How To Study For An Exam In 3 Days

HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Thank you for all your support and kindness, it means the entire world to me. I hope you enjoy this last 2015 video and keep watching in the new year. ^_^

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everyone I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones thank you so much for all your support and all your kind words and comments throughout this past few years and I really hope that you will stick with me and with my channel for the upcoming year and to just say a big thank you to everyone I decided to do as kind of like going out with a bang type of thing my last video for this year is something that you guys have been requested a lot and I thought it would be very very helpful to a lot of you so just my way of saying thank you that is why I am putting this video up and I really hope that you enjoy it so today I’m going to show you a my method of studying for an exam in three days now you can study you can use this method for a final or for a midterm I’ve used it to death and it always works for me 90% of the time I have to admit this is what I do for finals three days that’s all I need and I am ready for the exam but mind you everyone studies differently at a different pace everyone has a different style of learning but I just thought it would be a really cool example to show you what I do and maybe you can get inspired and I’m just gonna tell you what works the most or what you can maybe retain or take from this if this is not really your style and with that being said I’m just going to stop rambling and I’m going to go right ahead and show you how I divided my three days as you can see I didn’t put any timelines or anything because I don’t like to stress myself out with time if you would like to go right ahead it’s very simple and this is exactly how I study for finals I need three days mind you I’ve already compiled all my slides that I need to know for the exam I’ve already read all my chapters for the textbooks and I have just textbook notes so I have like okay you can add a note book with all my textbook notes and I have the slides either printed out or in front of me on my laptop in a file to study so just keep that in mind so I’m just going to go right ahead with day 1 this is what I normally do I fast read the slides two times one two this is a little squares to make checkmarks when I’m done then I fast read the textbook notes what I mean fast read I mean you know this is the first time you are going to come in contact with the material like full on because let’s be honest we’re not all model students we don’t review the slides or the textbook notes after or before every class if you do that oh my god props to you but I don’t do that and it’s kind of a no no but you know this is just like a quick glance through the slides or eat anything seriously just go through it really fast I can literally read fast read slides and textbook notes like I don’t know like my most I did was five times because I read them so fast it’s just the key here to retain is repetition so repetition repetition really fast and your subconscious retains key words or at least they know how the slides look like so this is really cool because you remember some key words just on like vivid imagery so that is really helpful but the key to do this is repetition after that I kind of slowed down and I underlined read the slides so I read the slides and if they’re in computer I take like little Power. Point underline and I underline the important points but this time it’s slower so you’re actually analyzing the slides and picking out important information and this is kind of like a really really easy way of active reading so you are actively looking for key words actively looking for important points and that is what you need to retain from this so in the first day day one as you can see is just kind of like an intro to what you need to know nothing serious is pretty chillax it’s very repetitive and you just familiarize to yourself with the material I’m just going to take a pencil right here pen I am sorry and this guy’s is the best feeling in the world when you do Duke see that’s why I do these little cases there and you just do them all so they want it is ready I can sleep in peace and I am fine for day two now day two is probably one of the most intense ones because this is where you’re going to learn most of the materials so now see slow read slides slow read textbook notes only once because this is going to take you a lot more time so night right now you just really really read the slides like every single thing that’s written on the slide or in your textbook notes you read it so we’ve done that now I would like to point out that these two next points Wow a lot of points in this video sorry for that but basically if you want to retain anything from what I sing right now retain this this right here is to me key to studying I find that I memorize the like 99.9% of the material by doing these two points this is the most amazing form of active reading and active studying I have personally hope found write practice test for slides write practice test for textbook notes this usually takes me half a day to do this because it is extremely slow you go slide by slide textbook page by textbook page and you pick out textbook notes sorry not the actual textbook my god that would take you years textbook note like page and you go and you think okay if I see this slide as a teacher what am I going to ask from this sometimes it’s nothing because it’s all examples sometimes there’s like three questions per slide sometimes there’s one question per slide but it takes time and it’s very slow and you really go to the material and you really put yourself in the mindset and in the role of a professor and I think this is like key to anyone studying schedule you have to do something like this if not if you don’t like making practice this for yourself but this I find is insanely helpful so if you take anything out of this video this is it folks and at the end if I’m not too tired I can just fast read the slides and the textbook notes just kind of like a good night even a good job just to like bla bla bla review it really fast before I go to bed again a form of repetition now on day three I am starting off with something again that takes a long time and this is active reading the slides and active reading the textbook notes so I’m going to make a video like with clear examples of how to do this because it’s really difficult to explain I can’t really write it in the comments and I really want you guys to see what I mean because it’s very weird to say it basically what I do is when I go and I read the slides let’s say I see something about let’s say I see something about suicidal ideation I just write it really fast on a blank piece of paper that I have in my lap but you see it’s kind of weird like what do you mean and so don’t worry I’m gonna make a specific video on active reading it’s going to be live like a real exam that I have I think that would help you out so much more to understand what I’m doing and don’t worry about that one but basically that’s what I mean when I say active reading very slow very interactive with the material and it takes again quite a lot of time after that what I do is I take a breather I take a break and then I do tests for the slides and then I do the test I did well this is the practice test I did myself for the textbook notes then I take another little break just to cool off and then I correct them and I see this is amazing for feedback so you know what parts you don’t know and you have to review after the practice this you can adjust your studying pattern or what you need to focus on if time or if needed fast read slides and textbook notes parts that you need to review like in judging from how your practice test went you would be extremely surprised how fast and quick you will do the practice test if you’ve done all of these steps it will go really well trust me I’ve tried this method to like exhaustion and I’ve never had problem with practice tests after I’ve done all of that and then at the end to say goodnight you can just like if you’re really still afraid that you’re not ready even if you got a tea or something like that it’s not enough you can quick read or fast read your slides and your textbook notes but only the underlying keywords that’s going to stick in your brain and again it’s a form of repetition so with that being said that is how I study for an exam in three days I really hope you found this video helpful please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and once again Happy New Year guys thank you so so so much for all your support from the bottom of my heart thank you I’m really happy that a lot of you are interacting and helping each other out and that’s all I wanted I just wanted to share what I know and what I love doing which is school and study yay with as many people as I can because when I was in University and school no one helped me out so I’m like you know what that’s not fair I want to help people out and no one should be in that situation because it was unpleasant I’ve been there Happy New Year once again please subscribe to me if you like what you see I will definitely see you in my next video bye guys..


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