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it’s 12 o’clock we’re gonna get the study session started welcome all in attendance president Hudson thank you very much I have items 9 through 18 start with the item number 9 any questions number 9 okay chief and recognize this is for an application for a grant good afternoon and we’re just applying for a grant through FEMA on this boat will be capable of enhanced rescue and firefighting capabilities in the inner harbor we have a 24 year old boat right now that we were given used so we’re just looking to upgrade if we can get this grant and we only have to match 25% which would be totaled at $50,000 so we have a boat now is that it’s used or not used it’s used it’s ready to be used but there’s no fire pump on there so if we keep developing like the Inner Harbor or areas where we have railroads and trains going through the city right on that by the Destiny USA the only place to get to some of these areas is through a boat there’s no fire pump on the boat we have so this would be advantageous to have in the harbor once we really start developing and we can actually flow water from the water in the harbor to the buildings if we needed to besides our fire apparatus so are there certain staff members that are trained to use it how does our station or that’s located on the near the Inner Harbor over on lodi street they’re they’re trained okay we have one company dedicated to that boat so but I’m just my concern is just if we were to get this you know so staffing wise would be staffing right now we staff it as needed if there’s a large event will pre plan to make sure we have people over there was just like any event that happens downtown if there’s an event going on in the Inner Harbor where we think we need the boat will well staff as needed to try to protect you know the like if they’re if they’re down there doing an event so is it primarily for watercraft or is it for its first land specific type use this boat if we get it will be used for both right now if there’s somebody that falls into the water we’d get our boat and we’d come in we’d do rescue operations off of our boat inside the water this new boat if we’re able to get it the buildings that around the land we could come in with our boat in the water and use the water that’s in the harbor and flow flow water on to the fire if a building is on fire on the land so there’ll be a pump with nozzles on the boat that will actually use to be used for fire extinguish metals although we don’t have that capability are there other entities that do this for like Onondaga Lake that could possibly help with Inner Harbor I’m not positive I know I believe Liverpool had a boat that they were selling we looked at it and we never came to the point where we were gonna buy it or looking at buying it and then what would be like the maintenance costs or a ballpark obviously I wouldn’t know that I could get back to you with that I don’t have that dollar figure right offhand but our maintenance division would provide the maintenance for it I’m gonna just need a buy parts in upgrade as needed but if that area gets developed like like the plans are yeah I believe that it would be advantageous to have something like this in our disposal but is it required like so obviously we looked at the plans and it was okay without the boat right like so if without it we would still be able to serve those yep we’d be able to do the best we can with all the equipment that we have this is just another tool that we would have at our disposal that would significantly help our our cause and putting a fire out or the boat that we have not isn’t me for for rescues it’s like a fishing boat we were given that by the police department I’m not sure how many years ago but it’s not a boat that is used to rescue people out of the water so this new boat would be able to do fire capabilities and it would be better for us to rescue people out of the water echo what the chief is saying because I watched it and they actually were trying to get somebody out of there in the harbor and I think she got pushed in but anyway they were trying to use the ladders to get down to her they finally did get her but the dive team came in so I do agree with the boat because and they’ll be able to get to that person quicker because I actually did see that them an action last year when somebody fell into the harbor so the book we have now is like a fishing boat that’s not really a rescue boat so but our firefighters are trained to overcome what we have to to use it whatever its needed if we need it we’ll get into the water as best as we can but this grant would be great if we can get this boat it would it would help our city out tremendously so where to be docked right now we have we’ve had conversations about figuring out a way to get a dock in the Inner Harbor right now the boat is out in a Nevada Lake Park so because there was no area for it to be docked at at this point but I’ve already had discussions with the mayor about trying to figure out a way to have it located right there in the Inner Harbor so with the mayor to make sure that we create a designated spot for this piece of equipment a red line stripe space that no one else could occupy Thanks okay any other questions I’m on Gordon and support of getting this especially since it’s you know funded through a grant yes I gonna keep that the boat that we’re currently using or we’re gonna keep that and try and maintain it