about but I’m still on the search she also says what product you use to lay your edges so I use water h2o all the time but today they look kind of raggedy because I’ve been like changing clothes and shooting and all that stuff but um I use edge control I barely use it control barely like I have an edge control baguette from companies and it just sits good I just feel like it’s more stuff added to your face like I don’t know I just oh yeah I use water whichever we can’t use but if you want to get an edge control I like the by me beautiful edge control because it smells like mangoes and then this edge control the cream of nature pure honey this is way better than their last one as far as scent goes the last one kind of smelled like chemicals this one smells like really good excel underscore o. MG says how have you changed as a person in these past month in college so how they changed so I learned how to how am I changed maybe sophomore year I’ve learned how to be alone we just talked about finding friends so I’ve learned how to just go do stuff on my own even when people are like nah I can’t come down like alright I’m so going anyways so I’ve gone to events myself gone actually I’ve traveled a lot in the past year just because I go back home I go different places so I’ve just been traveling alone doing a lot of stuff alone so I feel like that’s how I’ve changed uh I don’t know what this add name is but she says what is the porosity of your hair my porosity is like my I think it’s a medium porosity like it’s somewhere in the middle but I really have to test it so if you want me to do a porosity video let me know and Kay SFX says will you continue to do internships since you want to eventually work for yourself how would internships help you with that goal so yeah I’m doing internship this summer I’ll be in New York again and internships help you learn like how a company runs and how structure works how like if I said I’m doing like journalism type internships PR internships I’m doing the stuff type of stuff that I want to be doing with my own business eventually so that’s how that kind of helped silver underscore JP SS is how does the book writing process it was cool when I wrote my first book I did not that out I need it in like three to four months which is crazy I’m trying to write a second book but I got sidetracked working on other projects so we’ll see that one’s probably didn’t that one probably gonna take like a lot longer just because I’m working on other stuff at the same time that I’m trying to you know write another book and then underscore frosty says what career path are you looking forward to do you want own your own company yes you got to where is my baby and I’m working on making that you know my full time job when I graduate as well as you know my personal brand in trim says our AP classes worth checking in high school yes for sure is dual and Roman better I say take all the AP classes at your high school first before you go and like do door enrollment and be an all extra Dennis says who inspired you when you started doing entrepreneurship my family my family’s all entrepreneurs do you yourself like fun or not I don’t know what that means okay he asks how am I able to balance college life and entrepreneurship so basically it’s just saying no to the things that are gonna take up too much of my time and realizing that I have a priority some people are focused on you know trying to get a job at a certain company after graduation and that means you have to do certain things and I’m doing the exact same thing for me being able to work for myself expensive papel says how can you work for yourself whilst in college and maintain a steady stream income being consistent and prioritizing dareka says how do you stay positive when you feel low do you ever get discouraged so how do you lift yourself up again so I’ve been recently just like going to the gym or going for a run or I’ll try to find someone to make plans with what we talked about that at the beginning so that’s not always a solution and those are the main things I’ve been doing recently okay so when these are gonna take a lot of time to explain my Linda Lucas oh yeah said how do you start your own business with no audience or money I say do your research I don’t really know how to like what the starting point is rather than to start so everyone has to start from zero no one started from you know a million so everyone now to start from zero and do the work to get there yay point o says how do you promote a business you just started social media telling people my word of mouth start with those things daily doing it I’m not like every two weeks not every month make sure you’re promoting it daily shai 19 says how many siblings you have I have three siblings Val says why did you decide to be a communications major instead of a business major I because I like content creation and I like media and I feel like you don’t have to be a business major tonne of business also you have to take calc to be a business major La. Vette says are you vegetarian yeah I eat meat maybe like once a month and by me I mean like salmon I don’t really eat chicken I don’t I can’t allergic to shellfish I don’t eat pork so a lot of these questions a lot are just about time management so I’ll just give some quick tips I keep a planner I keep notebooks I have a whiteboard in my room where I write everything down I kind of point out hourly what I’m I’ve had a plane or hourly what I’m going to do and so the main things that I stayed true to I also have Google Calendar synched like with my school calendar and my phone so I can check what I’m doing with that time I also never compromise on my sleep never I am in the bid at 1: 00 at the latest I never compromise on my sleep because that is how I function and get everything done so that is the one thing I’ll never compromise on you will not catch me pulling out all nighter you won’t catch me doing that and majestic Jana says where do you plan on settling after college I have no idea it’s either gonna be LA New York or Atlanta just because those are the places I’ve lived my family’s in Atlanta I’ve been in college in LA and I’ve been interning in New York and I Love New York possibly DC I really like DC also but no world may never know that’s like the one that’s my biggest like question where am I gonna be but I’m also not trying to stress about that even though it’s on my mind 24/7 but we’re not gonna worry about that so those are the questions I have answered for this video if you want to be involved in the next Q&A make sure you go follow me actually an underscore and I’ll talk to you guys next time..

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