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all right students today we are going to talk about a very particular ratio and that is very specific for students who are in class 11th in class 12 that’s how to manage time when you are already managing two things at the same time that is cool and your coaching Institute right so this video specifically for those guys who are in class 11th in 12 again repeating and they are going to coaching in suit and what should be done so notice that time schedule is something which will keep you in control otherwise you will not be able to manage your time at all and I have seen students struggling to figure out what should they do the entire week or the entire day and they just waste their time and then they get anxious and guilt the start feeling guilty because they’ve wasted a lot of time and when they start feeling that they should start working almost a lot of time has gone away right and that that this is a really very big problem for class 12 student because now they have realized that they have failed at their class 11 and they want to improve and then they keep on thinking that how they can improve because they have a lot of burden of class 11 okay so coming to the point I believe I have to again to kind of set of people here so people who are going on coaching on let’s say we can rise this is one category that we have here and we will also talk about the people who are going to coaching on weekends also okay so people who are going to weekend so this is the state that I feel about them and they must be feeling that they really feeling very tired the entire day right they they feel very tired and they do not have the motivation or lack of energy you can say who study hard so I am assuming that you are going to be coaching three days a week right and you reach home by 2: 30 or 3: 00 so what you should immediately try and do I hope that you’re coaching starts at 4: 00 or let’s say even at 3: 45 whatever the timing is at your place so I would advise you to take a quick nap so see the whole strategy behind making this schedule is to save time and energy right so please try and understand that if you all target us to get into IITs you need to have a proper schedule you need to save your energy that is what might our if you are not having enough energy in your body to work your mind will not work and you will be in this particular state for the rest of the year and when the results come out you will be the one who is getting the shock of your life so I don’t want to that that to happen so I would advise a quick nap so what do you mean by a quick nap quick nap is not necessary that you have to sleep for an hour even a fifteen minutes nap fifteen or thirty minutes that will be suffice right and this could only be done if you do not watch any TV no any TV or mobile please refrain from doing that otherwise I cannot be of any help to you in this regard or you are you know talking to your friends so please do not do this activity because it takes a lot of energy you have already spent a lot of energy in the school we do not want to further spend some energy and these are a big no no these are called the biggest distractions in your life take a quick nap 1530 minutes tell your parents that to wake you up by if you would reach to 20 so I would advise you to take it change your clothes and even if you want to take a shower that is great and sleep for 30 odd minutes so I didn’t tell them to wake you up by three three ten or something so that you can reach your coaching at 8: 00 the reason is that you will get with a fresh mind here and the classrooms class session of your coaching will become very interesting here because now you are completely fresh you are not tired and nothing like that is happening so this is what I would advise also if you if your coaching is going to take 30 minutes of drive from your place where you have to go I would say take glucose water with you because it’s really hot in these kind of scenarios glucose water keep drinking it in between so that you do not lose your energy so it’s all about the energy understand this so I hope that you people reach by eight at or 8: 30 at home okay so this is the schedule when you are going to the coaching so that is a three days a week of it so let us suppose that you are going on Monday or Wednesday or Friday or Tuesday Thursday Friday whatever your schedule is I have no idea about this so 8: 30 to 10: 00 is your relaxation time again right so you need to relax here take a quick nap again so I am again saying quick nap because that nap we took earlier was a very my new number 15 minutes now there is a time to take actually 40 minutes nap why I am saying this for 40 minutes now because the next session is going to be a more crucial than what you have done the entire day so if you say 8: 30 8: 30 we reach home by 9: 00 you actually do your you know dinner and all by 9: 00 you can do your dinner and in fact if you want to watch TV by 8: 30 to 9: 00 you can watch the TV as well do not stick to a particular you know TV schedule for this two years or one year of separation because this will hamper you all right AJ it is it okay or if you want you can manage your time there that’s completely up to you and then I would want two and a half hours of study from you this is completely not a school homework that you people have to do this is something which you have done at the coaching this is class revision believe me if you do not do the class revision the very same day when you are taught in the class there is no point of going to any coaching Institute so if you are not doing this at this point of time leave your coaching Institute save your parents money and save your time and save your energy so class revision is the most important element which is going to give you higher rank at itj or any particular competitive exam so two and a half hours of study will thirty you are free from my side then if you want to do a quick cup face book or or something of anything online stuff that you want to do you can do it for half an hour more equal thirty to one right and then you please go to bed there is no need to wake up till four and a night because you have to go to school the next day so this is considering that you have to again wake up at 6: 30 in the morning so I am considering that also okay now let me talk about the other days now this is the schedule when you are not going to the eco change Institute and you are free at home right so what will happen let’s see you you are now free at 4: 00 right because the same session that we did a quick nap so this quick nap can now be extended to 30 minutes this is the most productive part 30 even or 40 minutes if you feel like and you I want you to sit on your table steady table at 4: 00 again so 4 to 6 this is a two hour study again to a study from 6: 30 to six 6 to 6: 30 is your break right 6: 00 to 6: 30 so for our triple zero so this is 6: 00 to 6: 30 is your break period right and then from 10 to 12: 30 I need another session so 8: 30 