Relaxing Music For Studying And Concentration | Study Music Piano | Instrumental Music For Studying

3 Hours of some of the best relaxing music for studying, concentration and focus memory. Use it as background instrumental study music to concentrate for exams and study time. Enjoy this soothing piano music with calming rain sounds!

To make the most from your studying don’t focus on the time you invest. Focus on the quality of your study session over the quantity you do. This is one of the key things we focus on and we absolutely think you can get twice the results in half the time. Make sure you grab the free audiobook Unlimited Memory by a chess grandmaster which will absolutely transform your results overnight if you apply the techniques.

Thank you so much for watching this video by Just Instrumental Music channel. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to Subscribe 🙂

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  • People in comments: Hey! Stop scrolling down the comments and get BACK to WORK

    Me: Lol I don’t give a shit you say keeps scrolling down comments
    Takes test next day
    Goes back to comments

    Me: you guys were right I should of studied I got a 48 on my test….

  • Don’t you just love a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, abuelita, or champurrado in the rain by a nice cozy fire? Can’t wait till summer is over and autumn begins…

  • This is the most wonderful music to start the day with. I listen to it whilst preparing and drinking my morning coffee. I sit and listen and let it’s tones flow over me and it makes me feel contemplative and peaceful. Thank you for this gem. Many blessings to you from this Nasty Woman.

  • sorry but it doesn’t work for me.. don’t get me wrong, the audio is absolutely beautiful, and I’m listening to it for the second time, today, but for studying it doesn’t work, and I tell you why: it’s so beautiful, and sad, in a certain way, that makes me think about love, about my life, it makes my heart pound and I can’t concentrate.. I save it in my favourites, and I will listen to it very often, but I have a test in 3 days and need to concentrate, sorry if, for now, I switch to something little less.. romantic! =)

  • this makes me really wanna cry, it’s raining, it’s a month to christmas and how does time fly by so fast like that?