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hi guys welcome back so few things before I start this video first my setting is very different I actually hope the lighting here is OK I’m actually at my college dorm I mean like a common room right now so fingers crossed nobody walks in and sees me talking to a camera you feel me I don’t have my studio lighting with me so hopefully this all turns out okay but this video was actually already filmed and posted like a week and a half two weeks ago but what happened when I uploaded it is somehow like the last corner of the video like didn’t upload and I actually ended up losing all of my files so I have to reshoot this video so if you were one of like the few people that saw this video and were like oh my gosh where the video go I’m sorry about that but I’m refilling it today and hopefully I can get this up by tomorrow so today’s video we are going to be talking about how to do well in school I gotta be a straight a student so I think the best way to put this is just to kind of say these are the habits of a straight a student personally I am such a nerd like I literally wrote down like notes on this video in my notebook just so I didn’t miss that hate thing I personally really enjoy school I pour myself into it just because it’s one of those things that I’m only doing once in my life so I feel like I should just kind of do it right do it to the best of my abilities and that’s just kind of my perspective on it so I have about five or six tips free advice here today and I hope that you guys enjoy this video and find it helpful so we’ve got being said let’s go ahead and jump into tip number one right now alright so tip number one that I have for you guys is organizing and planning this is kind of the basic kind of structure of my life and kind of how I start off every term I usually like to plan and organize that term so I have like a daily planner I actually have two these are both pilot on I’m a huge huge notebook notebook person so I really really love these I will show you guys these a little bit more in depth in a minute but I will have these linked below if you’re interested so what I like to do is I like to gather all of my dates from the course outline course syllabus and from my professor and I like to get them all down I hate missing dates I’ve only done that label once in my life where I like missed a due date and I was like oh god like I can’t believe I did that I mean I was like never again never missing another due date so I like to just avoid all that by getting all of my dates down and I like to do this by having a monthly planner and a weekly planner and that way it’s broken down into a month so I can see what’s due each week and then I like to have like my weekly planner so I can see okay each day this is what I have to do so the dates that I like to get down are my class times and dates of course I never really like to miss a lecture tutorial or seminar or anything the second thing is assignments and anything else any projects that are due I like to get those down exams and tests courses are really important and then midterms finals and I don’t know if there’s like a presentation anything like that I like to get all of my dates down that way I don’t miss anything and it’s very clear and I have enough time to like plan for all of that so instead of just talking about that we’re actually going to plan a month together in my monthly planner and in like my weekly daily planner so let’s jump into that right now so the first thing I like to do is I like to color code my courses this term is a little bit different for me because I’m studying abroad so I don’t have all of my course dates yet but I’m just going ahead and writing down my seminar dates tutorial dates and lecture dates so this is usually what the monthly planner looks like usually I’ll write down like my exam dates and all of that but once I get them I’ll definitely add them in and then we move on to our weekly daily planner and this one’s definitely gets super full as time goes on but I definitely like breaking it down day by day and then having a monthly planner as well so that’s what they look like alright tip number two that I have for you is probably the most simple out of all of them but that is actually going to your lecture is going to your classes sometimes oh that’s an airplane sorry if you thought it was thunder it’s like raining right now looks like that is some loud thunder no it’s just a plane we’re going going to class is one of the biggest things because honestly like I have totally skipped lectures before and I regret it every single time like I feel so bad if I skip a lecture because I know that there’s going to be at least one piece of information that I’m gonna miss out on that would count me on either an assignment and and exam anything like that so I think it’s really important to you know go to your classes you’re paying a lot for your lecture so you may as well just go even if you don’t want to be there I think that’s such a big thing it’s just trying your best don’t be on your phone in class like really just try and absorb what the professor is saying even if you don’t want to write notes or anything like that like just go to class sit there and one way or the other information is going to go through you so I think that’s really important it’s just attending class and really being a present and trying to focus I also really want to elaborate really quick on the don’t be on your phone sometimes you know well we all pull out our phone and like take a quick look but like I always see some students just like on their phone the whole time and I’m like how do you even like why what I actually had this one professor in first year who didn’t allow any technology in his class like no cell phones no computers laptops nothing it was like pen and paper old school and I actually really liked that because he told us that when there is technology in the classroom students are likely to get an average of 7 to 10% more grade so ever since he laid down those facts on me I was like okay you know what I actually just like put all my like the way and it’s a distraction to you to others so you know what just like bring a piece of paper and a pen to class and just write John know so tip number three and this is a really really big tip I think it’s so important to really pay attention to what the professor is spending the most time talking about and what they’re really emphasizing in your lectures because this is a great indication of what you’re going to be tested on it’s a like I would say whatever the professor is really emphasizing it’s a great indication of like what you’re going to be tested on there’s a reason why professors will really go over a topic or really try to emphasize things to the students because these are things that okay maybe we should know this maybe we should really write some job notes down there usually what I like to do is I will come to class with my pen and paper I will write jot notes throughout the class and then whatever the professor is really discussing and spending a lot more time on I’ll put an asterisk by those notes just so I know for later when I’m writing my full notes ok this was spent a lot of time was spent on this so I should probably like read my text but go over this a couple times and really familiarize myself with those details because you’re likely to see that on an exam I really started to like notice this and this tip especially has helped me so much because honestly there have been times where I’m just like okay I know why you’re talking about this so much and then lo and behold it’s like totally on a final tip number four so usually okay you guys are gonna think I was so extra here which it totally is but usually what I like to do after lectures I will either read my textbook before or after class and then I will go home and I will gather my jot notes that I’ve taken throughout the class the lecture slides the lecture if there’s lecture notes and then I will take my textbook kind of combine all of that