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hey guys welcome to my channel my name is precious I’m a first year medical student today I’m going to be doing a video on study tips and resources it difficult to kind of say how one should study because it’s just like depending on like what kind of program you in what subject you’re studying things like that so this is just like a general study tips and I guess the way I studied um through our first year and once helped me and this can um help you know if you’re in high school college med school whatever you’re in is just general study tips I’ve also done a video on memorization techniques in medical school um so I’ll leave a link below to that you should also check that video out so my first tip is to find an environment that’s conducive for your studying so find the best time and location for your studying so that can either be you know your apartment at a coffee shop on campus for me um I don’t like studying super like super late so I won’t be up like at 2: 00 a. m. settings at a certain point is just unproductive for me so I prefer to wake up early in the morning if needed so we have lecture everyday at 9: 00 a. m. so I would maybe get the campus at 7 a. m. and study for two hours before class and I find that those two hours of for class that I’m studying I’m so efficient during that time I’m so productive so that just works for me instead of staying as super late to try to maybe cover a couple more topics before going to sleep and as far as my location I prefer to study um either in my apartment um I have a desk in my room or at the coffee shop which is like walking distance to my apartment the only time I study on campus is this I were to go like early in the morning to study like how I mentioned but and that I mean we get out of class maybe typically around three o’clock after that I’d come home and guess I’m more like an evening study or start studying from late afternoon through the evening and then this mediate I wake up early in the morning and start studying on campus of work less so it’s really important to find somewhere that’s conducive so you’re learning somewhere there’s not going to be any distractions no stone distractions on TV distraction because honestly you can be sitting down and studying for five hours but if there’s little things distracting you all around you may have only studied for two or three of those five hours so definitely find the best place to study and then go from there my next tip is to do practice questions you learn so much from doing practice questions it just allows you to apply what you’re actually reading and see if you truly understand the concepts so I didn’t aside doing practice questions like some corporate to my study until I started med school because I mean I guess in college you were just easy to read the material go take the test and do well but I feel like now to really you know see if I’m progressing with the materials I’m understanding the material if I’m mastering it I just have to do practice questions some resources that I use for practice questions like Tori oh it’s an online resource I used like to be alright study bugs you can do like new world questions Kaplan questions anyhow the Q banks they can get but practice questions are very important so every question is going to have an important concept and I can kind of guide you in your reading and your overall studying and getting questions wrong getting questions wrong after like truly help you think more about the material and just overall enhance your study process my next tip is to develop a routine and find out what resources work for you I think having maybe two or three good study resources is enough often times if you have five or six is just too much and then you’re just all over the place with your studying and your routine as far as how you study so my main resources for studying where my lectures lecture notes they’ve pretty much covered everything I’m needed so we have lecture Monday through Friday typically two lectures a day and then we have a lab and afternoon our lectures are recorded so we don’t have to go to class but I do choose to attend and so my routine is pretty much going to lecture in the morning come home afternoon I review that lecture the day of and then the next day say is Tuesday we’ll have two more lectures go home at the noon review Tuesday lecture as well as Monday’s lecture Monday’s lectures and so through the week I’m continuously seeing the material multiple times the material is just sticking in my head better and along the way so the first pass you’re seeing me you’re kind of passively studying it as you go along that’s when I supplement with outside resources if I’m not understanding something so say we have a biochemistry lecture um you know we had a lecture on Monday I review at that Monday okay that’s a couple passes I’ve seen it if I are doing if I’m reviewing it again on Tuesday then I’m bringing it outside resources funding some clarity so the book that I use for biochemistry with VRS biochemistry so this book right here covered pretty much all the topics about chemistry you have practice questions in it it was just a general just a good review book so this is what I supplemented from my biochemistry um lecture notes and also physiology there’s a B our physiology book um for you know your physiology subjects that book was very very helpful on throughout first year and I’ll provide a link to all the study books that I’ve used and VRS stands for board review series so they have multiple subjects of books like this is a gross anatomy one this is embryology one and I literally paid like five dollars for anatomy one and this was like six dollars on Amazon so they have several subjects it’s overall just a good review and provide some practice questions and another online study resource that I found out a little bit later is a website called like Tori oh so it’s just the online study resource they have like hundreds and hundreds of lectures from different subjects and it’s taught by medical school professors like from Harvard and Yale and so what they do is they break it down by stuff Jiggs so you can do like mom like biochemistry or Anatomy or cardiology respiratory and each subject will have different lecture videos and then with that also have questions ability and then I’ll have like overall review so that was that’s a really really good study resource to use especially I especially like the questions