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Here’s a view into how I personally study the bible, along with ideas for how different types of learners (auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinesthetic) can study and grow from their quiet time with the Lord!

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Write up:

what up everyone welcome to my channel my name is Liz and today I’m going to tell you how I personally study the Bible and then I’m going to give you a few tips if you’re a visual auditory kinesthetic reading writing learner on how to get a more in greater experience out of studying your body so yeah keep watching few materials that you’re going to need if you want to study the Bible some of these are optional some of them work and the first none optional one ear Bibles and I have two so what I do is I have a word for word and then I have a thought for thought and I’m going to insert a little diagram so you can understand what I’m talking about this right here is the htsb life application Bible it’s really awesome it’s a word for word so because it’s a newer Edition it’s a lot easier to read in the King James Version what I usually do is I’ll read the nasty so the NASB on my phone and then when I’m sitting I’ll use the htsb and the life application is just so awesome because it literally has things at the bottom which break down every single verse for you which is awesome and if there’s a couple words in here that I’m having a little bit of under difficulty understanding or if there’s words that I’m going to get a different meaning of then I’ll go to my thought for thought or my paraphrase and I used NLT because I just think it’s awesome and it’s not too bad on my like thought for thought I mean it could be the message but it’s not um yeah and coupling it together I get an awesome understanding and I really recommend a life application Study Bible so I had the htsb and lt but I know that the NLT life application study bug was also really good Study Bible if you want to just know and grow and go so the second thing that I would recommend that’s not really required is to get a notebook and this is just amazing for me I write down all my thoughts um anything that I’m getting from the scriptures in here yeah and it’s just really awesome to have and just scribble down stuff really quick that the Holy Spirit is giving to you lastly the thing that I cannot live without because I love organization are high and I’m going to tell you how I go about highlighting before I used to just highlight and not really have a system but it was hard because I would be like oh I know this is in first Corinthians 5 but I would be like trying to figure it out like I know I highlighted this but my whole page was yellow or my whole page was different colors and it was hard for me so my mom has been using this method for years and the Holy Spirit gave it to her so I use it because if it’s good enough for my mom and the Holy Spirit is good enough for me so yellow is or yellow orange any color that’s not any of these three is a favorite blue means warning pink means command and green means a promise so let’s go over to Matthew 6 and then I’m going to go to Matthew 7 for a little bit to give you an example of what I mean in Matthew 6 something that I would describe as a favorite and orange or yellow would be verse 26 and it says look at the birds they don’t plant or harvest or store wood in barns for your heavenly Father feeds them and aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are and then a command would be first 19 don’t store up treasures here on earth where moths eat them and rust destroys them and where thieves break in and steal let’s go to verse 14 15 for a promise which is our green highlighter if you forgive those who sin against you your heavenly Father will forgive you but if you refuse to forgive others your father will not forgive your sins blue is a warning and we’ll actually go over to Matthew 7: 15 for this and it says beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves now we’re going to go into reading and the first step before you even start is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and to not only give you wisdom but invite the Holy Spirit to be with you as you read and to give you understanding like hey Holy Spirit what is it that you want me to get from these scriptures what is it that you want my heart to know it’s so important that we asked for wisdom I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve been trying to study and I read something and I have no idea what I even read the only thing I remember is that last word is because I didn’t ask the Holy Spirit to come in and really convict my heart and to give me understand it’s so important to invite him in because the holy spirit and this relationship period is relational Matthew 7: 7 says ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and it will be open to you for everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be opened and then first John 5: 14 through 15 says this is the confidence which we have before him that if we ask according to his will he hears us and if we know that he hears us and whatever we ask we know that we had the requests which we have asked from him God will give you the desires of your heart so ask for wisdom he is pleased when you ask for things like that so you need to ask believe and then receive the understanding and just know every time you turn your heart to the Lord he’s pleased in that and he’s going to honor that so yeah reading your Bible does not have to be scary we just have to ask Holy Spirit like this is a relationship Holy Spirit I pray that you give me understanding and open my eyes to what you what you were originally saying in this test would you want to come into my heart it’s so important to know the difference between reading and studying reading you can sit down and you can read whole book you can read two whole books you can read the entire Bible but that’s not the same thing as studying sitting is when you sit down and you’re focusing on in depth understanding so you should be reading and you should be studying everyday so reading can be casual I read Genesis for fun because it’s hilarious I read it like stories because they are stories and I read it like someone wrote this crazy novel yeah so that’s just reading but I need to sit down and study if you’re studying aim to study one or two chapters um a day I guess or however a day a week however long the Holy Spirit puts on your heart to study