to 10: 00 session that we just covered here right is the same as deejay so I am trying to map up almost these similar conditions of similar condition area of the previous day so that you do not get confused when to do so if you notice that we have already done six hours of studies right perfect bingo so that is the target right so 6: 00 to 6: 30 is your you know time to where you can again relax you can talk to your parents you can talk to your friend that is what you can do all if you want to play I would say playing can have to be reduced because you don’t have time that much to play yes you if you want to give go and play for a longer session you can do it on Saturdays and Sundays right we utilize your Saturdays and Sundays in this way right because you people are going to poaching on weekdays so we utilize Saturday on Sunday for your enjoyment as well ok and if you do this particular activity six hours is more than sufficient and even if you want to do something extra from 12: 30 onwards I have no problems right that is completely up to you so if you talk about how much time you should you sleep so I would say 7 hours is more than sufficient and I would break this into six to six thirty six and a half hours in the night right here and then the remaining in the quick naps this is the target right this is and this is what you people can easily follow that is what I believe okay now coming to the point where people are going to coaching on the weekends also so this is the under set of people we have that is on Saturday and Sunday I would say start your day early right no relaxation in the form of sleep and that you are sleeping till 9: 00 and just rushing for your coaching class at 10: 00 please don’t do that so that could be a really big girl as our stay stay so sorry so this is again for people who are on weekends so let’s just cut it short now it’s Saturday and Sunday right and this is the most productive phase of your week most productive time so please do not the hamper your Saturday and Sunday right I would advise if you are not having other often Saturday please take her on off so that you are almost equal to the base of the cotangents we are going to so I would advise 7 to 9 kick start your study so why this because if you have done this this will set the tempo for the entire day right and you will not feel guilty that you have not started your day on a good note so this what this does it says it starts your day on a good note right this is start on or starts on a good note so this is what we actually want to intend ok the next thing again take a very quick break here of one hour where you have to take bath and get your lunch also sorry or breakfast also so to our session here to our session here then our to our session then again I am giving you a 232 pour break and I would again advise you to take a quick nap strategy that we are doing continuously right quick nap strategy right and then again the same should do can you see that again one and a half hour break so try and understand what I have done here I have already made a 12 what should you I have done that 12 ah so how these two Ella can be distributed you can actually for for for for each subject or if you want a particular subject to be highlighted you can say 4 3 3 this is what you people can also do but if you are on a weekend try to cover all the 3 subjects is what I would say 3 subjects if on the weekend right if we talk about the previous on week days a week on weekdays you will not be able to cover all the 3 on weekdays you can just cover 2 subjects and in you can rotate those subjects like today you did the selection match that exte you can do math and chemistry and so on ok so this is what you people can do but 12 was yes so this is the target that we want to follow okay so this is only possible if you do this quick night strategy okay now coming to the Sunday we are all tired of sorry will say sir Agnetha marriage Elba Nadia Masika marina right you have been working really hard for 6 days now it’s time for enjoyment also so again if you see the schedule you don’t have to enjoy any morning again you start on a good note towards then you study towards you study towards interestingly you again study for two and a half hour where I have cut short your break by half an hour here and then there is a lengthy interval so if you see from 6 to 10 I have left you free you are free right if you want to go for a movie go for a movie right if you want to go for flow with friends you can go with friends if you enjoy playing cricket or football you can go in play football for a longer duration of time I have no objection so right so six to ten is completely free to you but again come back home and you don’t have to just sleep put two and a half are again that is the strategy that you people should fall and that is a strategy what toppers actually do this is so this particular session that I am taking is basically the time schedule of a topper okay so if you notice again how many hours we have put in to two to two and this so this sums up at nine hours pretty awesome pretty awesome so this is what I have done and this should give you a smiling face why because you are also free and watching the movie right so you can enjoy with your friends with your family and this is how you study and Monday drill again will start this is how you rejuvenate yourself each and every week okay now coming to the point where coaching is on the weekends so immediately just talking about if there is a Saturday Sunday class that you go to so I am assuming that the classes start at 9: 30 or 10: 00 so I will advise you to take a quick one and a half hour session study session right start with your day with a cool study and if you want you can do the class revision also class revision here right that is what do people can do very very simply okay then we will have obviously classes and I assume the class two goes till 4 p. m: and you reach home you are tired and you again have to sit back on your table at 6: 30 and this is the should you will for Saturday Rim on the left hand side this is what we are talking about Sunday right this is on Sunday so what we are going to do is 6: 30 to 8: 30 you will again study and this is purely in this again study are from 10 to 12 again remember to 8: 30 to 10: 00 is again that quick nap and dinner time for you guys so study also if you notice again we have also studied five and a half hour despite being that our classes are on for this particular day okay so if you if you can just manage this believe me you are going to rock in every exam and please also 4 to 6: 30 you have a lot of time you can also take a quick nap here please start working on quick nap strategy this is what is going to save you of effort and give a very good high rank to you in any competitive exam so coming on to Sunday Sunday remodeling session is still the same you have class now I can say that you can skip this session now this is the enjoyment time also you have been frustrated by working so hard on the classes this is the