or is that something we’re gonna be probably will not get that look we get this I just want to make sure cuz I would assume I’m ten years ago it’s probably needs maintenance yes we’re probably not gonna keep it okay thank you great thank you you’re welcome okay number ten number ten is a request to appropriate appropriate funds for our capital account for vehicles and we’re looking to replace some of our vehicles in our fleet does anybody have any questions with that you can combine that with number eleven I’m number eleven is to appropriate funds for our facilities that’s to maintain our facilities throughout the year our fire stations and also we’re planning on buying an emergency generator for fire station nine in the event of a power outage every station has a backup emergency generator so that’s what these funds would be appropriated towards okay I have one question chief minds when was the last time we purchased vehicles for the deputy chiefs in the district chief um last I believe last year they bought three three Chiefs vehicles for the deputies and one for the district Chiefs so four chief vehicles last year these vehicles get passed down correct they get passed down yes and this was in the capital improvement plan we’ve actually so we were actually gonna buy seven Chevy SUVs three of these are going to go to our mini vehicles which are a bigger vehicle than these SUVs so we’re downsizing some of our vehicles which is going to help with maintenance and fuel costs and the other four will be for the Chiefs who respond to the alarms and our our incident commanders at fighters and other alarms and they also supervise a day to day fighter companies welcome okay Thank You chief chief see so we have item 12 any questions for the rescue mission for cameras 13 father Hayes 14 15 okay sixteen 17 tell yours and the nothing and 18 okay we’re uh wow that was quick chief thank you okay already yeah those are my items counselor Bay Thank You of items 19 through 23 somewhere here someone here to speak on item 19 I am Mike Integra I’m the executive director of the Landmark Theatres we’re seeking to apply for funds from the New York Main Street program for the downtown anchor project to replace our marquee with a replication of the original mercury from 1928 or the differences between the current marquee and the one from 1928 the structure of the 1928 marquee is actually still underneath it was a curved looking arched front and we essentially covered it with a box put the the new lights behind there obviously that one has been up for about 60 plus years it’s been subject to vehicle strikes and it’s beyond repair at this point so it’s either replace or leave it as is so great sounds good item 20 good afternoon Ola morning a couple representatives from Le. Moyne college steve Kulik bill Brower the vice president for communications and advancement and Greg Lowe director of city initiatives have a number of issues we may be good oh yeah well just I’m just if you could give me a quick short the city is perceived wants to proceed as applicant for and a CFA application to Empire State Development for a neighborhood master planning initiative partnering with Le. Moyne college and will Moines intern with the town of De. Witt I’m sorry um just one quick one I should ask this earlier sort of has the feasibility study been done no and so this is agreement an application to do the feasibility okay what what area will it cover Springfield Road and salt Springs Road around the campus the the main road surrounding the campus and the neighborhood’s surrounding the campus and the neighborhoods surrounding those two roads correct no questions all right I’ll call that ready 21 thank you I’m 21 afternoon councilors this item is to apply for in contract with the startup and residence program which is a program that works with local governments to match us up with different startup companies to work on specific challenges that we identify Adria has been kind of heading up this project she put together a one pager that’s coming around to you now and she’ll be back on Monday if you have further questions does this sorry have you just handed me this haven’t read it yet maybe it’s nice to hear but does this program research startup companies locally or just nationally here both I would imagine I don’t haven’t worked on this at all so I’m not totally sure but I think both go to $10,000 budget further questions I got to read it I’m sorry I didn’t have an opportunity thank you looks interesting I don’t 22 I don’t want em well counselor good afternoon counselors this is a request much like the request for coordination with Lemoine this is a CFA grant application to New York State that the city and the county are partnering on focused on the inner harbor area and and particularly in light of the blowin going development out there specifically at the Inner Harbor the creek walk the loop the lake trail obviously existing facilities like the stadium the mall the raw steel site there’s a lot of potential development either ongoing or or potential and so this is a planning grant looking at kind of coordinating the connectivity between all of them as they move forward so that’s the focus of the grant I don’t expect this to be the full 275,000 I think it’s probably closer to 200 and the match is going to be provided by both city and county staff and its man hours and our staff hours not I mean obviously that hour on because your time is money but that