whatever you’re studying but just know um you shouldn’t just go in like I’m only going to read one verse today but if the Holy Spirit stops you on the second word of the first verse then go with that but you shouldn’t just be like blah blah blah blah blah I’m done cuz that’s not studying that’s not trying to learn anything about the Lord that’s just you just read if you’re just studying the Bible for the first time or you really just want to grow in your walk I personally with the gospel because it’s the account of Jesus’s life and it’s for different authors and it’s for different accounts of the same story so it’s like different things in each gospel so it’s just important to know the loan rounded let me tell you resist the urge to highlight and underline until you are done reading because your whole Bible will be just one big highlight in the new book oh my gosh you Canada Romans when you get in Hebrews you get into James when you get into all those it’s just gonna be one highlight so resist the urge to highlight and underline but take note as you are reading of words that stand out to you phrases that are important to you then go back and reread then underline on highlight because if you just do it on impulse everything you won’t highlight every single word every period every quotation that’s what it’s called my tip is to read it resist the urge to highlight and underline every single word highlight in your mind where’s the stick out to you and then go back and highlight and underline so then your whole Bible isn’t just one big mess here’s some miscellaneous tips that really helped me and the first one is to read your Bible out loud faith comes by hearing and hearing so when you read out loud in your hearings yourself say it it really starts to build up your faith which is why which is why you should read aloud right in your Bible underline highlight scribble in the margins do whatever you have to do make connections in your Bible also make connections in your notebook anything that couldn’t fit in your Bible margins put it in your notebook so that you can go back and look at it it’s so important to have those two so then you know if you’re just randomly scrolling through your Bible and what I do is I put eyes because that’s what my mom’s is so I feel like oh my gosh look at this I’m gonna be like oh my gosh let me look at that and I figure out that it’s amazing and I needed it right then so yeah just be personal this is your Bible I know a lot of people are like I don’t want to write in my Bible but hey I write so much in my Bible like all right on my Bible over my Bible through my Bible under words squeeze it in I put Wow personal with your Bible it’s your Bible it’s okay to draw in it it’s okay to do all that stuff I know that not everybody learns the same way not everybody studies the same way so I really try to get some different ideas or how different types of learners could learn and study so for visual learners obviously you are through visuals my suggestions are to get a journaling Bible or even get a sketch pad where you can draw paint scrapbook phrases versus scriptures that really stand out to you and just write to revelations around it so then you can really just have be able to be like oh I remember I made this awesome painting about Romans 12: 2 for reading writing learners it’s just you know you you might be the person that like read something and then to get understanding you write every single word down I have a friend that does that but y’all could even do flashcards with questions on it or different revelations and just go through the flashcards or continue to write those flashcards each time you’re learning something and then you know it’s your handwriting so it’s starting to be ingrained into your brain for auditory learners what I would suggest is to have a Bible app and have it constantly playing in the background because you’re hearing it and that’s how you learn and another thing is to take scriptures and you say it out loud and then you recite it so then you’re having your voice associated with it and that can give you a better understanding and just help you remember it or give you revelation and for kinesthetic learners you can kind of do the visuals or even the flashcards but something that might help for you I know I do this a lot is act out what you’re reading so an example of this not about the Bible but you know how you have an argument and you’re like thinking about in your head and I should have said this will do the same thing about the scriptures except acts each person outer you know get up I talk to myself all the time I actually do this a lot nothing about this and I’ll and I’ll axe out each thing of what they said so then I can kind of I get a deeper understanding and I’m able to remember and be like oh you remember when Jesus said this but then Peter said this and you yeah it just it just really helps me out I pray that this was helpful and maybe gave you some different ideas let me know if it did but I hope you enjoyed this y’all and thanks so much for watching be sure to comment subscribe and like this video and yea share with other people but until next time thanks so much I love you all back..


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  • i’m going to use this highlight method i love kjv i’ve tried other versions i just didn’t feel i was getting what god wanted me to receive

  • I need Christian friends, so I really gotta go to Church. I learned today that crying is cleansing for the spirit, so I feel really bad that crying has always been taken as a weakness, the one thing that we actually need to make us more aware of where we are and out state. It’s so sad :(. If there’s one need to do is go to church, but I need to find myself a good church.

  • my favorite quick place to go online is Biblehub! I love looking up a verse and I can read it in every single translation available. I also LOVE using their interlinear to read it in the greek (NT) or in the Hebrew (OT) It is excellent for doing word studies and really getting a better understanding of what the original word meaning was. I also love recommending the Believer’s Bible Commentary to anyone looking for a really good first commentary on the whole bible. It is not a bible, only a commentary so you will need to have a bible to read through as well 🙂 The Believer’s bible commentary is super easy to understand and very informative! I have recommended it and given to to others and they always LOVE IT! 🙂

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