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hello welcome back to the second stream of today this one will not be 8 hours like the previous one because it’s 7 p. m. here but it told me two or three hours but probably two hours because that means I will have studied for 10 hours 11 hours in one day and it’s like the maximum so I hope to finally finish this class that would be so awesome I would have have such a good night’s you know with sleep time if I know that I’ve done everything and I just have to advise and I have two days left to revise that would be awesome so I’m gonna try to make that happen welcome back to you all let’s just get started as soon as possible let’s not waste too much time I can’t open this because I don’t study for it so good luck with studying for the last two hours of today I’ll be back tomorrow at 9 a. m. for another probably eight hour stream but I just say it’s four hours good luck of course and I said that already but again good luck and I’ll talk to you guys in the end let’s do it you you you you you you all right I really just want to finish this this course I’m so happy I mean I’m tired but I’m so proud I mean no I finally did it and I was so frustrated last week because I thought I would never be able to finish it in time and see I have two extra days to revise them oh I’ll be doing revision oh yes a lot again and again and again until I know it good I feel pretty confident I’m gonna pass but now I fear that I’m just going to pass now I want a good grade too so that’s another way I’m getting stressed but not really though as long as I pass by but I’m so happy that I did it that’s why I studied a little longer because you know I know it’s break time since like I know it’s already break times is a long time and but I really just want to finish the last part because the last part is how fridges work how cooling systems work you guys know it’s called pumps compressors and cooling systems I now finally understand how a fish works Oh God and be solid already two years ago I think I only know now but at least I know now how it works it’s not even that difficult I don’t know why I never took the time just to understand it it took me so long to understand it but now I finally get it and now all the the cooling systems make sense so that’s good tomorrow we’ll just do this class again and I’ll start from the beginning again I’ll be doing all the exercise again in the beginning there were many formulas and and letters that I kept confusing so I will take look at it again but it’s quite a major part of the exam but still if I do the rest also well then I will pass hopefully anyway that was a long day 12 hours ago I started now I took a lunch break and I took a dinner break so I didn’t study 12 hours today also we also take 10 minutes of break time every single session so it’s not been that long in 10 hours 9 hours I mean it’s it’s a normal time for me in exam period so it’s not too too much of a big deal if I had the exam tomorrow but still be going and I would get up tomorrow early to do it but tomorrow the lights too will start at 9 a. m. 9 a. m. UTC plus 1 that’s the time zone see I’m I made a schedule last week I know if I can show you yeah sure I actually show it last week I made a schedule and where I’m trying ok here this I did this already today but it’s actually 4 wait I can’t do this for Saturday yeah it on the screen it’s flipped so I it doesn’t make sense in my brain it means I’m ahead of schedule and I have 2 days to do revision that never happened before in university for any class that I have 2 days and total to do revision mmm pretty good how did it go for you today and or how did it go for you these two hours let me know the chair is not in my vision we have visitors what subject was it it was about pumps like you know in in chemical industry they have like chemicals and they need to be transported from one reactor to another one for example and need a pump and we we learned about the different pressures and stuff needed to do it and how high can you pump in yeah don’t ask me to explain in English because it’s worse than even in Dutch and in Dutch it’s not even that good so really cool exists I’m not even sure if it’s a correct translation but let’s go with it um what time is it at your time it’s now 20 past 9: 00 in evening for me well done thank you wow this is you since you buy this since you so we got a lot of Dutch speaking people with jet you guys know that it’s an English check right I’m just kidding I’m just kidding you are all welcome everyone is welcome but try to stick to the English so we do not discriminate anybody same goes for other languages I mean some people don’t even speak English so there are also discriminated but I guess English is the best way to go everyone almost everyone speaks in um I’m just gonna read some messages now kiss I like it and I’m really glad that I can help you out with this I’m so happy that it works when I started I had no idea this would work for other people I know for me having the pressure of streaming that will help me yes I was very sure about it the pressure was actually too much in the beginning but I’ve never knew it would work for other people by just watching and studying along you know watching so I’m really glad it works and you guys keep thanking me for it and I want to say you’re welcome but I do what you are doing so it’s the same except I’m streaming it and you’re watching it I think I’m going to take a nap I finished my exam today and I didn’t get any sleep last night how did your exam go Jenny Jenny Kim I don’t know if you already talked about it or you actually just went to bed okay you’re gone I hope it went well he hadn’t she had an exam today yeah how do you keep concentration late at night usually it’s not possible for me and I struggle with it and and I prefer to get up early in the morning at like 4 a. m.