is correct constitutional funds other than time yeah that’s correct can I ask a quick question on that on yes who owns the boathouse I don’t know the answer to that question because if we’re gonna be developing and that boathouse is still sitting there why can’t we develop that bullet house into a restaurant or something in that area the right on the inner right where you know right there I apologize I don’t know I don’t know if anybody else in the we can confirm that but I think that’s the idea is to look at all of these assets that have been progressing and and just kind of build some greater connectivity physically and otherwise between them and we feel this is a great opportunity to partner with the county on this and so kind of a real coordinated effort out in the lakefront area what is this split city County and you said that we haven’t confirmed that but I imagine it would be fitting that’s correct if you’re talking about the the building that’s at the Inner Harbor right now the old buildings they moved that’s owned by the developers of the Inner Harbor Corps of course it is item number 23 is memorializing legislation to the governor and a state legislature what it is is a request to the governor the legislature to fund the New York State Department of Health to conduct a study to determine if in fact vaccinees vaccines provided to women during pregnancy causes brain damage to unborn children so I passed out the legislation to my colleagues for you to peruse take some time to understand and then we can have further discussion come either during a week or come to our next study session I know the holiday was a big part of why we just got it today but again it’s a request to the state to fund the research research to be conducted by the New York State Department of Health to determine in fact if what other medical professionals are saying is true ultimately at one point medical professionals the doctors told women or told spoke against pregnant women receiving vaccinations and all of a sudden that practice has changed but there is an argument by some medical professionals that the increase in children born with autism could be related to vaccinations during pregnancy so we’re just acts in the state are I’m hopefully in support of my colleague with the support of my colleagues Zacks in a state to qualify or discredit as much and based on whatever the results they find that they make a choice even if that choice is to ban to be offering the vaccinations to pregnant women any questions all right then we’re gonna move along I appreciate it okay thank you counselor counselor we got taken for counsel run councillor Rudd for councillor Driscoll’s gonna do councillor Rudd’s all right number 24 days eh good afternoon again councillors I’m David Clifford commissioner of assessment this is a settlement of a certiorari proceeding and I assume you’d want to go into executive session on Monday to receive advice from counsel regarding this court settlement yep are these two related the two properties there’s there’s a building and parking lots so okay so there’s next to each other yeah they’re all owned by the same entities in people okay okay all three of them are owned by the same person right all right there’s number 25 with you who’s number 25 good afternoon I’m Janet Burke the director of research we are wanting to apply for a planning study to perhaps create a centralized payment location on the first floor of City Hall so that everyone that comes to paying anything can go to the same place we’re also gonna check into doing something with the state relative to the finance charges for for credit cards I’m not sure that’s part of this plan but we can certainly take a look at that Thanks possible sent something to you and the edginess okay so how many different services would be consolidated I believe they’re potentially six with code with permits the municipal violations Bureau parking taxes Water Co counselor Thompson on the cards 26 Dave good afternoon counselors happy fourth belated yeah not to step on Jana’s toes but it’s the credit card processors that charge a fee yeah no no I’m we’ve hit some discussion about sending something to the state to see if we can yeah yeah hope it works item 26 I’m asking for my annual release of capital funds then that’s used to fund everything from PC purchases to our network infrastructure our servers our backups the whole shooting match any questions what would you say the bulk of it is the most expenses our our network infrastructure and our servers pcs are really commodities now we buy them for four hundred fifty five hundred dollars apiece keep them for four or five years and replace them so we’re kind of a regular schedule with that it’s more the big purchases that we make behind the scenes it keeps everything rolling it’s probably 60% of it okay yep thank you everybody number 27 is a authorization to enter into a settlement agreement with Verizon back in late 2016 the council authorized a contract with comp you tell to review all the gross receipts tax from vendors who paid the city and Verizon was found to be one that shorted the city by thirty thousand dollars so we they are requiring this settlement agreement before they will pay us so that was a total we didn’t that was a total and compute out is forty percent commission to them so will net about eighteen thousand okay I’m gonna feel good mr. Clifford back again for number 28 yes this is actually just correcting