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hi guys so today I’m going to be telling you eight different studying tips so I graduated college last year May of 2016 over the four years I like really learned a bunch of different methods on how to study if you’re in college and you already know that each professor has a different teaching style some professors like seems technology some professors like teens absolutely know technology and the only way for you to contact them is to call them and they don’t even use their email so all of these studying tips are going to apply to like the different teaching styles this is just what has worked to be best for me so again everyone is differently but these are just going to be tips from my experience of studying so yes so the very first tip that I have to guys is to print out the Power. Point slides so probably like 80% of Italian professors will post Power. Point slides online on this website Club blackboard I don’t know if you guys do slack board but we use plus we’re at my school who definitely want to print those out if your professor does do that for you so this is an example in what I used to do was I would print out the Power. Point slides about there was two Power. Point slides per page one of the difficult things when taking notes in class is making sure that you get every single thing down if you have the Power. Point slides already printed out then you’re not going to need to write the stuff that is already on the slide down in your notebook or just like on your computer you’re going to already have that and then all you have to do is write down like the supplemental things that the professor says so another tip that I have provides and this is something that has saved me is to record your lectures so you’re definitely going to need to ask your professor if you can do this because I think like for legal reasons some professors will let you do it but you’re gonna have to ask but if they allow you to record their lectures record every single lecture professors like they’re not really there to hold your hand go through the whole process there may be like a very small small topic that they cover in class they may just like go over so quickly that you don’t even write it down but then it’s an essay question on an exam in terms for 20% of the exam which counts for 50% of your grade so just take notes in class but then when you come home and listen to the lecture over again from the recording and then write down everything that you missed on the notes so I’m actually going to show you guys an example of a class that I recorded a lecture in because the notes from this class are crazy so I just concede this is the notes that I took from this class took crazy notes in this class and the reason why my notes came out so unbelievably detailed is because I recorded the lectures and I would go over and just like rewrite my notes or I would just like not even take notes and just listen during the whole lecture and then I come home and I write the notes out I would especially hold there’s my university so I would especially recommend you guys to do this in classes that are really tough any class that you think is going to be tough please like try to record the lecture another setting tip that I have for you guys so this is like not really have to do with taking notes it’s more of just studying but I would definitely recommend you to listen to some sort of classical music when you’re studying I know a lot of people like to make playlists I just like their favorite music to listen to when they’re studying but I have no idea how that works for them because when I’m studying and I’m hearing people talk on hearing people sing I cannot focus so what I do is I would just like look on Spotify and just type in classical studying music or other book on and type in Mozart there will literally be like a three hour video full of just like amazing classical songs that are just relaxing and really healthy study and that have no words in them another one of my favorites that I’ve actually recently discovered is the Disney piano music so I will link that down below because it’s just amazing but basically it’s like a two or three hour long video and in the video is Disney songs but like with the piano and there’s like no words so it’s really really relaxing and it really helps me to focus so one other tip that I have to Rhys is anytime your professor draws something on the board take a picture of it don’t try to draw it in class and I know that this is a very small detail but a lot of times diagrams can be really really helpful when you’re studying and if you’re trying to spend the time to draw it while they’re explaining it it’s just not going to make any sense to you later instead of drawing the diagram out while they’re drawing it out don’t even draw it out take a picture of it and just write down everything that they’re saying about the diagram so this is actually really helpful with graph I’m trying to find some graphs that I did so I was in this class called drugs and behavior so if you guys like don’t really know anything about psychology or the brain this is going to make no sense to you but just imagine trying to draw this out right here and then having the professor like explain everything that’s going on while you’re trying to draw it out it just it makes no sense to do that so instead what I did was I would take a piece of paper and I would just like white extra notes on it not in my notebook so it was too neat and then I would take a picture of the diagram and then when I got home I would then draw the diagram neatly and then add the notes into the diagram and point to the different textures and stuff it just comes out looking so much better than another example and all of this I did is with the picture I did not try to draw it and again we have a really really important diagrams are so important especially if you are in a science class those are like 9 times out of 10 going to be on the exam so another tip that I have for you guys and this is life is just a very small tip but for me it made a really big difference is to use highlighters I feel like highlighters really help you organize your notes a lot better so if I just like to show you guys through all of my notebooks I always use highlighters so here we go sometimes I would highlight like half the page but I don’t know it’s not even that like me going back and looking at it helped I mean sure is good because it