Study Tips And Tricks To Ace Medical School!

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hi everyone it’s been a while since my last video um it turns out it’s kind of hard to vlog about being a medical student and the medical student at the same time so I’ve been a little bit busy I took my final for my Balcom course and I got a so yeah I know you’re wondering there we go I said Joseph today I stopped I know I’m just kidding I have a talent show thing after this and I’m in it so kind of had a dress in all black and looks a Z so but before I go to that I’m gonna go ahead and do this highly requested video how do I study and this is gonna be super super like complete genuine completely honest because what works for me may not work for you but I don’t really know what else to tell y’all except for what works for me so first thing to start with is what do you need okay you need a laptop but to study I need a giant table I need a giant table so that I have tons of space so that my table can look like this yep this is basically what setting looks like for me I personally like to study at home and I like to study at coffee shops and Denny’s or places like Denny’s that have Wi Fi have a table and have food because first of all I don’t think anybody can work super well without coffee it says cappuccino like a cappuccino isn’t that like who thought of that that is why I like working at those places I don’t like working at school studying at school because there aren’t snacks and I’m a stress eater so I kind of need that energy coming in it comes to things like anatomy especially coloured pens are absolutely like a must for me I use them everywhere to draw everything one important thing that you need to study is time if you don’t have time to even if you went at the speed of light as far as fast as you could study then you can’t get through everything and you just can’t know all the material and you won’t get 100 let alone get a let alone pass or whatever the case may be so allow yourself a self enough time to study even when you have all of the things that you need to study you set up enough time you have the colored pens you have your notebooks you have your notes a key to getting on 100 now I know I keep saying getting 100 and a lot of you are like that’s crazy like why does she want to get 100 I don’t just want to get an egg okay yet aim high you got aim as far as you can go you aim to get in 100 and the way you get in 100 is you know everything you know all of the material if you know all the material you have to get in 100 let alone go today let alone pass you know how many times I’ve been I’m about to take the test I’m in the auditorium with everyone else and somebody comes up to me and ask hey what is that basic concept in the class that we learn and I’m like how do you expect to do well in this class if you don’t even know that so you know everything you don’t have to worry about that now knowing everything we’re taking the test once you know everything is the easy part but I know you’re all wondering how do you know everything cuz that’s the hard part I know some of you are still thinking okay you know what I’m gonna turn this video off right now because I’m not one of those students who knows everything I’m someone who struggles learning so this video doesn’t pertain to me no no no I am NOT a gunner I am NOT some extraordinary like savant from like the Discovery Channel or whatever I have a normal average person and you can to know everything and you can score in 100 you have to know that if you don’t think you can you might as well turn this video off because the confidence is in there and I don’t know what else to say but and I know it keeps raising positions I’m sorry um but if you know that you can then we can continue with this video and the rest of this video is all about how do I get to put all the material that my teacher taught me into my head for things like Anatomy where you have to understand how things are related draw draw draw now this is an eyelid these are the layers of the eyelid if you were just to look at a black and white version of this in a textbook you couldn’t really understand how these things are related until you draw it then you kind of have to know how these things are related and if you color code that’s even easier to separate the structures so for anatomy and things like that it’s all about drawing and for me personally I rewrite the notes because I just feel like when I write it after I read it it puts it like a deeper place in my brain writing things down also applies to those effect based glasses like a like biochem I actually do not recommend going through your powerpoints and rewriting everything because it is just way too long I actually recommend typing that all up in your computer but what I do recommend and you can see in the back of my notebook I just have CI practice writing the real cycle like three times already this is me practicing meiosis and mitosis um I literally just take a pen and I just scribble Scrabble like let’s say I’m going over the elongation phase of RNA translation I’ll just rewrite that B league elongation phase like three times that’s pretty much with the back of my notebook for now I personally love using Quizlet and it’s like a basically flashcards except they’re online you can share them with whoever and you don’t have to worry about where you left your flashcards or write any of them down it’s super fast super easy and it’s a great way to learn really quick definitions I went I was in high school and college all of the information was on Power. Point so I just reviewed the powerpoints but now that I’m in medical school they give you questions over every lecture and they’re called objectives and I answer them while I’m in class and that way by the end of its really long by the end for the exam I have all of the answers to all the questions they wanted me No and I can review them all and test myself over them while I study that one kind of interesting thing that I’ve always always done is um I love to study with someone who wants to learn you know what I mean like they haven’t gone over the material or they like it when