amending a previous authorization to hire an appraiser there was an Associated parking lot that we had left off of the request to council plus we changed their hourly rate from 250 to 300 for court testimony and trial prep okay number 29 is correction of some some exemptions we had on the roll 329 Wes Kirkpatrick an exemption was approved where the property did not qualify so we’d like to correct that 919 East Genesee Street the exemption was calculated improperly and we’d like to quote that same with 110 Schuyler Street what is the property at Genesee and Kraus is that’s the new student has a new student housing correct yes so what what’s yeah can you go a little further into that mr. covered so it’s sure the the exemption that’s on the existing 1819 role the one that’s the the new tax bills coming out are based upon was calculated with the wrong base it’s all exempt amount changes that the total assessment doesn’t change but the the exempt amount changes as a result so the the original assessment of the building before the new development yeah it was confusing the reason this occurred was that they did a recent division in the same year so the Reid resub division occurred the the buildings were word a mile off because they were demolished but the the building assessments should have still been on there because it’s a conversion from commercial to mixed use for this exemption so because the reason first it took the buildings off and they started from that assessment instead of the total assessment that was there before okay Thank You councillor Driscoll before we okay 4: 30 was that you mr: Barry yes good afternoon Joe Barry first assistant Corporation Counsel this would be an annual waiver request to and so that the law department could contract with various Process Servers during the year to carry out our legal actions I’m gonna ask the question that I asked earlier so I know a lot of the things that we do without competitive bid is for proprietary reasons so why are we using without competitive bid so much for different services one this type of service it’s very important to have someone who is reliable and someone who have worked with in the past there’s not a lot of to my knowledge a lot of these professionals out there and we use them primarily for code enforcement purposes and we have to track down out of town LLC’s to the Secretary of State’s office so it’s been our desire in the past to really pick those persons of firms that we’ve felt comfortable with that the provided good service in the past and I appreciate that but I mean if it’s the same firms that you feel comfortable with why couldn’t we RFP it to those firms well I would certainly consider mentioning that next year for the to the Cooperation Council I think this process is somewhat new to us because of the the increase in volume it’s reached a certain cost level where we we need to obtain a waiver to go through the county purchasing process in order to issue POS we and we do this on a on a case by case basis so it’s kind of as needed we don’t know if we’ll actually reach these amounts it just depends how many legal actions take place during the year so for this fiscal year we had to kind of put this together for the first time but for the next fiscal year I would certainly consider working on an RFP with the corporation Councilwoman and I appreciate that because I think a lot of people get cut out when there’s no RFPs put in and it’s just the waiver it cuts a lot of folks out and I’m just concerned about that well understood and if we can go ahead with the way it is for this year we could certainly look at the RFP for the next fiscal year just add something three years ago we I believe we did issue bids for this and the individuals that were hired were processed for giving Process Servers were delivering summonses to incorrect addresses the issue with the Albany Secretary of State filings on a timely basis had issues with it so there were a number of problems that we were seeing so when this issue came up again we decided to go for a waiver with those individuals we know that we relied on and have done good service for the city in the past and again I hear I hear everything you’re saying but I see two individuals here so they could bid on it more or less more so than just without the waiver well I think one of them is under the it’s under $20,000 so they can’t get quotes and that’s up to the department head also and I understand everything you’re saying but I do think that it’s a disadvantage because we’re not broadly RFP in this so okay Thank You councillor Driscoll before we go to councillor Carney in parks I’d like to bring up the deputy mayor Sharon Owens to introduce the new commissioner you just did it no it’s my pleasure council and everyone here to be able to present to you our new commissioner of Parks and Rec Joe the faved she has been amazing since being with us since January were pleased for her to become our new commissioner and I’d also like to also introduce to you our new Deputy Commissioner Jimmy Oliver who comes with extensive recreation experience we are looking forward to moving forward with our parks department and strategically aligning ourselves up our parks are amazing assets to the city and we’re going to continue to help them grow thank you with it councillor Kearney Thank You mr: majority leader I’ve got items 31 through 36 number 31 is to accept a donation for a member of one of our senior centers who passed