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5 a. m. and then work and do some last minute revision time but in the evening it’s usually pretty hard for me I don’t know what’s going on today honestly I could continue to study for another I’m not gonna do it by the way I’m not gonna do it but I feel like I could pull off some more hours but I should save my energy now but I don’t know sometimes you have those days where it just keeps coming and you can’t keep going I wish I had it every day but it’s not possible frankly we should organize in a real life study session that would be really cool I already thought about it especially since now there are more people from my region so that being Belgium and the Netherlands will be cool to meet that would be really cool but I wish I could do it with everyone from all around the world fortunately practically that’s quite quite difficult but that would be really cool but definitely not now cuz she’s too busy for everyone just reading replies to people I don’t know if I should respond or just read it just just so you guys were just talking about my back yeah I opened the chat so it’s my own fault why is the video always delayed I don’t know is it delayed is my voice earlier than the the video you know what I’m saying it’s out of sync if I have no idea of knowing it I never reward my own video so passing is all that counts well yes but wouldn’t you be happier if you had like a high grade you know ten sessions in total really did we do ten sessions today Wow well I once with 12 hour livestream it was from math it was two weeks ago I don’t know what I had that day but I wish I wish I was studying math um Oh Sees you sense you owe in our school it’s called sees you or I might be wrong since since whatever yeah we have this for leaving us going for a world vision class but we don’t have multiple choice questions elsewhere oh no they it’s just on a final grade no we don’t have it you get what you deserve or something I sees you it is ok but it’s the first year I I mean I have that situation and it’s gonna make me feel for World Vision I don’t have it’s one of the classes that I feel like I’m gonna feel for but that’s ok it’s just because it’s one day before my thermodynamics exam and I already did it last year so I had to I had a recent exam for it in August and I even failed back then so I really wanted pass for at this time so if I don’t succeed for World Vision’s okay it’s also a class World Vision’s about history and different religions it’s something I would like to do during the summer I would not like to do this during the summer or thermodynamics again will you graduate next year probably not I am I hope to get my undergraduate diploma this year but this academic year but we’ll see about that first of all and then I have a master year in Belgium industrial engineering is only four years three years of undergraduate degree and I’m in my third year and then we have one last year so theoretically in theory it would be next year but probably not and I’m thinking about taking extra time and also taking extra courses and doing a an extra degree afterwards but I’m not sure at all we’ll see if if I still enjoy studying as much in two years but I would love to go into safety chemical or safety in general so maybe I will do a safety engineering program afterwards or I will to become a prevention advisor I love fel of safety cells um yeah even I haven’t seen her in a long time either not even on snapchat I have snapchat and Instagram and Twitter but I talked to I chat on snapchat I add everyone that adds me so I chat with some people I don’t always respond immediately though and that’s my fault but after long days I am I like to just go away from all the social media things it’s just rest you know so because I’m already live all day but I take time sometimes to reply messages and send pictures and pictures of my cats of the Christmas tree not very useful things but how long will be how long will be the livestream tomorrow it will be probably 8 hours but you don’t have it from me we’ll see we’ll see you we’ll see but I feel like it’s gonna be an eight hours to you tomorrow I’ll be revising I’m actually pretty excited because now I have seen everything I know how bad it could be you can never thank me enough occasion thank you Sarah have you ever thought about having a career in your artistic field like being an actress or writer of course I have I mean of course I have thought of it before I wanted to be a singer at some point I wanted to be an actress at some point yeah I thought about it but I never gave it a shot at Johnson’s and I don’t think I will it’s at least not my my goal or my dream anymore it used to be kind of me as a finger I took singing classes at some point but I stopped I quit pretty soon because it’s not my thing so I think and I don’t have a good voice for singing I think so I guess now I’m getting a headache that was waiting for me all day I’ll go to bed in time so I’m fresh tomorrow but let me read some more messages I’m so blessed with you and I streaming keeps me motivated Thank You Bella thank you what do you do in your free time I’m thinking of the last time I had three times no I actually lately I’ve been playing games and watching movies totally the opposite of what I would do how fear ago what I do then is I don’t know watch videos and do you analyze the material during the semester like completely or do you have to analyze new parts still in the block in the study period for exams well usually hmm I really wish I was ice how do I said I really wish I stayed on track for all classes throughout the semester and always you know repeating right