Gre Study Tips 2017! How To Score In The Top 10 Percentile

GRE STUDY TIPS 2017 HOW TO SCORE IN THE TOP 10 PERCENTILE// HOW I STUDIED// I just took the GRE and I scored a 161 on Verbal, 156 on Quantitative, and a 5 on Analytical Writing! Here’s my experience of the test day itself + How I studied using Manhattan Prep and what I wish I would have focused more on! On the graduate record exam I scored in the 88th percentile on verbal and 93rd percentile on writing!

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hey guys what’s up it’s Olivia so I got mine and GRE stories back today the official scaled scores got a 161 on verbal 156 on quantitative and a 5 on writing so I thought it’d be the perfect time to tell you about my jerry experience and then also how I studied and how I wish I would have studied I’m going into this video assuming that you have some knowledge of the GRE how it scored what it tests um if you have questions about that please refer to the ETS website which I will link below because I’m not gonna be covering that in this video before we start I also want to say that a good score just depends on what kind of program you’re going into so what I did is I looked up two schools that I knew I wanted to apply to looked up the average applicants GRE score so verbal quantitative writing then also their GPA and try to make that my goal so for me the schools I looked up they wanted to have 158 on quant 158 verbal and then a four on writing look up what programs you want to get into because a good score is very subjective so test taking day itself um you sign up a couple months early on the ETS website and they actually have a couple different of time options so I signed up for the 12: 30 exam on a Sunday they offer the the exam every single day of the week at a bunch different time so I signed up for the 12: 30 exam I actually got to the testing site around 11: 15 or so and I went in and said hey I’m here early is there any way I could start early and they said yes I went in they had me just sign a bunch of papers basically that said I understand that I’m the one taking the sass no one’s taking it for me and I was also given a key for a locker to put all of my stuff in and then during the exam you’re not allowed to access your phone but during your one ten minute break you can get your water and food they also had me do like a metal detector thing and like for the camera they make you like turn out your pocket make sure you take the jacket it was not cold where I was at all I was wearing shorts tennis shoes and a t shirt but maybe the other testing room was cooler because I saw people and like sweatpants and long sleeve like sweatshirts and scarves and things like that so I would say just bring layers just in case you’re allowed to have your jacket with you in the testing room I personally do not need it so the exam was just like the practice exam on the ETS website it was also super similar to the my and prep um test which is what I use society so I’ll show you that in a minute it was very similar um I started out with two writing and then I had a math verbal break math verbal math so I ended up having an extra math section I don’t know which one was scored which one was it and sometimes they do that um hopefully you won’t have an extra scored section but a lot of times you either have an unscored unmarked so you don’t know which one is the not gonna be great one or you’ll have one where they say this for research purposes only this is not graded that took me a solid four hours which was a really long time considering every time I took at home it took me a solid three hours so during my practice exams I have been finishing with like 10 minutes early on every single section that maybe review it for like five or so minutes but on this exam I took literally the entire time on each section and then right away you get your raw score um and then you can say if you want to send the scores to some schools or not while your weight on your writing and then like nine to fourteen days later you’ll get your writing score so that was testing day I thought the tests were very much exactly like all the practice that I had taken using Manhattan prep so I will show you how I study now so I got the book set it’s like one through eight on Amazon of the GRE study books and it studies or I’ve had like algebra geometry quantitative analysis of word problems and then like the last two books are in sentence and text completion and reading comprehension and essays very first thing you should do on studying is take a diagnostic test so before you look at anything go on the Manhattan prep website and you can get one free practice test each of these books also comes with six free practice tests um but yet on the website they have one free practice test so I would first take that and skip the essays because there’s like two chapters in one of these books that covers essay writing and it’s very specific what they want you to write about how they want you to approach the problem so the first time I would say don’t take the essays because you’re wasting your time you don’t want to write wrong when there’s like a very specific way to write take the diagnostic test see where you’re at so you know what to work on on my first practice test I got a 155 on quantitative and a 158 on verbal and like I said schools I was looking at they both had 158 on quant and verbal so I knew that I need to work on my quantitative score so I started just going through each textbook sorry with algebra read through it they tells you like how to do problems and then it also has problems throughout then at the end of each chapter it has a problem set and at the end of each book it has like a lot of practice problems so at the very beginning I was going through and doing everything I think that is probably important to do for like the first two books or so just because this is the foundation for like all the other maths you’re gonna be doing another book that I bought that I wish I didn’t was this five pound book of practice problems like I said during every single book it has examples throughout it has problems that throughout and the last like two chapters of it are practice problems so this was definitely a waste of money I have not used it at all and I was just instead getting the flashcards um for your verbal score I feel like there’s not really much you can do to improve that or change it it’s just a lot of reading comprehension strategies which I don’t know I know I’m equipped with as a college student but there is a lot of like out