away so this is a donation in her honor any questions on that one 32 and 33 i best are City arborist to come up a percent on that one good afternoon everybody 32 and 33 are items to grant us permission to apply for two grants one to prune trees and one to continue our Rhian venturi of city street trees with 32 that that 66,000 is that solely for actually hiring and paying people out of employing them out of that Onondaga earth Corps and that that they’re gonna be paid out of that or is and if so how many people are actually hired and compensated for that is they’re getting paid a unit cost per tree and their crews of five to six people working in groups of two pruning a certain number trees every day it’s high volume and it takes time to train people so you want the same people doing the same job over and over to get good at it but the payment is by tree well that’s what the Corps I mean they have their rate they that’s an administrative thing how much they pay people and and they do that following New York state labor laws but that’s how we’re I mean that’s how we’re paying them through the grant how I get unit cost per tree okay maybe we should adopt that citywide someone gets paid I think there are a number of departments that we wouldn’t be able to afford then any other questions for me I don’t think so I that was thank you thank you item 34 is really greater than ADA to our CFA grant this is to develop a study for a future hopefully grant to address the landscape the exterior of the Thorne de Park amphitheater 35 and 36 are dealing with part of part of the funds needed to hopefully address the Hiawatha lake well improvement project and this is I think this is what we had discussed during the budget hearings that this is there’s this the amount that we need to actually fully address all the issues in this is a portion of the funds that are needed but we we have identified the areas that we want to pull those funding from and we if I’ll go through then we will have the full amount to do it in one phase okay and refresh my memory roughly what’s that total gonna be to about 1.4 okay is there funding that was left over from last year we are using that as well we have two hundred and twenty eight thousand that was previously allocated for this project that will also be included in the one point for any other questions thank you already okay thank you I’ll handle counselor Ryan’s he has 37 through 47 number 37 and 38 and 39 we’re going to hold for a your you can come back at another day yeah for free we’re gonna good counselor rudder myself I’ll put together a committee meeting for everybody no it’s a lot lower to be announced soon number forty High Commissioner afternoon counselors forty is to appropriate funds to be used on their sewer reconstruction Capital Improvement Program this will allow us to use the funds on an emergency basis to reconstruct and replace sewer lines from manholes we use these funds to subcontract out large sewer projects any questions so we don’t know this is we don’t know where it’s being designated it’s kind of as it goes as it goes we see problems have you identified some projects already that that need work done immediately you clear the midden and is there gonna be some kind of an is this this is for a study to see no this is for to help us realign the manholes and the sewer lines is there any historical amount that we’ve spent on that in the past or is this a new allocation this is definitely a new allocation but euclid in midland we don’t know we have numbers yet so I’m just wondering where you get the 600,000 number is that just a guess or is it oh no no it’s an educated guess that’s a verge of what we typically use in the year so sometimes we don’t spend it on and use the I believe it rolls over pretty much like I said this year we’re gonna be using all of mostly all of it because of the you clean a Midland progress that we are using over you so was there any leftover last year yes how much think about four hundred thousand Wow I couldn’t tell you but I think is about four hundred thousand okay sewer lines and manholes I know that we had started at some point are we still using the same man hose that we use the ones that when it bubbles up the water that they fly open or are we looking to change the manholes design confused on the question that you’re asking me I’m sorry I’m confused good afternoon councilors Mary Robinson city engineer for some of the the sewers that the manholes are more likely to surge I believe that the city in the county purchased some of these special manhole covers so a few of the manhole some of them right because do we have a total number of manholes that we have throughout the city thousands and I know and that that’s my point because I’m curious to know how many of those manholes have we actually converted over so that they don’t fly open when there’s a surge we can find that out but I just did see some literature those manholes were really designed the ones that we purchased were really designed for if they were to explode so there wasn’t really a manhole available to address the situation where the storm sewer surcharges but I just saw some literature online where the local manufacturer has produced a manhole to address our particular situation so I think we’re going to investigate that further that should be more cost effective than the explosion proof manhole cover I hope I don’t know I haven’t investigated it yet okay thank you it was just