Study in the morning or at night is a very important decision. whole process of studying and performance may be affected, just by the wrong decision made in this regard. studying in the morning or at night both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. But which one suits you, should be decided very carefully. It depends on different aspects.

Benefits of studying in the morning :

1. The mind will be fresh after a Good night sleep. Mind will be sharp to gather and absorb maximum information.

2. Waking up in ‘Brahmi Muhurtha’ about half an hour before sunrise is very auspicious and concentration levels will be maximum.

3. If you study in the morning, the other plans of the day will go according to plans. It boosts confidence.

4. If you are facing exams or tests in the class, if you have studied in the morning, chances are more for recollection of the studied subject.

5. If you have a good control over wake up time, then morning hours are suitable for studies for you.

Disadvantage of study in the morning:

1. If you do not have control on your sleeping hours, and if you do not get up as per the plans, the whole day may go wrong.

2. As the morning progresses, the routine works such as bathing and breakfast may become hurdles for some.

Advantages of studying in the night:

1. If you have good control over falling it sleep, you may study at night.

2. If you have good control over yourself to keep on studying, without falling a pray to video games or TV, when parents have gone to bed, you may study at night.

3. The calmness and darkness brings clarity to mind and it gets better and better hour after hour.

4. If you complete the studies as per the plans and go to bed, the Joyof sleep will be fortified.

5. Do not imitate your friends. Your body and mind patterns are different from anybody else. You will need to take your own decision.

Disadvantages of studying in the night:

1. Distractions such as TV and Video games, especially after parents retire to bed.

2. If you are going for dance class, or any sports, you may be too tired to concentrate on studies at night.

How to decide on fixing the study hours?

Sleep control : Like I said before, if you can control yourself from falling into sleep, night is the right time for you to study. But if you can control the exact time to wake up, morning is the best time for you.

Hobbies: If you have extra curricular activities, then it makes sense to chose the morning option. A tired body can not concentrate. You can complete the home works and writing stuff at night and can study in the morning.

Homework and studying: Even if you have chosen morning study hours, it is better to finish homework and writing works at night and study in the morning.

If you are a parent and wondering about chosing the right time for you kid, do the following:

1. Watch kid’s sleeping pattern.

2. Make sure he sleeps for 8 hours a day.

3. Can he control his / her sleep or can he wake up at the said time decide by observation.

4. Do a little trial and error and fix the right time to study.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Studying.


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