somebody teaches them I feel like I get the material so much better in my head when I teach it so I like to study with someone who wants someone to be taught the information even if I don’t know it that well if I’m teaching it actively trying to put it in words it’s like if I can teach it I understand it better and I’m putting it in words indirectly for my own self to understand but the case usually is I don’t have anybody to study with so what I do and no lie I’ve done this for years I’ll literally pretend there’s no one over here I’ll literally pretend I’m a teacher and I’m teaching to like an invisible classroom and I’ll just start like talking to nobody I’ll just be like okay class today we’re going to learn about hemoglobin did you know that all hemoglobin structures have a tertiary structure with seven helical regions whatever I’ll literally do that I feel like actively talking even if even if it’s to nobody or if it is to somebody actively teaching it makes me understand it better I feel like if you can teach it you know it and if you have no one to teach it to make up so I’m going to talk to I know that’s so weird please try it out though before you call me crazy because it it really works for me I don’t think anything helps to me more or has come more in handy during exams then like these acronyms is acronym the right word I think it is or abbreviated abbreviated whatever so molecular techniques for DNA detection the southern blot detects DNA northern blot the text RNA and the Western blot detects protein that honestly helps me memorize it and I can just remember snow drop it right down for a test and I’m great and there’s so many different acronyms / abbreviations for so many concepts in medicine in any type of science you can even just make up an acronym now I’m going to lead you through an example of how I study for this example we’re going to be talking about the self because I think a lot of people know about the self Oh some of the objectives are super easy like my light microscopy uses light and can be used on dead and alive specimens while electron microscopy can only be used on dead specimens whatever that would be kind of something that I could just memorize because it’s kind of easy and then I’ve always known about the nucleus of the mitochondria but let’s say for things like the base of philic or base loving stained includes the basic dye hematoxylin and stains acidic structures that’s something that I would probably make a flashcard for same with these different dyes like a periodic acid shift reagent to dye polysaccharides and osmium staining stains lipid structures that’s something that I could also use flashcards for or something that I could like quiz my friend over and he would close me over until we both understood it so basically I would just go through this whole thing making sure I know every detail for this exam and all the harder parts I go over with flashcards I go over with acronyms i quiz my friends and I talked to my anonymous audience not my anonymous audience my audience that doesn’t even exist and I just do it for the whole thing until I have touched every detail and only until I’ve done that am I ready for the exam and of course make sure you have enough time because that can take a while for anatomy it’s basically the exact same thing I’m going to go over every single detail except to kind of really push these details inside my head instead of using flashcards I draw things out because a lot of things in anatomy aren’t one or two sentence definitions they’re like giant concept with interpolated or interrelated structures and so when you draw things out you’re forced to understand the relations because you’re actively putting them together now last but not least guys testing new strategies so I mean obviously there’s no questions like this but during a multiple choice exam which is basically every exam in medical school you’re gonna have choices that you know immediately are wrong like you know pen and light are not animals so you can cross them out but then there’s going to some time to be choices that you’ve never heard of and then it’s gonna make you think that this is right answer you’re just stupid and not the completely obvious one I say always go with your gut I mean obviously guys this is a really really simplified version I don’t even know what a Harsha dance is I just made that up is that if that is an inappropriate phrase in a foreign language I’m sorry I just literally made it up cross out what you know is not the answer if you went through every detail and not once did you ever hear the word or remember the word harsh dance it’s probably a made up phrase or completely unrelated answer so just go with your gut alrighty guys that is everything I didn’t hold anything back I told you all of my tricks everything that I do for a test and if any of them sound really awesome leave it in the comments below I hope that this video helps you out guys I hope that you kind of remember it for your next exam and you ace it and you do super well and you follow your dreams best of luck everybody and bye..


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  • plot twist: there is a ghost audience and they are about to graduate Ghost Medical School lol .. But in all seriousness, thanks for the tips, Im not in med school but tips do apply t other things.

  • You should do a video about what to expect in med school like hows the lecture the work load how much free time you have etccc etccc

  • You know what I LOVE about this video?!. Is that you said “you can learn it all”… you know?… I never thought of that… That I can have the capacity to retain everything if I put my mind and effort into it… AMAZING tips btw… love this video!
    ps: this is my 1st comment on YouTube :)))

  • You know when you said you talk to nobody and teach them?

    I record myself teaching it to myself. “Okay future me! This is the first lecture on MRI’s” When I need to study for midterms, I listen to it again and get taught by my past self.

    This works so well that I cannot imagine med school without me teaching and being taught by myself.

    (Wow. What did med school do to me? xD)