for information sake for those you know who weren’t around very warranted question for based on the flood we had on Fayette and a gentleman was sucked into the manhole and lost his life so that’s the relevance of well there’s a lot of people who read know but that’s the relevance of the question thank you 42 41 41 41 is to appropriate funds for us to purchase sewer equipment and vehicles and the vehicles that’s okay any questions forty two good afternoon item 42 is a tip project where we’re requesting authorization for an agreement with Bartonella Judas for downtown mill and pave the streets are listed Marsha Shelley actually it is a hundred percent reimbursable 80 percent federal and 20 percent New York State they picked a few projects that would be a hundred percent reimbursable and we are the recipient of two of them so so this agreement is for the preliminary engineering phase one hundred and sixty five thousand forty three what would be the timeframe do you know when this would take place we’re just initiating the project now so it’s probably going to be approximately 2021 okay okay 43 43 is authorization of an agreement with mobile 84 franchise agreement to install small cell facilities on new poles and on existing poles within the city right away in your packet you got a black and white it’s a middle which is really hard to see so I emailed you a color copy of the application initial there first phase is five poles three new pole no new poles and three existing poles and we’re still reviewing those locations this is the first franchise agreement that’s being authorized under our general ordinance number 23 of 2017 it’s a citywide franchise agreement it’s not for each permit they’ll be charged per pole depending upon whether it’s a new pole or an existing pole for that ordinance there’s an annual fee but is there any limit to the height that they’re allowed to make the ordinance is not to exceed 50 feet and then probably approximately 30 feet 30 to 30 to 40 feet and are they sure oh this is Mr Fitzsimmons from mobile ad Mr Fitzsimmons from Mobile any mobility sorry have mobility they answer your question no we won’t be wasting out space on the poles to other parties simply because it’s not a typical cellular telephone site it’s more or less a telephone pole and you put typically a thirty point seven inched high by 4.7 inch diameter antenna on the top of the pole and other carriers are not gonna want to do that they’re gonna want to go on another pole somewhere else where they might want to go on a rooftop somewhere but it will generally be just one carrier per pole no where we provide infrastructure solutions to companies so they hire us we go out we do all the work get all the contracts in place we can own the equipment and then they provide the service a sprint yes and the heights the the Hydra my experience yeah doing this Heights go from 30 to 45 feet with telephone poles it depends on the area not gonna be visually disruptive emeritus I would have character for some of these neighborhoods to have a double size well our goal is to try and provide telephone poles that are similar in height to existing structures there it will be less visually impactful because there will not be transformers on these poles like you see around your homes and in other areas it just be the thirty point seven inch high antenna yes so so marry that the city is going to look at each one of these and then give its authorization for for them correct subject so that we’ll know that if there’s concerns in a neighborhood if you look at the application there’s some handwriting underneath you to pick each picture and that’s kind of the status of our review at this point for the for these now for these now correct and that would continue with each permit under this agreement okay and my one question is who gets charged for the moving the wires and everything over that’s that’s part of make ready program that the telephone companies generally do I’ve not worked with the Syracuse I generally worked with Pennsylvania Power and Light and each each company the company that’s coming in has to pay for people to move their their wines if they have to move them at all if anything has to be mowers it doesn’t correct to the city right correct all right Mary he says sprint so if there’s an opportunity I would like to speak to sprint again because out of all the companies I said here and talked about the small cells and you might remember that Steve sprint offered the city some community services stuff so I really need to tag them down on that okay can you from abilities perspective that’s not part of our that’s what we do and most of the carrier’s they really don’t do a lot of that anymore because it becomes an administrative Mary told me last year so I’m not concerned about what they’re doing anymore I’m concerned about what they said we were told that we are nor income areas that’s how that got started so I don’t care what they’re not doing now we’re gonna talk about what they said they would do so we should probably after this goes through move to heaven maybe another committee meeting or if you can’t meet with them in private so I just have one more question so we’re putting this infrastructure or we’re going ahead with mobile light to allow sprint this kind of coverage and have we seen any kind of submissions for this kind of infrastructure in the city from any other providers that we’ve denied or we approved one facility to pull an