there vocab and when you do have the Manhattan prep like I signed in made an account just for my practice has like all that stuff they do have a free like and gets 20 or 50 word vocab set that you can work on the advanced set and the like basic set of words and honestly studying that like the week before my exam I wish I had known about it earlier which I had bought in the flashcards like I said but I didn’t discover until about a week before my exam and that’s honestly what helped me get my verbal score even higher because the reading comprehension like I said you kind of know or you don’t so yeah I definitely recommend getting the 500 of advanced vocab words so how much you want to study really depends on you and when you’re taking the exam originally I had plan to take it I wanted to take it like August 26 I’m usually take it like August or so so that if you need to retake you take it and of September I ended up taking it September 13th or no September 17th actually so I kind of cut it close so I studied very very little in July maybe got through one book and then in August and beginning of September I studied the rest and at the beginning like I said I went through every single thing towards the end once I was getting three more math books I just would do maybe the problems throughout and then not worry about the practice the problem sets at all because that point had to be really like picky about where I spent my time I said my first diagnostic test I think in July then I didn’t take my next diagnose or my next practice test until the fifth of September so I don’t really see the purpose of doing that these practice tests if you don’t know what’s going to be on it so I made sure to get through like a like several math books do all the reading comprehension stuff then take the exam again so I get a better view of oh I need to go back and do geometry or oh okay the books that I haven’t covered yet that’s what I need to work on so yeah my second exam I got a 157 on quant so it went up two points and then I’ve got a 156 on verbal so it went down two points and then my third exam I took the next day I got a 158 on quant and I’m 158 on verbal so now I was like needing where I needed to be at the back of the reading comprehension essay books it does have a vocab section has a list of vocab words but personally it’s really hard for me to learn from a list so that’s why I recommend you getting the flashcards through Manhattan prep as well but this set of eight books I think prepares you extremely well the practice tests are basically the same as when you actually take the GRE and if you need to if you’re going oh my gosh I’m having a lot of problems on verbal or whatever then you can take you can say I just want to do a verbal section it’ll give you two verbal sections and score you on it so you don’t have to do a whole three hour long practice test every single time now I said don’t do the essays on the diagnostic test but do the essays all after that because you do need to build up that stamina for testing for three hours straight and towards the end you should be very strict about one when it breaks in between and only go to the bathroom during your 10 minute break and things like that on the ETS website they also offer two three practice exams I believe and it does give you your score but on the Manhattan prep um once you take the practice test it actually tells you which questions you got wrong the solutions to it what category that’s in so is it geometry is it decimals is it percentages so it’s it’s a lot better for studying but on the ETS website I recommend you take it just you’re familiar with what the format’s gonna be on the exam so yeah I had about five weeks of solid studying that’s all that I needed some people are different some people can cram and do it in three weeks some people prefer to do like two to three months of studying it’s really up to you and it really depends on where you start in that diagnostic test on how much you don’t learn and how much you do improve your score so I’m a link below this set of eight books below through Amazon that’s where I bought and again each one of these comes with six practice tests I’ll also link below the ETS website which is where you sign up for the GRE and learn all about it again if you have any questions specifically about scoring or anything then make sure you go check out that website so yeah thank you for watching this video I hope it’s helpful to you good luck on the GRE um yeah I had been scoring consistently 158 on quantitative in my practice exams and then on the exam I end up getting a 156 but likewise my verbal score kept going between a 158 and then a 156 then I’m gonna 160 then 155 and then on the exam I got a 161 which was the best I’d ever gotten before um and then yeah with writing I just really followed what the book said um it tells you all the strategies it’s literally I did I covered essays like I think I took one morning of studying reading it and doing practice ones and all that stuff when I was able to get a 5 it’s out of six five I was in the 93rd percentile which means 93 percent people taking the test scored lower than me so I really like these books I think they prepped me really really well totally recommend them if you’re taking this exam yeah anyway so hope you guys enjoyed have a wonderful day we’re gonna keep doing out loud and I will see you guys next time ..


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  • Thanks, Olivia! I’m 60+ and returning to academia to finish my dream. But after 30+ off campus, I am not the mental master of all arts and sciences that I was. This is so specifically informative, I know exactly where to expect the sweet and the sour spots will be.

    You drew a great map of the GRE landscape.

  • Really practical and effective study tips for GRE. Everyone should use these tips to crack GRE. Thank you for sharing.

  • Got 163 V, 157 Q, 4 AWA last month. Studied for 4 weeks, about 6-8 hours a week. Practiced maths mostly. Some verbal. Zero AWA. Youtube videos helped alot. And math cheat sheets.

  • The Kaplan book has a lot of tips for the reading comprehension because the people who make the GRE are looking for certain things. Also, I’ve been studying vocabulary a good bit. I write the word and definition and an example sentence. It has helped a ton. The Kaplan book have tons of test tips and what they are looking for on each section. I highly recommend the Kaplan GRE plus book. It also has a ton of stuff online, and it’s only $25. Good luck. And I’m praying for you all!