before you go to class so it’s fresh in your mind and paying attention your class will be better and will be more effective and everybody knows that curve right you learn something and the longer you wait the less you will remember of it so it’s good to always revise throughout the semester well for me it’s not possible because I’ve I had too many classes to begin with and also every time I try to study something in the semester I have forgotten by the end of the semester so I feel like it didn’t pay off so I stopped doing that but what I started doing was making the exercises so I have the solution by the time I have the exam period how wait your piano skills are amazing Thanks there’s one video of me playing piano on my channel and people keep referring to it I’m not so proud of it because I made a cover of a song and it did not have a piano cover before so I had to improvise and come up with my come up with my own my own composition your own you know approach and I don’t like it people say they like it have you been studying like that when you were in high school no I was a procrastinator I always was a procrastinator um pretty bad I had tests on Wednesday and I would start studying for that test Wednesday morning 4: 00 a. m. for example and I used to work and so I kept doing that until in the last year of high school so 12th grade I feel for math all year and I had 25% 30% 35% and I was in in the I was studying science mathematics at the time so mathematics was really important also I was thinking of becoming an engineer and math is pretty useful in engineering it’s it’s needed so and my math teacher of 12th grade she said that I would become unhappy in the degree of chemical engineering and that I would never be able to do math not you can’t practice for math you can never be good at math by just practicing that’s what she told me and so I got really scared and because I got so scared I tried to find a way to stop my procrastination because the reason why I had bad grades for math was because I was not studying in time and studying is practicing mathematics is practice practice practice so I didn’t practice much only the day the test so I would fail and that’s because of procrastination now the the way I solved that was by streaming it did not save my grades in 12th grade I started streaming at the very at like the month of June of the last year of high school so it was too late but I got the idea and it still works so that’s good but I ended up feeling from F anyway to upgrade and that made me really scared to go into engineering and I took an extra test to see if my math was maybe not that bad and I still failed and then I took some summer courses for math and then I enrolled in the engineering degree and very luckily I passed her my first math class with them a 9.0 3 out of 20 and in our faculty anything above 9 is a 10 even a 9.0 3 so luckily I passed for math and I regained my confidence for math and then by streaming regularly I I stopped procrastinating you can’t procrastinate when you’re live streaming because you’re studying and you you have to study so it’s like it immediately stopped for me however like daily day to day courses like cleaning or something I stopped resonate I’m not gonna do a live stream for cleaning so but for school it works and it’s great I’m wrong answer from me I’m sorry the audio is about half a second later than the video okay I will I will check it and see if I can fix it um can we have a singing break tomorrow no no or you can sing but I’m not gonna sing how much hours how many hours of sleep do I get usually eight hours at least hopefully but lately I’ve been sleeping pretty not calm so the opposite of calm you have to forgive me I’ve been reading in Dutch all day so it’s a bad excuse I know I wake up often lately so I mean not that you guys are interested in that 12th grade you guys need a lot of Education in Belgium ah it’s got 12 grading in the United States before I was like streaming I used to watch other people’s videos about study tips and school tips and I always talked about eleventh grade and sophomore year and junior year senior year now I once looked it up and I completely calculated what it all means in in the Belgian system so I can talk about it in my videos but yeah 12th grade starting from 6 years old until 18 so for you it’s NSYNC for some people it isn’t so then it’s not my problem or my fault they might asking what creates are you getting at university um my grades are very very average I’m not a top student I mean technically I’m gonna top 5 I think of my class not sure but something like that so it’s pretty good but if you look at the numbers it’s around 65% so it’s not really high I hope it doesn’t disappoint you but that’s just what I can do but it’s normal to have grades around 70% in university at least in our university you know what is normal how big is your class well that’s a good question I’m in the top five but our class is only 20 people so everything is relative do you think they study more than you I don’t know I don’t know no one really talks about it no one really talks about it I don’t know why but most people don’t talk about it see one choice just watch your piano cover it you like it oh thanks you’re sweet you’re really sweet am i pronouncing your name right because I always doubt is it I’m not Tony or Anatoly or Anatoly I I don’t know are you graduate with for almost having it with honors I think it’s called not sure probably not my class is 700 right now crazy did I know you have they don’t know I mean I don’t know if they know but lately people people that kinda know me have been noticing this channel so it’s possible but no one