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  • Hate being the sad mofo on the whole comment list. But, I listen to this (at the time im writing this), while i can’t sleep… knowing tomorrow (Day after writing this), is the day when I’d have to bring my 13 year old cat to the vet and let him sleep in. The poor boy’s done for, old, wont eat and doesn’t do much other than sleeping. He’s bone-skinny… I can’t keep him alive much longer to watch him suffer… So, this, kind of soothes my mood and I’d like to thank you for that, for uploading this.

    Even though I don’t expect comments or likes, I do kinda wanted to leave this comment out here, to possibly look back at it a few years later to remind myself of the moments I had with my fellow buddy.

    Here’s to Sem.
    September 14th 2017.

  • I searched this up to listen to so I could concentrate on my work but now I’m just going through the comments seeing how everyone found out about this

  • This is meant to help me revise? Lol how will I revise if my mind goes off on some epic battle with the kong fu panda every time I hear it? But hans is a genius :))))

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