How To Study For Open Book Exams

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hi guys so in today’s video I’m going to do a request I got from one of my viewers and the name on is a sauce ducks yow if I am pronouncing it correctly so hello this video is for you basically what the person asked me to do was a video on how to study or how to prepare for an open book exam now I think I’ve had open books exams at least 3 or 4 times in my life and I absolutely hate them because I find that they’re the most tricky but I did come up with kind of like a system on how to prepare for them so hopefully you are going to enjoy this the first tip I have for you and that is read the material I know some people first off I know this is kind of like duh but I know a lot of my friends they just were super excited when they heard open book exam I don’t have to read anything I’ll just bring all my books in my notes and there you go what happens happens the teacher knows this they know that some of you will do this so what the professors do is they make the questions pretty tricky so you don’t have time to read the material while you’re doing the exam they want you to answer quickly so read the material read the book read your notes and be familiar with the material second tip I have for you is understand it so it’s different studying from for an open book exam versus a multiple choice test because a multiple choice exam is basically remembering so if I don’t know the majority of my multiple choice exams are just like ok this is the term and if you remember the definition you’re gonna do a ok whereas on open book exams the professors really want you to understand the material so the questions are I’m going to be straightforward so if you go in the exam expecting to be like oh like I’m just going to copy/paste what the book says oh you’re gonna be unpleasantly surprised so definitely understand the material when you study it be make sure that you’re able to apply what you read mostly when it’s an open book it’s just application so the professor would give you a situation or a term or like something that requires you to apply what you’ve read moving on to tip number three which is organize all your material this will save you a lot of time when you’re in that classroom writing it down because let’s say a question comes up and you can’t find it in the book this is like typical for open box exams you cannot find the answer you cannot find what you’re looking for because you obviously are allowed to bring your textbook your notes etc etc don’t make it messy make sure everything you bring for the test is well organized it’s like clean crystal clear and just in order so you won’t lose time just looking for what you need if we’re looking for the information that you’re required to answer the questions so make sure everything is organized ranked and use bold colors use highlighting and anything that can help you keep everything in order because you know at the end of the day it’s time so you don’t want to rush because if you rush you’re gonna stress out you’re gonna freak out we don’t want that so keep it clean keep it simple and come prepared and the last tip I have for you guys in regards to this topic has saved me loads of times if you’re someone like me that is very visual when you study this is like the best tip I have for you but I do when I study is I have I make myself kind of like a perceptual map of everything so if I close my eyes at the end of the day kind of know where each like topic is or I have a general idea of what their the book is talking about like in Chapter 1 or in chapter 2 and I have like a mental representation of all the pages or at least all the important pages in my book or in my notes I can see them in my head so when you’re in the exam doing it and you see a keyword that triggers your memory you’re like oh I know how this page looked like I know what image was on this page that we’re talking about this topic and then when I go in the book I pretty much know where it is I know where to find it I know how to find it quick and I know that that’s where the information will be definitely if you’re a visual person or if you’re not just try to give yourself mental cues for the book remember specific images so let’s say chapter 3 I know there’s an image with like a man eating or something that will make you have a visual map of the material that way again you’ll save time and you won’t be browsing through the book like a crazy person during the exam so that’s all I had to say on that topic I hope that these tips helped you out good luck the person that asked me for this I know you have exams with open books coming so good luck for them and good luck to everyone else please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to me if you like what you see and also I don’t know if I said in my previous video I remember short term memory loss but yeah I now have Instagram because one of you asked me that I should you know to get one and for the longest time I’ve been resistant but you know what I gave in and I’m addicted so look for me on Instagram my name is Anna slash down mascara let’s let’s do that and I will definitely see you in my next video bye guys..

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  • Dear Ana, I just wanted to thank you so much for all your videos. They’re so inspiring and so easy to understand. We’re the same age but I’ve learnt so much more from you than I ever did from my teachers at school! And for that, you’ve gained yourself a new subscriber! Wish I met you then and I wish I could go back in time and pass all those tests and exams I didn’t pass at school. Thank you. Love to you coming all the way from New Zealand!

  • @Kiara C That is one of the SWEETEST comments I’ve ever gotten. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I hope that you will like my future videos as much as u like the present ones. And I hope to visit New Zealand soon 😀 It looks so beautiful over there. Love from Canada! xox