How To Cram For The Act Test: Last Minute Tips From A Perfect Scorer!

Studying for the upcoming ACT? Get in-depth video test prep from perfect scoring college admissions tutor Brooke Hanson!

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Cram for the ACT with valuable last minute ACT test tips. Taking the ACT next week, and need help? Didn’t study as much as you would have liked? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

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hey guys it’s Brooke with super tutor TV and today I’m going to tell you about how to cram for the AC T if you’re a procrastinator and you are looking at taking this test very soon and want to do whatever you can and don’t have a lot of time to prepare for this test we’ve got a few tips for you today to help you navigate your limited prep time as wisely as possible the first thing that you should do and this is just really important so that you can show up test day and kind of know what you’re doing is to familiarize yourself with the test and the first step to familiarize yourself with the test is to get a hold of a copy of the test the best way to do that is you can download a full copy of the test print it out and read through the directions check that stuff out understand what it is that you have to do and familiarize yourself enough so that when you show up on test day you’re not spending time reading directions you’re spending time just doing the test time is one of the most challenging things on the UCP so you want to be ready for it you want to kind of know at least what’s up so that you don’t waste that time figuring out what you have to do the other thing to be aware of is that there is no penalty for guessing on the AC t this also is in all the instructions etc but you should know that so if you do run out of time you just are going to put BBB BBB BBB for everything that’s left so that you can at least have a chance at getting some points the second thing that I recommend is that I actually have my number one secret tip videos series for this particular test what they are is just some basic tips that give you a little bit of a mind’s eye into how to approach some of the questions in each section in particular if you’re a Kramer the science tip the English tip in the reading tip are going to be most useful to you the math tip is really focused more on people who have a little bit more time to prep so if you’ve got like a week or a few days and you want to put in some time that video could also be of help to you the third thing that I recommend is you actually try to take a practice exam the most difficult part of the AC T is time and the easiest thing to improve on a little bit in a very short amount of study time is pacing now I understand that you might not have time to take an entire practice exam and if that’s the case what I would recommend is do at least two or three questions from each type of so that you’re familiar enough with each section that you kind of get what you have to do if you can use a watch use a stopwatch try to time yourself as you go so that you can kind of pace yourself and know how far you are and be a little bit aware and just know upfront that this test is hard to finish on time if you know that going in you’re going to benefit from that and be able to pace yourself a little bit better the sections that I would emphasize that you try to time yourself and do first would be the science section in the reading section the third section that I would recommend checking out if you have the time would be the math section if you don’t have time to take a whole math section take the second half take the last 30 questions and give yourself something like 35 minutes maybe 40 minutes and see how you do and finally in the English section is the section that most people don’t completely royally screw up so I would touch on that last if you have the time but I do again recommend if you do have the time to take a full practice test after you’ve taken it grate it and that brings us to our next tip which is number four go over your answers so once you’ve taken your practice test your practice test sections I recommend that you go over your answers so that you can learn from that experience learning from your mistakes one of the best ways we can learn that’s something called the testing effect we have a video on that if you want to check that out I’ve great news for you all I am actually in video form explain every single answer to every single question on the 2015 2016 practice test that is available for free download at AC t org so what I try to do these explanations is give you guys a little piece of how does the a CT think and let you into that mind of the a CT so they even start thinking the way the a CT test makers think as opposed to whatever way you were thinking before the next thing you should do is pack and I’ve got a whole video on what to pack for the a CT so you can check out that video make sure you gather all that stuff kind of the night before so you’re not scrambling in the morning and all that I’ll say in addition to the list that the a CT people put out is a you might want to also bring a pencil sharpener make sure you double check that your calculator is approved because the ti 89 the TI Nspire CAS additions are not approved the other thing that I’ll say really quickly is you do want to bring food and that brings me to our next point which is my big advice for you is if you want to up your score or give yourself the best chance of survival on this test make sure you want eat a good breakfast and to bring good snacks you’re going to have to put them in a bag because the a CT actually says that you’re not supposed to bring snacks into the testing center you can you just have to have them in a bag and zipped up and put away and you can eat those snacks on your breaks when you go out into the hallway or when they let you leave the testing center for a little bit so why do you need to bring a food well studies have shown since the 1960’s that students do better on standardized tests when they’ve had breakfast if you eat right before you work you are getting the best version of your brain and that’s what you want when you’re sitting down to take the a CT one last quick note on food I don’t recommend ingesting caffeine unless it’s a regular habit for you if it is a regular habit do what you normally do if not your adrenaline is probably going to keep you awake enough that you don’t need those extra jitters so one last tip if you’ve still got a little bit extra time left after all this stuff after you’re packed and ready to go and you’ve taken a practice test what I would recommend is that you check out um programming your calculator with some simple programs the AC TS highly restricts which programs that you’re allowed to put on your calculator and basically what they’ve said is you can’t have overly complex programs but you can have and the one that they mentioned simple programs that do a function four kinds of programs that I would recommend you trying to get are one a quadratic equation two a slope solver where you put in two points and it will find a slope of the line three the distance formula and for the bed point formula those are super simple super easy kind of function related programs that shouldn’t be illegal if you have a very trim slim version of that program that’s about it for today if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and I will see you guys next time on super tuber TV thanks so much bye bye..


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