existing pole near Lemoine it was Verizon not at this point there’s different my understanding is there’s different fee structures if it’s in a writer very different what do we know where this is in these are all in the right of way and there’s a different fee if it’s a new pole or an attachment to an existing pole that’s not owned by us versus a pole that is owned by us thank you okay thank you very much 44 forty four is permission for su to install some concrete sidewalks along walnut Park from Waverly after Harrison Street and then two diagonal concrete sidewalks between Marshall and Waverly and between Harrison and East Adams there’s no cost to the city the diagonal sidewalks are like worn paths of where pedestrians are walking so they’re just going to turn them into concrete side welcome and they will maintain the sidewalks and they will upgrade believe it’s 12 ad a corners and then we will take over the maintenance of the corners okay 45 good afternoon counselors beth smith from the water department i have items 45 46 and 47 45 is accepting ownership of new infrastructure that circus university is installing they are renovating arts well gymnasium so they’re making improvements to the infrastructure there will be no cost to the city for that item 46 is authorizing the 25th annual ima agreement with the county ina daga county water and soil district this contracts this contract allows for the protection improvement of water quality within the watershed working with the 44 active farmers within the watershed to maintain sediment control erosion control and item 47 is a waiver of competitive bidding with upstate freshwater institute to do our weekly testing for harmful algae bloom if if there are any questions it says to do it in the first week of Java that it’s gonna start in the first week of July if they’d already done that yet oh I believe so I’m Lisa yes question maybe it’s not specifically directed to you but if they’ve already done it don’t we already have to compensate them for their work I mean I don’t understand why if it starts first week of July we’re getting it the first week of July we received so I’m not really sure who to direct that question to sure the water department received a letter from the Department of Health dated June 15th okay requiring this short term planning and long term planning and short term planning was for weekly testing to be starting July 1st no and I guy I appreciate that look I I completely acknowledge that we we should be regularly testing for algae blooms it’s become a big problem in our area Finger Lakes I guess my issue and my frustration is and councillor Boyle is mentioned it before too that we get things after the works already been done already begun and sort of it doesn’t really make any sense I mean what are we voting on here if we’ve already got to compensate these folks for their work yeah so okay okay all right all right thank you thank you any other questions thank you before you move off of DPW mrs. Driscoll or the Commissioner DPW I need to ask a question Donna hi Cory Oh Jeremy okay cool you’re here I didn’t see you you were hiding um question for you I know we started what was it odd the university area of the road when are we gonna start the Midland Avenue recon I couldn’t give you that answer without good I can check in with Kevin hunter and get back to you I appreciate that okay okay Thank You counselor Boyle number 48 all right contract with CP h CPI HR 4 Affordable Care Act consulting and dashboard access services for a 1 year period total not to exceed 19,000 suite actual account this is a personnel office item but I can speak to it I know about it an annual contract and they take care of all the ACA compliance for the city okay thank you okay Thank You counselor Allen thank you I have items 49 through 75 Hey good afternoon counselor Stephanie Pascual Department of neighborhood and business development are there any questions or if you can can you go over I mean I know we’ve sat in meetings on it but can you just go through so everyone else can kind of know about 49 and 50 sure all right I’m 49 is to recertify a pool of qualified contractors for the blight busting program these are small exterior put repairs that are performed to eradicate exterior code violations and vacant properties and this is funded by a grant we received a few years back from the New York State Attorney General’s Office in which we still have resources available to continue that program thank you this is excellent I’m excited to see this happen I’m wondering how were these contractors selected there was a formal RFQ process that went out it was in the paper it was posted and we sent it out to all mwbes that our city certified are in the process of city certification and how many of these are city businesses do you know I believe two are not their offices are not in the bit and in the city and four are great thank you excellent thank you thank you 50 shorten item 50 is the the second year round of the university neighborhood area Advisory Council or unset service agreement there was a an RFP process in which applicants were requested to apply and I believe you have in your packet lessly of proposed allocations for the agencies that were selected I’ll just have you note this is for a two year period so it started July 1 2018 through June 30 2020 thank you and 51 we’ll have a committee meeting directly the following study session hello again this is amending analyse agreement that the council approved last year some of the language in the ordinance was somewhat misleading as far as the use of the property so this is only for the the portion of the barbershop and they they here selling correct it’s not selling we’re releasing it the space as a barbershop and I think the original ordinance said something about a community center or something okay okay all right 53 54 55 are all for a special permits councilors 53 is a special permit on area Boulevard there is a karaoke studio existing as well as another restaurant and this is an additional restaurant that’s going on on site is this 153 is it a local restaurant or is it a chain restaurant I believe it’s a local Asian restaurant it’s over was it mr.

