The Best Studying Tips For The Psi Real Estate Licensing Exam

Here’s some studying tips for anyone studying for the PSI National/State Real Estate Licensing Exam

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what’s up guys so today I’m gonna give you two tips to help you study for your psi real estate licensing exams and these tips are gonna help you out and save you a ton of time when studying and I’d like to point out that this is what I’m actually doing right now so this isn’t like some real estate agent who took it 10 years ago telling you what to do this is what I’m actually doing these tips have already helped me out so much now as I was getting done with my coursework and I was trying to think of what’s the best and most efficient way to study and so at first I was thinking I was gonna reread the course material but if you’re limited on time I would not recommend that it’s probably not the most time efficient way to study also kind of another disadvantage to rereading the course material is in the course material it’s more like they’re introducing a term and then basically like telling you the definition and they don’t go into a ton of detail on how that’s used in a real life situation so on the exams it’s like alright here’s this term you learned now in the question we’re going to apply it to a real life situation and you figure it out so that’s my first tip is focus on practice exams because the practice exams go into a lot more depth as far as the questions so whatever course you’re taking probably offers national and state practice exams but if you haven’t signed up for that as part of your course I highly recommend doing that signing up for whatever package includes the national and state practice exams because that’s what I found most helpful so far and studying and one of the advantages to that is that it covers a wide variety of material so one question could be about surveying the next question could be about appraisals the next question could be about agency so it’s covering a wide variety of material and a short amount of time as opposed to rereading the course material one section at a time and also if you’ve taken any of the final exams through your course you’ll know that the actual questions they ask go into way more detail then like what’s in the coursework if that makes sense and there’s one disadvantage to taking the practice exams which I’ll go into in a minute but that leads me into my second piece of advice for studying for the exams which is vocabulary and if you’re watching this video you’ve probably seen some prep agents videos if you haven’t go check it out prep agent on really great channel a lot of great advice but that’s one thing that he recommended was one of the first things that you should do is study vocabulary and one of the last things you should do and so one of the disadvantages I was talking about as far as practice exams is when you’re taking those there’s a lot of bad information there’s a lot of misinformation because obviously they pose a question and then there’s four different answers only one of those answers is right so as you’re reading through the questions you know you’re absorbing a lot of bad information you’re absorbing a lot of the wrong answers if that makes sense so with the vocabulary it’s pretty straightforward it’s just term and then definition term and then definition so there’s really no bad information but having said that I would still highly highly recommend doing the practice exams and if you’re already doing these things the practice exams and the vocabulary then you’re already ahead of the curve so that’s just a couple of things I would recommend to somebody studying for their licensing exams and then again study vocabulary because you’re not absorbing any bad information or wrong answers through vocabulary so definitely utilize both those things and that’s currently what I’m doing now if you don’t have time to go through and reread a lot of the coursework these two things are the best options for you so yeah guys people want more information about the whole process of signing up for the real estate classes and going through them and studying advice and all that check out my other videos on my channel I’m gonna have a lot more I’m basically showing you my whole journey the whole process as much as I can show you and I’m gonna keep doing videos including getting fingerprinted you know taking the actual licensing exams and maybe I can give you guys some more info about that if I can and then all the way up and so hopefully being hired by a local broker and beyond so I’m trying to do this to help you give you a better idea of the process and what to expect and give you tips that have helped me if that’s something that interests you definitely subscribe give this video a like and you know recommend this channel to a friend if you have somebody who’s thinking about signing up or is currently going through it there may be a few bits of advice on here that could help them or help you thanks for following my journey thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..


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  • So, is reading the huge book necessary? I keep getting the learning vocabulary…but no one has ever said to read the huge coursebook from start to finish. Dumb question, I know…but I just bought Barron’s Real Estate prelicense book and the first tip it mentioned was about know the vocabulary.

  • Hey did you take the sales person exam or the broker exam? I’m wondering if the sales person exam might be easier than the broker one?