highlighted important words and stuff but it’s more so of just like reading over it and then highlighting it it kind of like told my brain okay this is important and just be active highlighting it made me remember it more like I don’t rules that make sense so this class I highlighted so much and it just feels so helpful I also recommend you to get like different colored highlighters so definitely don’t just do yellow I would get like the whole pad or even for that being obviously you’re in college and you’re just going to be learning a lot of information and it’s not just going to be like you’re having one class where you’re just going over definitions it’s going to be so much more intense you’re going to go over definitions in like five minutes and then you’re going to go over at a structure I think you could literally cover one unit in one class and you’re going to need more than one color of highlighter to do that another said that I have these eyes this is something that my boyfriend told me about but it’s a spray this timer thing I will link the timer down below but essentially what it is is you work for a certain number of minutes so at this time it’s 25 minutes working and then a five or ten minute break and basically this just increases productivity because it allows you to kind of just like work in one block of time and then take a break and then work in one block of time and then take a break instead of working for like two hours but just like on and off and kind of like not really paying attention to what you’re doing instead of doing that you’re working diligently for twenty five minutes without your phone or anything like that and then you get a five minute break to go on your phone in my opinion multitasking and thinking that you can go on your phone while you’re studying you can’t do it your brain needs to be focusing on thing and if you’re doing the 25 and on five minute off rule it’s going to be a lot easier for you to memorize all the information that you’re learning okay so my next step is to create study guides for yourself so this kind of applies to the people who like to handwrite things out in my opinion I think that just like writing things out I think it just helps you memorize it better there’s actually studies done that show that writing things out helps you memorize it more so or helps you learn it more so than typing it out but some people will argue with me that baylin’s that are from typing so I’m not gonna argue with those people writing out my own study guides really really helped me so we’re gonna show you an example look at how immense and amazing list books this was for in physiological psychology class making study guides for exams can be really helpful because again like I said when you’re in college you’re going over so much information and it makes things so much easier and easier to memorize easier to learn if you organize it yourself in your own manner so this is the anatomical subdivisions of the brain organizing it in this way which my professors didn’t do but organizing it in this way make it a lot easier for me and this was like one of the study guides that I would use that really helped me there’s another one this is just like very satisfying to look at so here’s a study guide and these are on the neurotransmitters so just organizing in this way and creating my own study guide just really really helped me to study also just literally writing out everything really helps you memorize it more literally just the act of rewriting something is going to help you memorize it more I don’t want to bore you with all my study guys even though I’m like really proud of them here’s the most of you guys because either from social psychology I literally rewrote all of my notes or for a test that’s what I would do so another tip I have for you guys is to figure out the method that you learn and that you memorize things and that you study the best these days in college pretty much everyone like takes notes on laptop and that can be a little bit I don’t want to be intimidating but it can make you feel like okay well I need to get a laptop or I need to take notes on laptops that look so efficient and I’ve seen so many people do that and what they end up doing is they just end up going shopping on their laptop so that’s why for me taking notes in a laptop didn’t really work and I learned that literally writing everything down as tedious and as time consuming as it may be it helped me to learn more and I just always got better grades in the classes that I would do that again you may be someone who doesn’t even have to take notes you can just sit there and listen again I don’t know what you need to figure out your best way of studying because everyone works differently and then just go off of that so one last tip that I have for you guys and actually didn’t write this down I just remembered it as I was talking in this video but this is something that really helped me is the website Quizlet so if you guys are in like a really popular university you may be able to look up your class on Quizlet and they may have sent you guys already prepared for you it can be really helpful to look on Quizlet for your classes just to see if anyone from previous years made a study guide that you can like look off of and see if they had any information that you missed or if they have any extra information that may help you study for example in my school every class had its own little like nickname so for the site classes it would be like PS and then a number so I’m just going to say like PS 371 so what I would do is I would look up on Quizlet like PS 371 bu because that’s the school it went to almost always they would have study guides on the website because I did go to a really big school so there was just more chances for people to post the study guide let’s say that you are having final exams and there’s one class you haven’t really studied for that much you can just look it up on Quizlet and you don’t have to make a city guide even though I recommend you do but worst case scenario you don’t have to and it’s very Quizlet okay guys so this isn’t all of my saving tips I know this video may have been like super detailed and kind of long but I hope that you found these tips very helpful these are the tips I used in college when I was trying to study so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful for you and I will talk to you guys next ..

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