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Han’s there and honda grom is the owner okay korean karaoke in the back going into the old Geico 727 South Krause is a restaurant that sealed hungry trucks they demolish the building and they built a residential and retail and now they want to establish pizza shop restaurant in the front facing crowds so there’s no parking on site so they needed to wait that a couple of course some others one day I believe they said originally that when they took all the places out punkin waffles and hungry Charlie’s and all those spots that they would be offered the ability to return to the space should they choose to do we know if that’s been offered or I don’t know you know about okay and the last one that’s norm isn’t recreation there’s two of these on site this is the old will confirm Dietz building on Wilkinson historic building tax credit project they rehabbed the building with residential retail personal service and now two indoor amusement recreation one is a yoga studio and the other is the edge fitness and they do have a parking garage underneath and a parking lot but parking was needed to be waived thank you all right back again item number 56 57 and 58 are just Corrections of prior ordinances where the legal description and certain things in the ordinance just needed to be corrected item 59 is a sale of the rear portion or the front portion of a property that the city owns this is in conjunction with the properties on either side we received the back portions of two properties from the land bank and where we’re selling this property to the land bank and this is all to do with the creek walk so just the front this is just for the front of 345 is there a map in here I think there should be if there’s not I can provide you with provide you with a copy of the survey engineering sent us something and then there’s no question wait yes it is yeah but that’s not really yeah clear Matt okay if you need a clearer I mean I can just drive by so I’m fine yeah it’s the part along the rear that we’re going to be that’s along the creek that we’re going to be using there creek walk and the front part is is going to be developed by the land bank okay it’s land banking city right it’s not going personal person’s property were taking right okay not in this instance yeah item number sixty is the sale of the property at 301 Hiawatha Boulevard West rear which we had appraised and we’re selling it for the appraised value plus the cost of the appraisal do you guys know yet what destiny would use it for it’s part of their parking lot yeah it’s it’s it’s where the Destiny Hotel is and just a little section of the parking lot it was a piece that was left over from years and years ago that the city owned and they they want to incorporate it all one parcel okay thank you all right in item 61 through 75 afternoon councilors item 61 through 75 we’re all for a potential sale to the land bank in the list that’s coming around the table that you should have received last week you’ll see five rental occupied properties seven vacant land properties and three vacant residential properties I’m happy to take any questions question I just was looking at some 67 on Clyde Ave I was just looking at their tax bill is pretty low I mean don’t they have to be delinquent for more than like three years or something to tax years so we’re past the amount of time some of these are pretty low mm hmm a number of the low ones are vacant land that has like just past the period where it becomes feasible yeah I had a question and one 120 or the burdock is that a structure is it a black it is a structure we maybe need to look into that one yeah I wouldn’t think that two years on that yeah is this this is there’s one here it’s only one year delinquent it’s rental occupied once we may need to go back and verify it met there may have been a redemption that we missed okay if you could check those out can you um I’m gonna hold seven D I’m gonna hold 72 is there anything that we can clarify the so just let it go with the 106 okay don’t worry about it but you’re gonna give a revised because of some of the discrepancies correct I will double check the information I’m gonna hold 67 yeah depending on what we get back there there may be a couple held in the second tool okay I’m all set thank you the last one is I have item number 76 it’s confirmation of item from us by the mayor’s pick for the director of Bureau administration adjudication so any questions on that okay now I just like to say for those who didn’t get a chance to me there she’s awesome thank you they concludes our study session for the day can I get a motion second all in favor..


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