With 5 hours of schools and 2 hours of tuition, you still have a good 17 hours of time left with you. Now considering your daily routine, I will say lets go with some basic calculations-:

7 hours of sleep.

2 hours of daily routine like eating and restlessness

Now you need to make sure that you have 8 hours of time left with you. With that you can deduct 1 more hour from it. Now with that 8 hours, you can be really fruitful. If you just put in efforts with this time it would be easy.

Just make sure that 8 hours you have left that may be used with the best timings. Now if I will have to utilise those 8 hours than I would make sure to use the maximum of it in the morning. Make sure to wake up at 5 am, than utilise the next 2 hours and after that go to your daily schedule. Rest you can use the timings in the night. Maybe 912 is the best time to study. As the silence prevails and you will get better time to understand about your subject.

You can utilise the noon hours maybe 24 Pm to make a quick revision.

Rest it all depends upon your capacity but what I would suggest is that you put on to your most hours in the morning and don’t become a night person. t won’t help much and also you will feel tired most of the time as you have to be at school in the morning.

Just make yourself comfortable and 8 hour is just a number. Don’t stress yourself.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Studying.


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