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The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) conducts the examination for Foundation, Executive and Professional course students in June and December every year. The exam is scheduled to be held during December 21 to December 31.


Plan your preparation and set dedicated time lines- some of the subjects may be interrelated, read them one after the other

Prepare for two courses at a time, if possible, one theory and one practical

Use Scanner: Check the pattern of questions asked in the previous examination and the weight-age of chapters in the syllabus. Look for a few questions which are repeatedly asked

Make your own notes while preparing. Scribble in your books, underline important points, make small pointers

Understanding and analysing the topic is important.

Cover latest (6 months prior to the examination) amendments, they are extremely important. Update yourself through the departmental websites as the books would not contain these updates

Practice as much as you can, at least two revision test paper.

Pick up questions from scanner (every chapter) and try solving them regularly

Write with good speed and emphasise a lot on good presentation of answers

Highlight the important points, focus on good handwriting and avoid cutting or overwriting

Give a long answer- an introduction, a body and a good conclusion

In case related questions write facts, dispute, decision, justification and legal references

Use legal language, cite cases and sections to the extent possible. Substantiate your point by citing references from good authors

Read the concepts thoroughly, practice them regularly and be confident in the examination

Pick up your best prepared question to be answered first

Stay away from social media and other distractions, at least for a month before the examination

Above all, keep yourself motivated, don’t let anybody’s comment get to you


Don’t keep thinking about the mistakes in the previous examination

Get the basics right

Don’t get misguided by rumours and myths. Cross check every information with institute’s website

Relaxing mind is too important pursue any of the extra curricular activity such as music, dance, game or anything you feel.

Don’t disturb your routine, and sleep cycle, especially close to exam

No need for panic in examination. Have faith in your hard work. Be confident. Try to meditate for two-three minutes before the exam starts. Look at the question paper and try to find out your best prepared question to start with

Read difficult questions again and again, try to concentrate rather than feeling stressed

Don’t spend too much time on any question. Time management is the key

Don’t leave any question unattended. Answer all questions

Eat well, sleep well and study well.

Apart from this as said

“A major part of your clearing the exam also depends on the way you preparing for your examinations, this says that the most of the time should be utilised in studies rather than in any other activity.”

Also there are many ways of studying for the exam depending on the way which suits you the best.

Although there are are the following ways through which one can study which are as mentioned below-

Online Institutes

Offline Institutes

Free Sources On Google

Now according the way one studies there are various advantages and disadvantages such as

Online Institutes

Less fee amount

Online/ Chat/ Call Faculty Support

Freely Updated Content

Online Books/e-books

One Year Content Validity

Now if one goes for an Offline Institute one will not be getting less fee amount, Faculty support after the classroom, No updates in content, no books or nothing apart from this there will be only one attempt in those.

Apart from this in one goes for Free Online Sources such as Youtube or Google, then there might one get knowledge in free but then also there won’t be anyone to guide you through that how should this knowledge be implemented. Neither there would be anyone who will clear your doubts when stuck at some point.

Thus according to this information one can say that Online Institutes are the better institutes for studying as they would also save your save your travelling time. Also they would provide you a personal interaction over the phone or chat with the expert faculty.

Also finding a good institute is much important as only it would benefit you and provide you all other services.

Now while looking for some good institutes i came across some names which are as mentioned below-

Takshila Learning Pvt Ltd

Website- www. takshilalearning . com and do fill the form for best knowledge and assistance along the website.

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