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To make the most from your studying don’t focus on the time you invest. Focus on the quality of your study session over the quantity you do. This is one of the key things we focus on and we absolutely think you can get twice the results in half the time. Make sure you grab the free audiobook Unlimited Memory by a chess grandmaster which will absolutely transform your results overnight if you apply the techniques.

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hey guys was about 20 no my name is Jiri film and I’m so excited for this video I it’s been so long anticipated and you guys have been actually requesting it for quite some time which is really surprising to me and it makes me really really happy so I’m really excited to be sharing my faith and helping you guys learn how to you I will study with me now granted I’m not like an expert Bible study or in fact I don’t study my Bible nearly as much as I would like to in hopes of making this video I want to try and do it more and I want to encourage you guys to do that as well because I think that is really great and every time I am in a really study routine of setting my Bible I just see like a complete difference in my life and its really beneficial so I want to help you guys live a better life so jumping straight into this video this is what my Bible looks like it has my name on it but I have my last name on it too so I’m just going to show you Haley spam because stamps on your name little known fact missile it looks like it has some impressive stickers on it and it is an ESV version which is the English standard version because it’s the easiest one for me to understand it’s like in their plainest terms I know some churches read like King James Version with the big words like Taoist and things like that but then I don’t really understand what’s happening so these are just like plain and simple words nice and compact little Bible I can take it on airplanes with me I can take it lots of places and it’s really easy to use so I like this one so you can check out the ESV version if that’s what you want to do what if your church has you read like a certain specific type they’re all basically saying like the same thing so don’t worry too much about that and then I would encourage you to get a journal of some sorts and just use it solely for your Bible studying so that you have it all organized this is the one I’m using I just got it from Target honestly I just got it because it like feels cool it’s just clough it has a little zipper on the front and it kind of has pages like this and this is a little bit worn up but I have some of my Bible studies in here and it it’s kind of old so you know she’s a little dusty crusty but she’s what she were an to have a little Journal and I have what I what I like planned for this video and I’m really really excited so let’s get into how I buckles it okay so step one is to choose a book in the Bible that you want to study because books in the Bible can be pretty lofty and they have a lot of information jam packed into it so I don’t recommend reading it like a regular book where you just kind of like read the book in like two days it’s going to it takes a little while and you could study like one paragraph or a week on it so I have compiled a list of five most popular books in the Bible and why they’re popular so that you can listen to some of these and if any of them stand out to you and like that’s something that you want to start in the Bible then you will be able to do it so the first one is Psalms which is a collection of 150 songs and poems which that sounds kind of boring but they’re actually really really beautiful and I really like songs and they can really resonate with some people so check it out if you want to if you’re like one of those people who like poems and like really beautiful wires it’s really really great book is Matthew and this is where he introduces Jesus and all the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled so if you want to read about you know the introduction of Jesus and all of his prophecies all the things that he said he was going to do you could find it in Matthew’s John is also a really good one it was written so people would believe in Jesus so if you don’t even know if you believe in God or like what’s going on John is a really good place to start because it’s basically like talks about Jesus and why people should believe in all the proof and stuff like that then there is Romans which is how the gospel works which is the good news and explaining salvation and grace and how we should live in response to that so that’s also really good if you’re like maybe a new Christian or like no this is really for if you’re new you can read anything in the Bible if you’re new it doesn’t really matter but I think this is really good if you’re not really sure like what the gospel is like maybe you’ve heard about it but you’re not completely sure wanted what it’s all about if I not in Romans and then the last thing I wrote down is proverbs which is made to help you make decisions in wisdom and justice because we you see a lot of people in today’s world making decisions just based on what they believe and not really based on right or wrong so proverbs is a really good place for you to go if you would like to learn how to live your life in a way that would be good for God and good for you it was so southern in this video okey dokey so once he’s chosen a book in the Bible that you want to study tell me in the comments which one you chose it doesn’t have to be from the five but like whatever book you’re studying what I like to do is like make little notes on the side get out my pretty little pens and my highlighter and highlight things that stands out to me I’ll underline words and all circle big things that just really like I want to remember those things if I’m looking back over my Bible and I see things that I highlighted it kind of shows you like what you thought was important at the time and what sticks out to you because something that is really interesting about the Bible is that you need to be reading the same exact words but because of where we are in our lives we could be picking out completely separate ideas from it and applying it to our lives differently and I think that’s