Based on my experience, you should go according to my most reliable strategies.

1- Limit your resources like only and only NCERTs for CBSE and you may prefer whatever book or resources you do like the most, but limited books should be preferred.

2- In maths complete one chapter in one go, by doing numericals, objective questions derivations etc. Don’t break the continuation.

Make short notes of formulae for end time.

3- In all other subjects study one chapter and write answers of all questions at the end of chapter in your own language. This will surely enhance your grasping power, writing ability and mental preparedness for the final exam.

4- Avoid using guides and guess papers. Do previous year papers in your own language in exam like environment.

5- If possible avoid your time wasting elements till examination. Like friends who are more talkative than studious, You may avoid social networking sites too. Keep busy in your preparation schedule.

6- Take appropriate rest and healthy food.

7- Be motivated always by think about your positive result if your work hard right now.

These all were before exam preparation.

Now what to do in exam hall.

1- Go through whole paper once because in board exam there is enough time to attempt all questions.

Attempt those first which you can explain the best and follow less known at end.

2- Write answers in paragraphs, line diagram, bullets, neat sketches etc. Write in neat and clean handwriting. It gives a huge satisfaction to examiner.

3- Avoid cheating because it makes you worried for the whole exam time period.

4- In exam hall be calm and make self confidence.

5- Take appropriate rest before exam.

Hope this will surely help you.

Good luck.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Studying.


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