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Hi guys! My name is Jamie from The. Strive. To. Fit. Today I’m going to be making another study with me video. I thought it might be a good idea to make a separate channel for all the study with me videos so that this channel is going to be solely dedicated to all the real time studying. Right now I’m in my surgery rotation. So I’m reading Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes. At the same time, I’m going to be listening to the audio lecture that correlates with this book.

To make the most from your studying don’t focus on the time you invest. Focus on the quality of your study session over the quantity you do. This is one of the key things we focus on and we absolutely think you can get twice the results in half the time. Make sure you grab the free audiobook Unlimited Memory by a chess grandmaster which will absolutely transform your results overnight if you apply the techniques.

So if you wanna get some studying done put your phone away and lets get to it!..


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