really cool so that’s what I like to do and then let you tell your little journal and I like to use a method called so so what so stands for it is for scripture so whatever you’re reading you can just write like Matthew 29 a through 10 and then write a quote that sticks out to you or like what you’re studying and then you go to O which is observations so you just make your little observations about this Bible verse and why it sticks out to you I don’t need any do overs or like you know little little paragraphs is what’s happening or things is application so how you’re going to take that and apply it to your life because if you just read about the ideas in the book but then you’re not really living it out and I don’t really know what the point of it is and then if you don’t do that then you’re not really going to see improvement and joy and all the great things that comes along with being with believing in God so make sure you make an application I find that that is like one of the most important parts and then the P part is prayer and I like to write down my little prayer or God give me the strength to help me live out the application because you know we all want to be like good little people but it’s not always the easiest living the world that we do today so a little prayer so soap is a really really easy way to just kind of like organize it and get the most out of your Bible study other than that other things I like to do in my journal or outside my journal is verses that stick out to me I will take on a little postcard and I like draw it out I’ll make it really cute and then I’ll post it on you know the back of my phone case that’s clear and I can just be reading that or I’ll post it on my bathroom mirror so that when I wake up that’s like the first thing that’s in my mind or I’ll throw out my computer so I can read that and that way I can just like meditate on it try to memorize it and then when you’re out in life you can remember it and it might help you apply it in your everyday life and I think that’s really really great and it’s a really good way to like remind you of God when there’s like so many things in your life happening it’s really hard to remember you know the simple thing another thing that I think is really beneficial is writing down your prayers in your journal because if you do that in a couple years weeks you know you never really know how long you can look back at those prayers and see what happened in your life and you can kind of like make realizations of what God has done in your life and it’s a really really special thing and I just like keeping track of what prayers are like what I’m working on because I’m always working on something different in my life and I think it’s really interesting to go back and like look at the day and see what was happening in my life at the time and then lastly is to just share your Bible study with your friends I have a Bible study group that I made from my church you could go find one of those I’m sure they have some at your school or if you go to a church local to you they probably have Bible study groups and community is really great to go the Bible even tells us to have community with other believers and it’s just really beneficial like I texted my decom which is Michael Bible study it stands for discipleship community and I was asking them like what they do to Bible study and they all sent me things and if I ever have a question I can ask them one of the mentors and ask them like what this first means or like what I should do in my life and all these things and it’s just a really great community and I think that sharing it with your friends is really great because my friends always find something completely different in the Bible that just makes it go like I would have never thought about that but that’s a great way of looking at it and so I don’t know it’s really really great so by the community and it will be really any beneficial I promise so I think that will be the first installment of like just basics of Bible studying and you guys can tell me what other videos you guys want me to make in the comments down below and I will try my best to make it for you because this video was so fun to make and I really like making videos about things that I’m passionate about and my Jesus is my entire life and I owe everything that I have to him like this channel all of you guys who support me all that just like glory to God man you know so I really love making this video so tell me if you guys want me to make any others and I will definitely do that for you and yeah you guys can subscribe because I will be making videos every single week and sometimes their dance related sometimes they’re just funny sometimes they might be like this about my state so I have you know a lot of things to offer maybe next week you’ll like them and that I have something that’s over yeah you guys can also give the video a thumbs up because it really really helped my channel out and it’s I really appreciate it and I also have a blog channel if you want to say vlogs more like my personal daily life and I have an Instagram if you would like to see cool little pictures that I post oh yeah that is it for the tweet video I hope you guys enjoyed it good what I really really really did and I’ll see you guys next time I’m looking right Oh jack and though he’s from holy some I will use my stay on this match yunhai..


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  • I LOVE THIS!!! I’ve been reading Romans right now, and I think that everyone should read this chapter, because if you’re not sure about your faith then Romans gives you all the “steps” or just guidelines of what it means to have faith in God. Remember you don’t need to do so many extra thing for God to love you, because he already does!!

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  • This is one of my favorite videos of yours. I’ve been wanting to start reading my Bible more and just didn’t know where to start so this video really helped me!

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  • Something I would recommend is making a prayer before you even start reading the Bible, asking God to open your eyes and speak to you, showing you what to do and telling Him what you need help with.

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