You wanna know how to create interest in studies and make it easy.

Then come with me. I have plenty of tips for you.

But first of all.

Now there are some useful tips for you.

Behave well with your studies.

Now imagine your “study” as a friend of yours.

What will you do to maintain a healthy friendship with your friend.

There is a simple answer for this. There is no rocket science in it.

Spend enough time.

Hang out with them frequently.

Care for them.

Don’t take them for granted.

When they act crazy, spend more time with them.

Try to understand them.

You just have to behave the same way with your studies.

Treat your studies good, they will treat you better.

So be nice and regular towards your studies.

Always read the boring stuff first.

Don’t leave the boring stuff for the night before the exam. This is really not going make your studies interesting. This will make it hell.

So, sort the boring stuff first. You will feel a lot more confident about your studies and they will be easy for you.

Easy is a myth.

There is nothing in the world which is easy.

What you know is easy and what you don’t is tough.

So, stop differentiating things between easy and tough.

Rather make the tough easy by learning it.

Audio visual lessons.

Reading your textbook is not the only way to learn your chapters. When you feel bored after reading your chapter.

Try to find those lessons on .

It really helps.

Mark my words.


Off course gossip are interesting..!

So instead of gossiping about any person you should gossip about your lesson.

This will surely create your interest in your studies.


So it’s very important to take break because it will keep you motivated for a long time.

Becozz your are a human.


You have to make your own routine. Something that suits your personality.

But If you don’t know what suits you, this might help you.


Listen to me..

I am talking about music not the lyrics.


You guessed it right.. “Instrumental music”.

This is something that really works but only music not the lyrics.

Avoid distraction

So.. Stay focused.

One last thing..!

Choose your priorities.

Now you know what I mean.

I hope this will help you to make your studies interesting and easy.




I guess, I am done.

*congrats you survived till the end*

( Zoella )

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This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Studying.


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