Don’t make 10+ hours your goal. Instead, rephrase your question to this one:

How can I maximize the day to help my brain absorb study material more effectively?

Once you ask yourself the right question, your options are numerous.

To make the most from your studying don’t focus on the time you invest. Focus on the quality of your study session over the quantity you do. This is one of the key things we focus on and we absolutely think you can get twice the results in half the time. Make sure you grab the free audiobook Unlimited Memory by a chess grandmaster which will absolutely transform your results overnight if you apply the techniques.

But let’s not try a hundred things at once. Why? Because it isn’t helpful to overwhelm ourselves with too many choices, and because good habits are easier to form if we keep them simple.


Let’s start with these 5 hacks to help your brain absorb study material effectively.

Study hack #1. Tackle the most difficult material early in the day.

Starting the day with a plan of what to do first can be a good motivation booster.

Why? For most people, your brain’s peak performance happens 2-4 hours after you wake up. This is the time when your brain can focus on analytical thinking that requires the most concentration. For studying, this can be reading, writing, coding, analyzing, critical thinking, or problem solving.

How early is early? If you wake up at 8, your peak times are between 10 and 12. You can extend this time until lunch (1 or 2 in the afternoon) to maximize your peak performance. Turn off the volume on your phone and avoid distractions such as emails, watching the news or your social media feed. If you have trouble shutting everything off, try the Forest app that encourages you to grow a virtual tree while you’re studying.

What are the benefits? Doing your hard work early in the day allows your brain to focus fully on the problem at hand, with fewer distractions, less inputs from your environment, and with a lot of energy that you’ve gained from a restful night. It’s the opposite of what can happen if you leave your most challenging study material for nighttime, when you are exhausted from the day.

Study hack #2. Use a timer to work smarter, not longer.

A timer can help you divide up your evening into manageable increments that will allow your brain to focus in a more targeted and effective way.

Review study material. Set the timer to 30 or 60 minute increments to maximize concentration; or, you can also try the Pomodoro technique for even shorter time blocks.

Practice for the exam. Use the review questions from the textbook or given by your professor (or create your own questions based on the most important concepts from each chapter). Write the questions down on a sheet of paper. Then, use the Pomodoro technique to give yourself only a short time to answer each question.

Talk it through. As you’re going over new material and complex sections for the first time, write an outline of the basic points and then talk it through out loud. This helps you review, recall, and retain what you’ve learned in a much better way than just silently looking over the material and writing notes.

Study hack #3. Visualize passing an important exam.

Why? This technique is called building a mental model: you imagine in detail how you expect things will go during your exam. By telling yourself a story, you train your brain to anticipate next steps and expect a positive outcome.

How can you do it?

Take 510 minutes to visualize the following day at the end of your study session. This technique helps you to link your efforts in the present to a positive outcome in the near future.

Visualize all the steps you will take, from getting to school on time, to receiving the exam questions, to finding out that you know how to answer them, to writing the answers and submitting everything on time.

Anticipate which questions you may find challenging, and come up with ways in which you will attempt to give the best answer.

Imagine yourself leaving the building feeling that you’ve given it your best and that you are satisfied with the answers you’ve submitted.

Take a minute to think how relieved you’ll feel in the evening when the exam is over, and when you’ll have time to relax by going for a long walk, enjoying a nice dinner, or watching a movie with a friend.

Study hack #4. Treat yourself well for your efforts.

Now that you’re working on boosting your motivation, you should give yourself a reward for all your hard work.

Do you enjoy spending time with friends? You can get everyone together for an evening out to watch a movie, attend a concert, catch up over coffee or dinner, or invite them over to your place for a few hours of laughter, good conversation, and fun.

Do you prefer to spend time alone, or with family or a partner? Schedule a night in, order takeout, have fun talking and eating together; or, spend an hour or two in an activity that makes you feel really good, like solving a puzzle, sketching, writing, or getting involved in a personal project that really gets your mind engaged.

Study hack #5. Let your brain sort out newly absorbed information while you sleep.

Why? Neuroscientists believe that sleep can help us learn and memorize better, and also give our brain time to get rid of unnecessary waste. What happens when we don’t get sufficient rest? Chronic sleep deprivation can reduce your cognitive abilities, can impact your concentration, and can even reduce your IQ.

How can you optimize your sleep? Sleep on your side. According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the brain’s glymphatic pathway (the exchange of two fluids, the cerebrospinal fluid in your brain and the interstitial fluid in your body) helps to eliminate “brain junk,” and this process of elimination is most effective when we sleep on our side. The benefit? You wake up more refreshed the next day with a clear mind.

How can you unwind quickly in the evening?

Step away from electronics, mainly your computer and TV screen, about 30 minutes before you need to go to sleep.

Do something relaxing 1520 minutes before bedtime, such as listening to music or just closing your eyes and breathing deeply for 10 counts before you brush your teeth and get ready for bed.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Studying.

How To Self-Study For 10 Hours On Saturday: Weekend Study Routine!

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