information and write in one like form of notes if that makes so usually I do this after every class just because I find that if I’m writing weekly notes and really stay on top of things it makes studying it makes remembering the facts so much easier especially when like midterms and finals roll around because I hate writing like six chapters of notes in one sitting like it’s just not ideal I feel like I don’t retain it as best as I can if I were to do it we you know what I mean it just will make your life so much easier if you stay on top of these notes and I also think it’s really important to write notes because for me at least okay it’s so important to like really understand what type of learner you are like for me I find that if I’m writing notes and I am writing things over and over again it’s such a great way for me to study because it really liking grades and things in my head whereas if you’re the type of person that just reading a textbook it’s like enough for you and that’s like perfect by all means do you do that but if you’re the type of person that you know you need a little bit more you need to study a little bit more definitely try writing notes because it’s good to summarize things in your own words it’s really good to go over things in your own time that way you kind of understand things in your own head if that makes sense I think it’s important so really like get the information down in a way that you really understand and the way that you can reiterate it in Sam or in an assignment or anything like that so yeah that’s a really big tip sometimes I will take like two or three hours to do like one chapter worth of notes but it is completely worth it especially when it comes to studying so if you’re not a huge note taker just do the job notes and put an asterisk beside what’s important and even that will totally help you out all right tip number five this is one of my favorite tips because like I said I’m a nerd and I love having my color coded weekly notes like literally when I get my notes down I’m just like yeah done I really like to make my own midterm and final reviews and then if the professor gives me any materials to like study I will definitely incorporate those but I usually like to take my weekly notes and just summarize everything into a midterm review and then sometimes I’ll rewrite these notes maybe like two or three times and that’s my form of studying again it’s all about what type of learner you are so if you can just reread notes maybe like four or five times and you’ve got it good for you but I think sometimes writing it down just really helps to solidify it in your memory so that’s personally what I like to do that’s how I like to study and it’s very satisfying I have to say it is when you have like that final review it’s like yeah like I worked hard for this and also when it comes to studying I personally usually recommend studying about two weeks prior to your midterms or finals I’ve totally done the week before a thing and oh my god was I stressed out I was like I can’t do this I will not remember this and I’m like psyching myself out if you’re self enough time to study before you get stressed out I think that’s such a huge thing and really doing these notes weekly will help keep you kind of like on top of things and it will keep you calm in a way like I feel like if I were to just go through each week and just kind of be like no whatever I’ll do it later come like fourth week and I’ve like four weeks behind on like readings and notes I would be freaking out so that is just a huge tip it’s the most time consuming but it is a hundred percent worth it trust me tip number six my last tip reading bags this one is so so important and this is just not to stress out as much as I know you’re going to and that’s my head and talking to you actually I know you’re gonna stress out you know what it is so easy to just get overwhelmed it’s like yourself out will just be like you know what I’m going to fail stay confident in yourself stay confident in your work that you’ve done give yourself enough time that goes into planning your week in a journal that goes into writing notes that goes into everything that you’re doing leading up to your exams so just try your best not to stress out stress please with your head and makes you think that you can’t do things that you truly are absolutely capable of minimizing stress going to the gym getting enough sleep these are all things that are really going to come together and help you in the end just try not to stress out another thing actually this is kind of like another tip but becoming a morning person you guys are probably gonna hate me for saying this I’m the type of person that if I can you wake up at 6: 00 or 7: 00 a. m. every day and I know that sounds ridiculous it it’s taking a really long time for me to kind of get into that routine but the amount of work that I can get I’m from like 7: 00 a. m. to 11: 00 a. m: and still have time to go to class is amazing if you try this you will see that like wow your life becomes so much easier because you’re getting all of this work done in the morning when you have the most energy and then it’s done for the day and you can you know go to school but your lectures or go to work or whatever you have I used to be the type of person there’s airplanes just every five minutes I’m sorry if you can hear that but I used to be the type of person that would go to bed at four five every night schedule my classes in the afternoon and I realized oh wow I’m really not getting enough for work done because I would get home at five or six and I’d be like well it’s time for dinner time for bed so I think becoming a morning person has been one of the biggest changes that I’ve had to make but it’s also created the biggest change in my life like I’m a different person now because I’ve become a morning person I got so much more work done I’m a lot more productive and I think that really it’s really just like strengthened my work ethic so I would say give it a try it might not happen on the first try maybe not even the second or third but give it a try honestly just see how it works for you and if it does you will see a huge change believe me those are all of them alright guys so those are all of the tips that I have for you today I hope that you enjoyed this video and you found it helpful if you guys would like to see any other kind of videos like this definitely let me know in the comments because when I’m in school like this is such a big part of my life I would be so happy to share more of these types of videos with you if you want to see like how I study in all of that just let me know and I’ll definitely film some videos like this so I hope you all have a wonderful term if you’re still in school we’ll talk to you guys in my next video sending you all in love okay ..

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  • Thank youuu, I’m actually starting Uni in a week and I’ve been so nervous these past few days because I don’t know anyone and I have no idea how this whole “Uni-thing” works and I’ve been rearranging my whole room just to avoid thinking about it and i don’t know why, but now I’m a lot more relaxed.
    The way you talked about it helped me understand that going to Uni is something I should look forward to and not fear. And with these tips, I’ll definitely be prepared for my first classes 😉

  • This vid was very helpful especially since I’m almost a junior in college! Keep up the wonderful work as always , Ashley. You’re always so freaking beautiful! Lots of love.

  • There’s no secret in achieving success in college. There’s only one rule, that is to study. However, as a former straight A student during my college years, I could say that there are effective study habits that students can use. I wrote all of those mind and life changing study techniques so that interested students can achieve their goals too. You can get your copy here Thank you Ashley for making this informative video. Let’s educate the world together.

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