Every student of Chartered Accountancy wants to crack the IPCC exam in one attempt. But, passing IPCC in the first attempt is not as difficult as it is formulated to be. Many of the ambitious minds clear it in the opening shot and even get ranks. The question arises here is, why others fail to crack the same even after studying over days and nights? It’s not because they haven’t studied good enough for the papers, but because the approach they have used was not correct. People commits silly mistakes and those mistakes need to be avoided during IPCC exam preparation. Now don’t worry for the IPCC exam because we are coming with the right way of how to prepare for the IPCC and CA. We have mentioned tips below, you can see one by one:

You should Study Daily

Review Previous Study

Avoid the Virtual World

Study During Vacations

Keep Confidence on Yourself

Set Small Target

Take a Short Rest

1. You should Study Daily.

From the beginning, study at-least two hours daily, if you want success in IPCC exam and try to cover two subjects; first is theory & second is practical. To be successful, it is compulsory that you should study daily. In starting, You’ll get bored, but after some days it will become your habit and then you will study every day. Hence, the success will in your hand very soon.

2. Review Previous Study.

Before you start studying, checkout or review the previous study and before going to sleep in the night, check out the next day schedule, what you want to do. Whereby make sure that your study direction is right. If you don’t do this, then during a study, you will get confused and forget the previous chapters slowly. Thus, it is a very important to revise the previous study for long time memory.

3. Avoid the Virtual World.

I am not saying to leave the internet, use it only for your study purpose, not for Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. According to an old saying, All thing holds some bad property and some good property, everything depends on us, that what do we adopt and left. If you have good properties then you can rise otherwise you fall. Therefore, use internet for searching previous exam papers of IPCC and related things.

4. Study During Vacations.

During vacations, you should study almost 15-16 hours. Don’t waste the golden time in villainous activities. The success mantra is that my rival is doing hard work then I will work hard and if my rival takes rest, even then I will do the workout. Always remember one thing, if you sacrifice today then tomorrow will be yours.

5. Keep Confidence on Yourself.

Always keep confidence on your self and have a positive mental attitude. They are tonic, which helps to fight the IPCC exam, as the IPCC/CA exam is very tough exams. You fight the CA exam in the first attempt and success in Professional life, it’s not compulsory. Many examples of successful CA who clear the CA in many attempts like CA T. N Manoharan sir. Therefore don’t lose your confidence.

6. Set Small Target.

I would like to describe this point with an old saying, “Big journey starts with a small step”. This sentence says that don’t prepare for the IPCC in a month. From starting you should study in a right manner. Make your small target and complete them and understand the basic concept of the subjects. First of all, set a goal that 5 chapters will be completed in the first month and next 5 chapters in next month and then revise all.

7. Take a Short Rest

Shouldn’t read continuously as our mind require relaxation, so you should take rest in between you study. Take a rest as movie, outing and dinner with friend and family. If we continuous study and no take a break then, our mind’s capturing power will destroy slowly as medical science says.

8. Healthy Mind

This is important because everything becomes good when you are in good health. A healthy body leads to a positive mind. Probably, that’s the reason most people follow this.

9. Quality Matters not Quantity

Take your time to understand any subject thoroughly. One must have all their concepts cleared.

10. Stop Thinking Too Much

Give your mind to relax. Instead to stressing on various issues and subjects you don’t like, try to figure out what is more important and list up your priorities in particular.

Schedule to Success

Make a time schedule according to you and follow it daily. By this you can timely prepare for the IPCC in an easy way and fight the CA and IPCC exam. Daily wake up early in the morning around 4 o’clock then till 5 o’clock get ready to study as the morning time is a peaceful time, which helps to improve our memory. You should follow the below schedule to succeed in the IPCC exam: –

You should follow the below schedule to success in IPCC exam: –

A) Time Action

4.30 am to 5 am

B) Fresh

5 am to 7 am

C)Read Theory

7 am to 7: 30 am


7: 30 am to 10: 30 am

E) Read Theory

10: 30 am to 11 am

F) Break Time

11 am to 1 pm

G) Solve Practical Problems

1 pm to 2 pm

H) Lunch

2 pm to 3 pm

I) Take a short sleep

3 pm to 5 pm

J)Solve practical problem

5 pm to 5: 30 pm

K) Take a break

5: 30 pm to 8 pm

L) Read theory

8 pm to 9 pm

M) Dinner

9 pm to 10 pm

N) Solve Practical Problem

10 pm to 4.30 am

O) Sleep

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