free time again right you people can again similarly the people who went for movie for weekdays you can also enjoy a movie you can you know a roam around with friends you can do the talking whatever you want to hear I don’t know but whatever give you the enjoyment you can do that for a longer time for three hours you have three hours completely free for yourselves you can take this break but again sit back from 10: 00 to 12: 00 for another study are right so we have reduce your sunday or to a very minimalistic of three and a half hours don’t worry we will are going to cover this in the next week so people who are waiving coaching on weekends and still they Saturday Sunday face is gone now we are coming to Monday to Friday so Monday to Friday are your productive day so now the it’s completely opposite so people who go on weekends so Monday to Friday are their most productive days so please do not hamper them they are the most productive days of the entire week so how to do that again you reach home by 3: 00 then you have to take a nap of the same should you write this you have to take a nap of 40 minutes then sit back at 4 tours tours and two and a half hours if you notice you are doing six and a half hours brilliant stuff so if you can do this this is brilliant right this is brilliant so six and a half hours on a daily basis even if you clock in five and a half hours you are not able to manage that well that’s not a problem with me that’s completely fine so there is the time schedule that you should follow for the remaining five days of the week okay now coming back to the main stuff do not lose focus so failure is equally to the success and if for example you are not able to get gold marks at the coaching or let’s say at school do not just worry about see to the schedule that what is lacking behind maybe whether you are able to you know prioritize the work or not that is something very important that you people have to learn so I would say for dual focus prioritize work right this is most important and do the most important job most important job at the beginning of the session right most important job has to be done first right for example if something is stuff you are feared of physics the first session or should be of the physics right in the time period that we were having so four to six here will be of physics right so this is what I meant by this sleep is very important and that is what I have been telling you all about small lapse that is the that is think that the quick naps we are talking about they are actually equal to energy boosters so please sleep properly do not hamper your sleep any given day you should sleep around the seven hours plus minus can be done but nothing less than six hours please do not do this so that is not possible okay so six seven hours I have told you how to split them in full shower sleep time and quick nap time stretching and breathing in between your sessions so this is much more important and this is something which I want to stress on too much for example you have been sitting on your table for two words right or let’s say even for one hour right the stretching can be done while sitting on the table itself you can just roll around your head you can just move your arms and you can just rotate right you can do the stretching do it on the table it says will gives you another row this is a lot of energy people who are studying in the night so for deep breathing’s this is a very only we get good exercise of deep breathing what it helps you out when you are actually focused you are your anxiety can be taken out of this by this right if you are too much anxious start breathing heavily in a way that 5d breeze can actually turn magic around okay or do the activity you enjoy regularly so if you want to listen to music comedy talking to friend or you want to playing we have made a schedule where you have some time in between you can do that activities regularly because I want you to enjoy on a regular basis so that you enjoy doing your studies as well and notice that we have also taken a Super Sunday right we should not call it a Sunday but we should call it a Super Sunday because we are enjoying also right we have a time for movies as well school homework there is something which people generally talk more to me about right finish it in the school this is the major piece of advice I am giving it to you so school homework should not be something which you take back home right so I do not want that you be 4 to 6 p. m: time that the first session that you take never ever take a school homework here if you want to do a spoon homework let me tell you where you should do so the night session right the night session that we are having here this is the stuff 10 this particular activity here this is the time of your school homework or even after that so if after 12 if you can work out after tell you can start your school at homework this is what I want to highlight because these number of hours that we did earlier are dedicated towards IIT day right so try and cover school homework in the school itself you will be able to do that it just takes time to you know the that particular thing to come into play and utilize your free period in the school so for example the physical education period PT peers or any teacher is XM or there is a library period please utilize them do not just go on and vase them by just chit chatting around all right and the indle ask just to wind this up stop thinking about the results come carefully tomorrow come Karev a result of nia chaga be a deserving student not look for around luck luck is nothing become deserving you will automatically get what you want okay so this is a short video on how to use you know manage your time along going with your school I will be coming up with another video on how to manage the time to do that is completed in separate entity right now where I will tell you how you should write your time schedule and I will also give you a success planner where you can write your should you on a weekly basis alright if you are liking what I am delivering to you please subscribe to our Channel please provide our ratings on our Facebook page this is something very crucial why I am saying I have just 10 seconds more because this is if you feel like we are going something good to the society your wood is a motivation for us this is the main thing so even if you subscribe to our channel you like our videos right and you give us ratings on Facebook this is going to pumped me up again to keep doing this noble job otherwise we will have no motivation to work for you please provide also the motivation from your side we are also humans I am also human I also need motivation alright see you with another video best of luck best wishes from my side keep working hard you all are geniuses out there I hope people who are listening to this I might have to come to the stage where they will be applauded a big way in the future good night take care best wishes again..

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