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how’s it going my friend it’s dr. what see I hope you are doing great I’ve missed you so much it’s been a whole week since I shot a video I hope you’re not wonderful I am outside just got back from work as you guys can see it’s a glorious day here at the beach it’s nice a lot of people are out because it’s summer break but I am fasting right now well I’m shooting this video it is the month of Ramadan so I’m gonna go back inside so I don’t pass out I’m kidding I’m gonna go back inside so I have more energy so I’ll see you in there all right back inside baby so how to study daily effectively and manage your time that’s what I’m talking about today so I came across by the way for those of you guys who will be celebrating Eid which is the end of Ramadan and early evening buttock happy I’m shooting this which is supposed to be the last day of Ramadan in 2018 so did you have one of those days to say where you were like well I’m gonna share two tips with you that are gonna make you go like this when it’s time to study let’s do this a hundred is zero nothing’s gonna stop me today 1c for the win yeah one thing I came across the other day was Andy for sella if you know if you don’t know who any Priscilla is look him up essentially what I’m talking about today is gonna have to do with a lot of what Andy Priscilla says so this is basically a tribute to him but it’s also gonna help you tremendously because it’s been helping me tremendously one of the problems we have the most is managing our time when we’re studying for these new assembly exams we have so much going on we still have a life that we want to live and many of us IMG’s we’re studying for very long periods of times it’s very hard to do the whole 12 to 16 hour days of studying like within a month or two months that a lot of our friends from us med schools do because it will take us much longer to study the two concepts I want to share with you number one 100 is zero concept is basically taking you know all the times that anyone has ever doubted you regarding you practicing as a physician getting it to residency all the times people have said negative things because I know if you’ve been studying for this for a while whatever phase you’re in that people have sets up to you especially for an IMG people I’ve made comments and I’ve been hurt all that I’ve been angry that have made you sad that I made you depressed and that it means you doubt yourself alright and so what he’s basically saying is you take all of that negativity all those negative comments any freaking like you you use that to become massively productive to like do whatever it takes to do productive work to get the results you need to get so you could smash your results in those people’s faces okay and so he uses a lot of customers that he’s a lot more intensive and when I heard it for the first time I was laughing a little bit cuz it was so funny the way he described it cuz he was cussing the whole time but it really hit me hard and this isn’t to say that you’re not doing something for yourself and this isn’t to take away from positive psychology which is what I’m a big believer in but this is about him saying that all of us will have a chip on our shoulder for one thing or another especially when it comes to this whole journey there have been times where even maybe our own immediate family out of good intentions have said things like why is it taking you so long to study why can’t you practice your exam why can’t you do this why can’t you do that look at it look at so and so he’s already in residency she’s in residence you want you in that same position you know what’s the problem if you’ve been in that situation or even if you’ve doubted yourself this works for yourself as well you know negative comments you’ve told yourself it’s a it’s an opportunity to use all that negativity to prove them wrong and prove yourself wrong and when it comes to loved ones it’s proving them wrong obviously it was a loving way you’re not trying to you know cut their throats or like smash anything in their bounces for your loved ones but if it and it fits for people who have just been straight up haters who have just asked you questions that make comments to literally put you down to try to put themselves above you you know it especially works for them it especially works when you think about those comments this whole idea of a hundred to zero which days the minute someone like calls you a fat ass your ass should be in the gym five seconds later you don’t like doing whatever the hell it takes to like use that negativity to reach your goal and prove them wrong smash your results in their face and the minute someone says you know you’re not smarter you can’t study you’re not gonna pass your exam you’re not gonna get into residency or they question why it’s so difficult for you to study why it’s taking you so long that five milliseconds they’re gonna hit the computer you’re gonna hit the books and you’re gonna study and they’re gonna get the result and you’re gonna pass your exam with flying colors and gets residency and show them your results the results will do all the talking for you and snatch those results in their freaking face so that is basically essentially what the hundred to zero mentality is about which is about you trying to excel in every aspect of your life since we’re talking about studying us Emily’s here I’m being specific about that but you can really apply this to any aspect of your life and what that does is it really motivates you because there are so many times where you don’t want to study you don’t want to go to the gym you don’t want to do any of those things and if you can’t use the positive motivation the positive reasons to get you there what