Last Minute Gre Study Tips| Crack The Gre On Your First Try

Study tips for extreme procrastinators, such as myself.

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hey guys it’s me Lani so I recently took my GRE like two months ago or something like that and when I took it I kind of decided last minute to make it because it was it’s a long story but it’s not like a last minute like okay I might take my Jeremy in like two weeks any study yeah soon and I got a pretty average score and you know peepees I didn’t fail it my score was good enough to apply for you know it wasn’t like an odd thing takes over again so the GRE is it an exam on really what no it’s just an exam on how well you can take an exam and you want to do better at taking exams like this taking exams you I’m just making this video with a couple tips on how to study for the GRE if you you know don’t have very much time you know last minute you’re cramming you got to get this done you gotta go to aces and move on with your life the first thing I would say is use one of these crappy little official GRE books right um results just the one that comes with but like Testing Service people I got into my sister because she also studied for the during the book has a lot of practice questions in it I want to suggest using this to do your practice test even though it has practice tests in it I wouldn’t suggest you get to do your practice test because it’s not a paper it’s head isn’t on paper and it just real estate to do it with this flame in my feet oh I would really suggest one of these books just so you know in your free time if you want to go to Starbucks or something and study you can use it this book does have a lot of like practice questions and a lot of and it comes with all the explanations but what really helped me was studying friends GRE was this website called minutia I found out about what goes through my best friend who was also studying for the GRE and she had a subscription to it so I can’t tell you how much it cost well I guess I can go on their website and figure it out and put it down below or something but I didn’t pay for it I just use my best friend’s account and my gooosh is really helpful it breaks down all the differences of subjects for the exam it breaks it down and if there are video explanations on each thing and after the video explanation section it gives you a quiz on to make sure that you understand it especially on the website range from easy to very hard and when I tell you the very hard ones are actually like really hard there are difficult questions wrong lelouch also has a written explanation and a video explanation of the question where you can watch and see where you went wrong or what you should do next time or if you got it right see if you did it the right way to the G if you took the right steps to get your answer you know what I’m saying so what I did after I found out about that website was I created a plan myself I told myself I said okay so every day I will study and at the end of the day I was taking practice tests because like I said the best way to pass an exam that is testing your test taking skills is to practice taking exams so I would just take a bunch of practice exams I was getting pretty like you know my score did get higher from doing this it’s the whole time but what I would do is I was good at the computer you know and even if I didn’t do the entire like for hours or whatever like go the whole way through I would step to definitely sit down and do the different sections and I would practice and I would see what I needed to work on still and that’s how I studied for the GRE the day before the exam even though I know that they say that you’re not supposed so you know studying too much day before supposed to rest and relax let’s be real here after appsettings and two weeks you know I’m not taking your tips anymore I’m gonna do my tips okay what my tip was was to sit my butt down and take I said I think it was three or four pattern exams the day before the exam I’m not even kidding like I got there and I just kept practicing the daunting part of the exam isn’t even the material and it’s sitting it’s for fourth hour to take an exam if you don’t have in your mind prepared to sit for that amount of time for this exam I really don’t see how you’re going to do well on it so I just took a bunch of practice exams and you know kind of how it has cheering and if you have a limited amount of time that’s what I would suggest that you should do as well because it is in my opinion the best way to practice exams it you know thanks Ben so um those are my tips get to a little book like this and then take classes and butter net wat use apps on the Boush website it’s not so expensive or something not too sure how much it cost my google practice GRE tests and found different tests that I could take online I know the Princeton Review comm happening the practice said I think Kaplan has a practice says and there’s like different practice tests like of different websites online another thing I did while I was studying was on the practice exam I kind of just skipped over the essay questions the essay questions aren’t going to be what’s going to be on the exam so to me it’s kind of like I’m not gonna waste my time writing an essay that no one’s gonna agree so if you’re taking the GRE any time soon or college Julia if you’re taking anything harder like the MCAT most power to you anyways well um hope this helped..


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  • Hi I really enjoyed your video. I am a potential Fulbrighter and have 2 weeks to do my GRE. Might u still have ur friends Magoosh account. I could do much with practice videos

  • Thank you for sharing!! This is really a good video for those who are not having lot of time to prepare for the exam. I agree with you on preparing in the last day. I read others’ tips but at the end I follow my owns. A suggestion to improve the quality of the video, the background sound is a bit high, I had to quite everything to be able to listen to what you are saying.

  • Great tips! Re-taking the MCAT in July because I made the mistake of spending too much time on content review and not enough time on test taking, like you suggested. Keep the videos coming! I’m really enjoying the content 🙂

  • Well, I need 4.5 essay, 156 on verbal, and 146 on math to get accepted. I am at the point of a panic attack and in top of that, my first language is Spanish. My exam is in two weeks.

  • Wish I found your video while I was studying. I actually also made a gre tips video on my channel. Hope it comes in helpful to somebody looking for more tips 🙂