Study With Me (Live) Extreme Revision Day

The longer you stay to study, the more points you get! When reaching a certain amount these points might be worth something awesome!! 😀

To make the most from your studying don’t focus on the time you invest. Focus on the quality of your study session over the quantity you do. This is one of the key things we focus on and we absolutely think you can get twice the results in half the time. Make sure you grab the free audiobook Unlimited Memory by a chess grandmaster which will absolutely transform your results overnight if you apply the techniques.

*How to get points?

You have to write a message in the chat every hour, so the system can keep track of how many hours you were here! 🙂

*When can you check your points balance?

You can only check your balance AT THE END OF THE STREAM.

You can check your points balance by typing ‘!points’ in the chat.

STUDY TIMER: 50 min (chat closed)

BREAK TIMER: 10 min (chat open) (refresh your page to see the chat again!)

When it’s break time, a bell will ring to inform you it’s break time! 🙂 It’s a sound effect provided by Elisha David (more links to his music down below!) Thanks to Elisha for making these sound effects specifically for me!

As you can see, I’m studying and live streaming at the same time. By doing this I try to motivate you to study, as well as myself to keep going. Good luck!

Study with me! This is a live event. You are surrounded by many other studying students. This video is intended to motivate you to study or get started studying. I can do it, so can you!

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*AMAZING* Sound Effects by Elisha David

– Age? 20 years old

– Degree? Industrial Engineering (Chemistry)

– High school or college? 3rd year of university

– Where are you from? Belgium

– What languages do you speak? Dutch, English, French

– What time is it in your country? The timezone of Belgium is UTC +1.

You can do it. Heleen


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  • I’m really young but still study like crazy, in 7th grade but in a very advanced program… i only have finals in half of my classes but thanks to these videos I got an A on all of them (still have 1 to go, but im feeling pretty good about it) thanks for these awesome streams, Heleen! <3

  • belgie!!!!!!! haha ik ben nederlands maar da maakt nie uut he?
    Bedankt dat je deze streams doet! ze helpen me echt om de motivatie te krijgen om te leren.
    Als je hier mee stopt kijk ik de oude video’s gewoon terug. Succes met je school.
    Haha wat zijn snoeptomaatjes in het engels?