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so for any of you who are doing your GCSE, AS Level, A-level, University, or any other sort of exams, this video is for you! Studying or revising is definitely a marathon and not a race, so I wanted to make this video to talk about how you can study for long periods without getting bored! I hope some of these studying tips and techniques can help you sustain your revision for longer durations, and also help you study more effectively! much love!

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so um times I thought I might be a bit too late with this video but then actually seen memes like this all over my facebook so I thought maybe there’s still time hey guys how’s it going so I had made quite a lot of revision exam stress those kind of videos on this channel but I thought I wanted to make a really specific one about how to study for long period without getting bored and I feel like this especially relevant right now when so many people are going through their exams or you know coming to the end where you know you had maybe a few but you’ve got like a few more laps so I feel your pain and I’m going to get through this video as quickly as I can because I’m sure you don’t want to sit down listen to a 15 minute video when you need to be revising so number one and I think this is something that helped me out a lot is to listen to the right kind of music I think what some people can go wrong with music or in my view anyway is either listen to things music that is way too calming that in a way it kind of puts you to sleep or they listen to like really uplifting music with lyrics in which is also not great because it takes away your concentration number two and again this is something I’ve talked about and this is something I’m a big believer in is work on the on and off method and what I mean by this is get your phone set the timer for thirty minutes and this is your own time where you do 30 minutes of really focus study a and then set another timer for 10 minutes which is your off time and this is when you have a break but it isn’t the kind of break where you check your phone or I don’t know like check social media in this 10 minute break have a productive activity plan and the reason why I say this is because if you have a book like 30 minutes of solid working and then turn your brain off completely by scrolling through your fold or something like that it’s going to be really hard to get back into studying and you will be able to sustain your you know revision period for a long period so some of the things that you could consider doing for example or exercise solving a Rubik’s Cube and all my personal favor and I’ve got a little book here I have got we’ve got a doodle book so for half an hour I will be you know doing work and then for ten minutes I will just put on some of my favorite songs and just doodle and it’s a really good way because it allows you to switch off for a little bit from the work that I’m doing but that my brain doesn’t just vegetate for a break number three is create a tidy and destruction tree area now not everybody’s like this but this is something I do and I start to get bored if I’m studying on my desk is a bit messy I’ll just be sat there like you know I need to do right now I need to organize my pencils and I need to tidy my desk completely anything if you’re not that kind of person maybe ignore this point but if you’re someone like me who finds really good way to procrastinate by tidying everything if you just start with the tiny space to begin with then you’re not going to be tempted to do that number four and I guess I should’ve said this before the last point I said but number four is in addition to having your you know thirty minutes on ten minutes of doing whatever activity make sure to plan in to one or two really big breaks and this is the kind of break where you can take for example a 40 minute lunch break or maybe later on like a 20 minute snack break or something like that to really really relax before getting back into the on and off on and off schedule number five and I absolutely swear by this and it has always have some kind of beverage on hand it sounds silly and you know what it doesn’t I don’t necessarily mean you have to have like a red bowl or a coffee or anything even if you’ve got a bottle of water every time you feel like you get in a little bit or just take a quick sip just an option of doing that in a way break the monotony because you’re keeping busy doing something else and I mean if you’re really keen you can do it with little snacks as well but I just presume that maybe cups of tea will be easier than sitting and going through like a box of four O’Shea’s or something number six and this kind of ironic based on what I literally just said but you can use like sweets or little sacks or something as incentives so you can say if I study for my first hour and I can have like two little squares of a chocolate bar and I think doing this method is a really good way for you to not only look forward to getting visa but also helps you build discipline number seven is try and turn your studying into some kind of a challenge because let’s be honest we all love challenges it’s why we like sports it’s like it’s why we like video games it’s why we enjoy having you know little competitions with our friends so if you look at your revision in terms of like kind of like a game that you want to beat so let’s say you’ve got six out of ten in your first ready for test and you’re like you know what next time probably get seven hours of sin and the time after that I’m going to get eight out of ten and this is a mindset that is kind of difficult to build up to but even if you can try to do it for a little bit I’m sure you’ll be able to see the effects of it quite quickly I mean who doesn’t like a little bit of friendly competition with themselves right right number eight and this is again piggybacking onto the loss from the last point and that is don’t keep thinking to yourselves this is boring this is boring this is boring we have got the power to control our thoughts and if the source goes until has that’s this is boring stop it changed up for immediately think no it’s not boring it’s not you might not do what I want to do right now maybe there are other things I want to do but it’s not boring and I’m going to get through it oh and also I didn’t mention that I have made a video talking about motivation as well so maybe that’s something worth looking into only if you have a few minutes pazzo don’t be procrastinating on my channel number nine I think you’re on number nine kind of lost track number nine is change up your revision method every hour or so I think one of the biggest reasons why people get bored is because usually put anybody as desk and say read notes that echoes of the day and unless you’re a very you know unique person who genuinely enjoyed that anyone would get bored so switch it up write the timetable if you want to or just okay well I’ve written my notes now maybe I’ll test myself etc number ten and again one of my personal things to do is when you get bored in those again if you do the on and off and that’s as I said at the beginning if you have ten minutes and you don’t feel like doodling or doing a Rubik’s Cube literally don’t surround your room for ten minutes it’s an instant mood booster and always makes me want to go back to my work in a much better mood number eleven is remind yourself of your goal or better yet write it in front of you so I’m not going to show you now because I’ve got my camera set up but behind this camera right now is my bulletin board and I have literally got things that are on there for example I’ve written like what my purposes or what my like like and goals are for the next year and on this and not feeling quite so motivated just having a look I’m seeing well this is what I’m working towards this is what I wanted to do that kind of makes the whole times a little bit easier to just get through you know so if you want to go to uni or if you want to go to college but you’re not necessarily enjoying the topic you’re studying just think well it’s just a bridge that I have to cross and love but not least is if you’re feeling unbelievably bored and unbelievably demotivated just remember that it’s not going to last that much longer all you have to do is just push and push a little bit longer and then that’s it you’ll be able to do all of the relaxing and all the fun things you want to do later and in fact I guess it’s a little bonus one for you there is write a list of all the things that you want to do after the exams are over and there you have it my friends if you like this video please give two thumbs up and I will have links and stuff all on this video somewhere and I really hope I didn’t ramble on for too long anyway my lovelies best of luck with all your exams try not to stress too much although I know that’s easier said than done and until next time guys take care and I’ll see you later ..


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  • I still have 14 exams left ugh

    a tip I have :
    go on your phone a lot so it dies and then put it on charge
    study whilst it’s charging right up until it gets back onto 100%
    that way you cant cheat and go on your phone even if you wanted to and you get atleast 2 hours of studying done

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