Do you know who this chess player is?

He’s Bobby Fischer, a chess legend, and do you know what played a big role in his success?

That’s right he’s Concentration!

Do you think he could have become #1, beat Boris Spassky, win 8 U. S Championships,…, without it? I don’t think so, the same applies to you.

Your Concentration works like a muscle, the more you train it the better you get at it, so here are some things that you should incorporate in your daily life in order to improve your concentration:


1- Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, science has proven that you should keep yourself well hydrated in order to keep a good brain performance.

2- Start exercising every day, lift weights, run for 15 mins, do push ups, etc…, if you want to take care of your brain you must take care your body too.

3- You should be aware of what you eat: Avoid foods that contains a lot of Sugar, and prefer food rich in omega-3, such as : Salmon, Walnuts…

4-Don’t forget to sleep 8 hours a day (or 9 hours), your brain won’t function well without proper rest.

Concentration tips

1- Use the Pomodoro Technique, try to focus on your work for about 25 min, after that you get a short 5 min break, this technique is very effective because it helps you improve your concentration without making you feel very tired. Once you get used to this technique try to change the time of concentration and rest, ex: (50 min- concentration, 10 min- Rest), app: Tide: Stay focused, be peaceful – Android Apps on Google Play .

2- Create the right environment for your work/study, first of all you should try to hide things that break your attention to your work, such as your phone, etc… if your problem is the Internet, try this app: Cold Turkey Blocker , secondly try to keep the things that you need near you: Water Bottle, Snacks,…. , if you get away from your workplace you’ll break your concentration flow, making it harder for you to get back to it, and finally control the noise in your workplace, its very important for you to keep things quite.

3- Start Planning your Daily Routine, Goals, etc…, doing so will help you keep your mind focus on your work, because you need to accomplish certain goals and your concentration is totally needed.

4- Listen to Instrumental music such as Lofi hip hop, Classical music, White noise,…, your options are limitless.


Here are some exercises to train your concentration ability:

1- Meditation for 10 min each day.

2- Play Chess. (30 min)

3- Read, Read, Read! ( 30 min- 1 hour)

4- Start writing! (30 min – 1 hour)

Personal Tip

Smile More!

We hate chores, they’re boring and unpleasant, so we try to avoid them and finish them as possible as we can, decreasing our concentration in such tasks.

Sometimes our work/study become chores, and we loose all concentration and drive for it, smiling more improves our mood and motivation, helping us turn every tedious, horrible,… task to the most fun, interesting,… task ever, keeping our concentration, for every task, at top performance.

Thank You!

I’m really sorry for my bad English.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Studying.


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