taught me yet so it’s okay it’s not important actually it’s important just it’s a little we are around 200 400 people yeah engineering classes are small like well in our University in even in chemical because in mecan’t mechanical electro mechanics department it’s it’s bigger and constructional engineering is also much bigger chemical engineering and electronic electronic engineering is much smaller how did you get the confidence to put yourself up a social media uh in the beginning I was really scared and I guess the more you do it the more you get over it you can you get used to talking into a webcam or a camera however I’m not used to making videos so when I try to record a video I feel really weird because I know I’m not talking when someone is listening now I’m talking and someone is listening so it feels more comfortable than making a video but am i confident doing this well yeah I’m confident I forget about the stream I just study and it feels really good to study this way I don’t know what would happen if people in real life that I know would suddenly have an opinion about this I don’t know how it feel and that still scares me a little bit how it’s going to be received but maybe I’m making a much more big deal of it than it actually will be and it’s just gonna be a topic for one day and then I hope that’s the case but that really that scares me a little that’s a little scary but this is my way of studying actually so if it works for me why should I not continue right they also quickly watch I don’t know I don’t think so um what’s that I don’t understand your question sorry your channel is grown so it makes sense sorry what makes sense that people would find out oh yeah make sense I remember thinking when I reached 1,000 that was a big deal for me 1,000 I thought now everybody is going to find out oh no I guess not but you know that was back then we have the one comment I love long comments and lives there spam can I read it I’m gonna leave it hello from UK originally from South Korea I’m really impressed by your super focusing studying style thank you for sharing you study it facilitates my will for study also super busy on exam next week oh that’s awesome good luck is your first name June way I don’t know if I pronounce it right but good luck with your exam next week me too exam so we’ll be in the same boat and my super focusing yeah thanks I try my best what’s my zoo so dyke sign virgin is it called virgin yeah it’s got version yeah virgin it’s actually pronounced like Anatole this resident at last I however you see it though it’s by okay and that’s really now I know it now I know I hope you make a study with me in the library or university soon I watched him like 20 times times or something really you like the library versions that was a that was quite a time last year I was going to University Libraries I tried to go as many different places as possible not only the same library but I tried different levels I tried different universities different places because I thought I need I need variation in the backgrounds for you for me it didn’t matter that much but for you so I would go to as many places as possible and I would be so nervous I would be so nervous but you know once I got into it no problem but I was so nervous for setting it up because I mean it’s a it’s a webcam it has like quite a big structure and it’s like a wire and then there’s this microphone it’s a small microphone I’m glad it’s pretty small but I would hide it with my jacket I would put my webcam on my laptop but it it was quite noticeable so I was like I don’t know what if people are gonna see and then I would like put my gloves around it so it all looked dark and then the camera maybe wouldn’t stand out but it actually made it worse that was back in the day when you could not do mobile mobile streaming so in the future if I will go to the library I will bring this one and a second phone is a timer because you really want the timer so and as long doesn’t bring a timer in the app which probably is never going to happen I think then I’ll have two different phones and then I really want to do it again but it’s next to master because it’s not a steady time no time recorded library questions I was also thinking of getting my master in an industrial engineering in chemistry what do I have to expect I studied biomedical sciences right now I’m not in the master gear yet but in industrial engineering involves quite some mathematics so I don’t know if you your mathematics are good but you come from a science degree so should be good and did you get off chemistry but then it’s okay it’s really not that much different but biomedical I don’t know we also bio chemistry as a degree maybe you can try that can you do a video of the stuff you used to do your life feels like a microphone camera timer etc things I would like to do it yes don’t worry if people find out you do your things you were helping so many people yeah that’s sort of try to think also that um maybe it’s a little weird but at the same time I’m doing a good thing so should not be too embarrassed or something I saw a little fly but it’s gone okay how are you putting the papers inside the folder I mean you put them in protectors or you just puncture them the papers the papers come hole punched from the store they come hole punched in how do I put them in there just as they are in the middle school when I had French classes I would put all the different pages in separate plastic sheet protectors and that would be so satisfying but it would not be time efficient so I don’t do it anymore and I don’t have enough sheet protectors because for some reason I don’t know if it’s in your other