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Learn how to reduce and avoid exam stress reading the study tips for exam times for college students, from College Nepal. Follow this best steps to secure good marks in exam. Make daily Study routine, Time Management, Practice, Relax and being mentally healthy are the few tips presented here.

To make the most from your studying don’t focus on the time you invest. Focus on the quality of your study session over the quantity you do. This is one of the key things we focus on and we absolutely think you can get twice the results in half the time. Make sure you grab the free audiobook Unlimited Memory by a chess grandmaster which will absolutely transform your results overnight if you apply the techniques.

There are many how to videos that teaches you the best steps and best study habits that you can follow. This will enable you to study effectively and do well without going through hard times. There are many students who have difficulty in studying at night, difficulty to concentrate so we have all kinds of videos for them as well.

We bring you all kinds of motivational, inspiring, career oriented videos made by our students for the sake of other students. You can like and subscribe our channel Colleges Nepal for such videos.

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  • dear fren you’d better be involved in engineering in order to understand the immense pressure. only one theory is applicable i.e. practice practice and more practice. this is the only one that surely helps but other theories is good to listen but hard to apply. Pressurize situation boils us even in room temperature. And the last one study study study many many books as much as you can till the last breath so that you will pass your exam other dependa upon the question . it is according to me but ibcan be wrong. and its your responsibility to make it right .