Guide To Studying: Tips & Tricks

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Oh so as we all know sadly star testing Yosi tax whatever you call it in your state is coming up very soon so I thought I’d do a ultimate guide to studying video even though I am the worst study here at Byrd this is also going to be a collab with my friend on tatianna boy she’s also going to be showing you guys some studying hacks and tips and tricks and whatever so once you’re done watching my video make sure you go check out hers and subscribe why you edit because she has awesome videos so let’s go ahead and get into the video tip number one listen to music I have to do is go on safari and on and look up classical music I do recommend classical instead of regular lyric music because the lyrics will distract you and classical music helps you concentrate tip number two choose the same flavored gum when you’re studying and when you’re taking a test I heard it that this works and it will help you remember the material as you study when you’re taking the test and I don’t know if it works but you can try it out and tell me if it does tip number three wear something comfortable testing days is not the day to dress cute tip number four get plenty of sleep the night before because trust me you don’t want this happening to you don’t feel the bestest at the song oh what a wonderful nap wait what I slept through the whole test only have 30 minutes left I’m screwed and lastly tip number five have a study in corner bring some healthy snacks and treats and water plenty of water because you need to stay hydrated and obviously bring your backpack in your homework because that’s stuff you need to get the homework out that you need to study for so yeah so that is all for the studying tips video if you liked it make sure you give it a big thumbs up comment down below and tell me what you call your state exam in your state we call it star or hair on Texas and also makes you eight that subscribe button down below because we are trying to reach fifteen thousand subscribers and thank you guys so so so much for ten thousand because that is just awesome in that is insane so thank you for that and also don’t forget to check out Tai Chi on this video I love you guys so so much thank you for watching now see you guys in my next video bye yes what..


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