universities too but they only print it on one side so always the other side is empty you see it so it’s empty and that makes the books extra bitch I don’t know why they do it but it’s it’s nice though to take notes example here I took notes for this side that can be useful but it’s only useful like once in a million times because I don’t take notes there often but for some other classes I do so ok examine you have an exam on Wednesday good luck Bella hello yeah a vehicle oh I said virgin yeah sorry but in in Dutch it’s the same words max max max oh here we go next question or next remark and then I’m going to sleep because it’s 10: 00 to 10: 00 why is my name in orange your name goes in orange when someone uses the add sign and then writes your name so you will definitely see the message that they write do you remember your first study stream session on how do you think about it now the first one I did was the day I got the idea so I woke up I got the idea I you know took my took my laptop that was my recording device at the time and back then you could still record videos in so I would record a video on and I would say hey guys and I would like whisper because I was scared that people will hear me if you guys have a new idea I’m going to stream and study at the same time it’s called study along with me and then I went to school and then I get cut back and I did it and no one was watching and I got like a comment saying what and and stuff like that and I was really nervous and I was afraid that you could not see me well and I was like switching the laptop and okay good days and have you ever learned anything about Greek culture or language in school Greek culture as the way it is today no but from the history back in the day back in the day the old Greek history will learn something about it but history is not my best side so all right I’m not able to tell you much about it but we did see it in history class we can only buy printed syllabi slides from student organizations can you ban it from a school shop or something yes we have it curses Dean’s so I’m a book supplier with these books so not like the book step or binder together but just separate papers they print it off and I believe the professor’s get they get paid I think for example this one is 10 euros and they get a little part of it I believe not sure I want to thank you all for watching it’s been a break for 45 minutes and thank you all for coming over and studying for the last two hours today and I want to study again tomorrow as long as possible hope to finish this class and that will be the last dream for this week because on Sunday I have super revision day gives you don’t know what it is it’s where I will study rapidly crazily something that I don’t think it’s appropriate to stream so I might not be streaming maybe I will but that’s on Sunday Monday I have the exam you can find my schedule in the description there’s a link and it shows all my exam times on my super efficient days so I have an exam on Monday on Tuesday it’s super revision day because on Wednesday I have an exam but on Thursday then I’ll be studying mathematics I can’t wait until that day or thermodynamics I’m not sure yet but I’m Thursday I will also be streaming so tomorrow and then it will be Thursday Thursday and then Friday Saturday Sunday even and then Monday it’s super efficient day Tuesday mathematics exam good many study sessions coming up still so don’t worry there is many to come good evening and a good night of sleep thank you hoping thank you I hope sleep well I hope you sleep out you the cat’s oh you really want me to go get the cat someone is required we’re requesting it and the link doesn’t show the schedule it doesn’t it’s the wrong link let me try real quick for me it’s working maybe you can go to the next week it’s only showing this current week so if you want to see next week mmm you really want to see the cat okay I will go get the cat oh good luck Bella she’s gonna continue the study good luck good luck and see you tomorrow yes oh yes father he is making a good point you can also study Latin in in Greek language in high school that’s true I forgot and Sara you’re anxious because your exam is coming I understand I feel the same you can share your anxiousness with me and then maybe I can help you with it I don’t know but it’s always so nervous right the chat wants the chair okay but don’t don’t leave that he can leave him but I’m gonna get ya but I don’t want to see like everybody’s gone when I’m back it’s okay I’ll be right back all right I got her she actually probably once to stay here because downstairs people are making a noise and there’s music downstairs and some people are watching movies anyway this calm isn’t it and indeed so yeah she’s uh currently showing her best side as you can see what is she doing oh yeah she likes it your bets boys yeah but yeah I showed the cats look look oh no she you guys remember I was eating pudding it’s over there and the cat likes the pudding the the flaw yeah and she wants to eat it me me there you go she’s nearby now you got a nice close up now now there’s a chicken and a cat Elbert and Ella yeah that’s true yeah I know no no no no new new new usual few anyway I’m gonna I’m gonna continue my life and be back tomorrow at 9: 00 a. m. UTC plus one and no don’t heat it oops no I never speak that English to her so I think y’all you can for your support and um I see you tomorrow bye okay bad idea okay see you soon bye..


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  • Heleen…are you left handed or right handed?? In previous videos I saw u were writing with your left hand, and now you are writing with ur right!!