does work possibly even more than the positive motivation is this chip on your shoulder is the negativity the comments that you have in your mind because you’re using them for something positive right a lot of people when they hear negative comments what he says is that they’ll take they’ll become angry upset sad and then they’ll just go do the same stuff that got them there in the first place like where they are where they’re unhappy which is eating more food bad food or it’s like procrastinating and not studying and those are all things that led you to the same place where you are today which is why you got those negative comments to begin with but what what the achiever will do what the hundred is zero mindset person will do is that they’re gonna take that frustration and anger that sadness that depression and they’re gonna pivot it in a positive direction and become massively productive and say you know what I’m gonna use this as fuel and use it to become massively productive to become smarter better stronger faster and more intelligent and produce results so I can you know show everyone what I’m capable of show everyone that I could do it and more important I thought I could do it for all the times I doubted myself so that’s the first concept the second concept is something called a power list and we’ve heard about making lists to do lists all that stuff I’ve watched so much content on this I’ve actually applied it to my life as well in the past but I really liked his style because he’s simplified it basically what he says when I started doing that’s really helped me is he has a power list of five things that he’s gonna do every day so for example I made a power list silly I’ve defined things I was going to do the first one was waking up on time at 4: 40 a. m. to have my so who were the breakfast before we start fasting for Ramadan Ramadan is what I want shooting this so I made sure I did that because I haven’t been waking up on time lately and sometimes I’m skipping the breakfast altogether and so that’s not good because you’re not gonna have the energy you need throughout the day especially the study and the number two was going back to after that praying going back to sleep number two was waking up at a set time and then number three was studying two lessons from online method for step 2 CK finishing the videos and the questions for those lessons and then number four was when I get to work when I have my breaks and downtime finishing these errands making these phone calls I listed exactly which phone calls you were and then number five was making this video for you Alice number five to make sure I get it done and get it posted so those are my five things today and the thing is is that once you have those five things down they can be very very simple like one of them was literally just waking up right but that’s been a challenge for you like waking up on a certain time that needs to be on your list you’re powerless of five things if going to the gym is a struggle for you that needs to be on your list if sitting out and study for an hour is a struggle for you studying for one hour needs to be the one item on that list alright keep it as simple as possible break it down as simply as you can and then stick to it no matter what every single time you don’t want to do one of the five things on the list remind yourself of the hundreds of zero mentality that you’re not gonna take any other comments or any other any more negativity again you’re gonna prove everyone wrong and you’re gonna get to work and you’re gonna be productive and you’re gonna produce results that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s worked incredibly for me a bad habit I used to have was having a to do list and at twenty things on and don’t get me wrong I have like a you know future to do list where I do write a lot of things I need to get to eventually like whether it’s bills to pay phone calls to make whatever it is but I know they’re not urging but in terms of the urgent powerless that I have now there’s just five things on there a day and it’s incredible a big end it’s helping me get stuff done so now I’m completing the fifth thing that I had will in line for today and it doesn’t matter if they’re all during the day it doesn’t matter if you’re a third fourth fifteen are at nighttime as long as once you go through each one you cross it out like I woke up today on time at 4: 40 a. m. for the breakfast before I started my fast first so who crossed that out I made the phone call specifically that written down while I was on my break at work cross that out after I finished making this video and uploading it cross that out so I’m basically done when you cross out each thing you feel so freaking amazing it feels so confident you feel so you know just invincible you know and the reason why confidence isn’t something that people are just born with is because of this very reason people think that it’s theirs is not their confidence comes from doing the work and it comes from continuously creating habits and keeping promises actually makes yourself many times a lot of us will try to sit down for a set amount of time well tell ourselves that we’re gonna study this study that study for this many hours we don’t end up doing it and guess what when we break that promise to ourselves our confidence continues to go down and down and down and down every single date and then it just becomes very hard for us to study and to do well in these exams so I would recommend for you right now to make a power list of five things that you want to do the first one can be going to the gym and working out for 20 minutes even Mike specifically what you’re gonna do like you know you’re gonna do chess because it’s Monday we’re gonna do 20 minutes of