for it because a lot of the questions is like clinical type questions so it really lets you apply the knowledge you know that you’re learning and others other type of questions are like boys questions which you get you know pretty much straight to the facts so you are able to mix it up and you can you know study different subjects with the resources that was really good for life if you just need to make cover like a certain topic so say biochemistry if you’re not understanding glycolysis they’ll have a video for that maybe like a 4 minute video so yeah this super quick I’m just get a quick review and with it and they also have this um cool feature called the book measure so you can use an app on your phone and like say you’re reading a review book let’s say first aid for exempt or any textbook you can take a picture of that pager reading or you can put the page number in and what they’ll do is they’ll convert that into a study video so say you’re reading something about vitamin A in your textbook so you can take a picture that or put the page number in and then it will then convert that to a study video so that’s good if you want to mix it up sometimes it could be annoying just continuously you’re reading or reading and look at black and white pages so um you can sign up for free and get access to some videos but to get all access you need to let subscription for it and so let’s go ahead send me a discount code so you can get 20% off so I’ll leave a link to that below and yeah go check it out and see what you guys think so again developer routine and pick a few resources that work for you my primary resource was my lecture notes and then I’ll supplement it with the BRS books and maybe a outside online resource like materia for example my next study tip is about note taking so the purpose of taking notes is just to condense the material and to be able to like summarize it in your own words and so that you want to go back to lecture notes or go back to a textbook when you’re dealing if you just will show you the notes that you took so for me I took all my notes on a laptop our school provides us with a laptop we got it through paying our tuition and so it would just easy to take notes on that I just put all the powerpoints into one no and we just hugged me in class and got also drawn it’s a tablet but there were times artists felt like certain luxuries needed or certain topics needed to actually be written out that it helps me memorize it better and to visualize it better and these are like this is this is like a pathway so stuff like pathways this is the visual system for neuro that would be something else signals for what else this was the hearing pathway I would just print out a picture then put notes on the bottom to go with it for me that just helped me study better like I have some renal physiology notes I mean it wasn’t I mean the purpose is to condense the notes I have some highlighting here and there but yeah your notes should be personalized just quick bags overall summary it shouldn’t be the whole textbook and you should be able to just look at this and not have to go back you know to your notes this should be you know or and not have to go back to your lecture notes like these should be a condensed version of everything and you know everybody’s different so we don’t like writing notes some people prefer to be to take notes on a laptop and college all I did was write down my nose when I came to medical school it’s just way too much trade all your notes so I started doing notes on my laptops at certain subjects for me I would need to write now a hammer and nose for so overall I just think it helps with memorization to write certain things down to visualize certain things especially like grovyle chemistry’s you have a lot of pathways is good to write all that out but doesn’t be able to decide when you should do hammer and nails versus when you shouldn’t and I think that I’ll help as far as memorization just overall that you have it my last tip is to stay organized oftentimes we’re just not studying properly we feel like we’re not studying wellness because we’re just all over the place in our studying you’re not organized and focused about what we need to do all we need to accomplish for the day so for me planning is key daily schedules weekly schedules so just make a list or even like a mental note of the concepts and the topics you need to cook for that day for me you know I enjoy being able to check off all the things I put on my list it should be realistic about what you’re setting for today like I shouldn’t be 50 tasks for one day be manageable and realistic about what you’re setting and I feel like when you have everything right now and everything planned it just makes your studying so much more efficient so organization definitely is key because honestly in medical school there’s so many different topics you have to cover so many different little things you need to know and master so that’s all in your head and it’s my organized wall if it’s not written down like that can just really mess you up in your studies so stay organized be efficient and get a planner so those are some of my study tips you know finding a good study time and location make sure you’re doing practice questions early and often make sure you’re developing a consistent routine and you’re using resources and limiting it to just a few supplement your overall studying and make sure you’re organized and you’re studying and in your planning so I hope this video was helpful if it was please give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys in the next video right..

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  • ur vids r very helpful .. i just finished my 1st year .. i remember watching vlog video from u i think it helped me getting to know med school … thank u so much .. keep up ur work i hope u and me and everyone achieve their goals … i’m from saudia arabia .

  • I found your channel a couple of days ago and I’m obsessed! I’m only in highschool but I know I want to go into medicine and channels like these are so helpful. Thanks!!

  • I feel the same way about getting things wrong. I forces me to concentrate on the material versus reading it superficially.

    BRS books I can attest to them. My BRS Anatomy was so good because it gives the information that you actually need to and cut out all the unnecessary. Sadly someone stole it mine when I was in 2nd year but I am definitely going to order another.