cardio whatever it is second thing they’re gonna finish this many hours of studying to the or you’re gonna finish this many lessons today and make sure it’s realistic so you can actually get it done alright and the five things you know they can all be small they can be big whatever it is but make sure there’s five things and make sure you go through them no matter what alright and if there’s some days in the beginning where you don’t get to all of it or you mess up don’t give up just start back the next day hit the reset button put your five things down for your power list and start all over again this has helped me manage my time tremendously because I don’t realize how much time I end up wasting when I’m actually thinking I’m doing something useful like watching another to learn important information or a podcast or reading a blog article or sending emails or texting people those can all be important things I still do those things every single day but it’s important for me to do the important things first like more important things first and then as a reward I can do all that other stuff if I do all the other stuff in the beginning hours to go about and then the important things are left and I think many of us experience that when we’re studying for these exams so I highly recommend if you want to manage your time if you want to get studying done daily effectively make your power list of five things that hey your five things could be I’m gonna do less than one lesson 2 lesson 3 lesson for lesson 5 those could be your five things on your power list everything else comes after that where’s the second priority you know whatever the case is if you’re someone who’s trying to get better with your prayers of daily prayers number one can be wake up for the you know sunrise prayer morning prayer number two can be go to the gym number three can be study for this many hours a day so make sure there are things that you put on there that you’re actually struggling with but make sure that you do you write down realistic things that you can actually accomplish in a day and you’re not making the same mistake of trying to cram everything in your whole life in your whole weekend into one day because when you win the day you have the one out life your entire life the entire month the entire year can be broken down into days right and when you do that you just focus on what am I gonna get done today when you do that over and over and over and over and when you win the day today when you win the day tomorrow when you win the day the day after that you have so many wins in a row and that’s when you see those results that’s when they compounded effect of all the art hard work and effort you’ve put in well boom just show up it’s right there before you and the same goes for the opposite when you don’t win each day when you’re lacking and struggling and you’re not keeping your promises and you’re not doing the work that you need to do you’re gonna have the added accumulated effect of nothing of zero you’re not gonna be at 100 or gonna be out of zero and you don’t want to be a zero because you can be a hundred my friend you were capable of that just like me just like anybody else so give yourself that gift give yourself the blessing of taking in what I’m saying making the power list of five things are gonna do every day having the 100 is zero mentality of really using that chip on your shoulder and comments negativity the darkness to really fuel you use that to channel positive energy positive actions positive production and it’ll take you very far my friend so like I always say my friend I have nothing but love for you you already know that and remember that God loves you even more so don’t forget that he is always there for you so don’t forget to go to him to pray to him to go to him first with all of your problems and everything that you’re grateful for and he will be there for you and he will make life easier for you and better for you my friend and of course I always say that I am always here with you always always to never forget that you are never alone and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you already haven’t hit the thumbs up button if you already have it because that really helps me increase my ratings and comment below let me know what you thought of this video or just say hello I’d love to hear from you happy to answer any questions I can in the year of 2018 until next time 100 is zero mentality make your power list of five things remember you gotta work hard you gotta you gotta be okay with the discomfort you gotta do things especially when you don’t feel like doing it otherwise you’re gonna end up with a mediocre average life and you are meant for so much more than that my friend so don’t ever forget that by the way my exam date is coming up soon so now that I’m pumped up and I’m taking the action to do whatever I can I’m thinking about starting a movement well I’m calling it in my head is what see for the wind or doctor what see for the wind hashtag what see for the wind doctor was he for the wind it’s just something I keep telling myself every time I feel a little demotivated or I don’t want to do something I’m just like no what see for the win I got this I got this and I think you’re gonna have your own thing you know your own thing attached to you associated with you that just motivates you you know whether it’s something as silly as your own phrase slogan hashtag whatever it is you got to have something that really pumps you up that where you’re celebrating yourself there cheering yourself on you’re coaching yourself on and you are like ready to make some massive gains and productive result and just conquer and crush and have ultimate success..

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