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hi guys so today I’m going to be talking about some study tips over the past few years in college I’ve kind of gathered a few sort of quirky kind of weirder study tips that might not work for everyone but have worked for me so I thought that I would go ahead and share them with you guys so these are the tips that I used to study at Cornell for exams or just general studying or doing homework and so for anyone in college hopefully these can be applied to you and will help you guys out so my first tip is if you are trying to stay up late at night to cram or study for something to avoid rushing in to avoid anxiety I cover up the time on my laptop on my phone on my i. Pad whatever electronics I’m using and by doing so you are able to focus a little bit better on the task at hand rather than being distracted and kind of overwhelmed with how late it’s getting and whatnot so for me it’s really helped me avoid a lot of anxiety and a lot of times I can actually get tasks done a lot faster this way because I can narrow my focus on the task at hand without being rushed or feeling frustrated by the time ticking make sure that you’re still a little bit conscious of how long things are taking sometimes it might be better to look at the time and to call it a night and start again in the morning if you’re able to but overall if you’re really needing to just get something done this tip has really worked really well for me another tip that you guys have probably heard before but I feel like not enough people take advantage of is to take twenty to thirty minute naps whenever you’re getting really really tired you’re really not productive when you’re tired probably most of us have noticed this when you’re really tired you you know kind of tell yourself oh just ignore like this exhaustion and just keep going but the time that you waste being drowsy and kind of really sitting around not absorbing any of the information very well it’s just wasted time and that twenty thirty minutes even more sometimes hours that you spend just being not productive is better put towards sleeping and then waking up just feeling a little bit more refreshed so that you can keep studying or doing your homework and hopefully be a little bit more productive throughout the night so the tip that has really affected my time management skills and really helped me get things done throughout the day is to do the tedious kind of mindless sort of errand like tasks in between your classes I might have like four or five classes but in between a few of them I have an hour or so so what I’ll do during those kind of little snippets of time is email people I need to email meet with people that I need to meet maybe coffee down notes that I needed or see certain professors or you know go to the bookstore doing those in between classes where you’re not as likely to be productive studying like actual chapters and topics from class that time is better put towards these like very tedious just mindless tasks it’s the mistake that I made a lot when I was a freshman in college was I would try to study during those times and then end up just not really absorbing any of that information and at the end of the day I would just have to reset it meaning that that chunk of time I didn’t actually use effectively so my next tip is to understand when studying with peers is fun versus effective everyone kind of has a different stance on this personally I almost in college I almost never study with other people I pretty much 100 percent of the time study by myself because I’ve just noticed that it’s the most effective for me I absorb things the fastest and the best when I’m kind of by myself with my music not really wearing not really around too many people that I know and not getting distracted on the other hand I know that that doesn’t always work for everyone I have a lot of friends at Cornell who swear by studying in groups and kind of having little study parties with their friends and that can also be really effective but I think what I’ve noticed a lot is you know people get together and it’s fun right it’s fun to study together because you can talk and gossip and laugh while you’re studying and it makes a very tedious task a lot more fun and so you do it again because naturally you want to do things that are fun and enjoyable but it’s really important to really sit down and think okay if I use that same amount of time that I spent studying in a group by myself what I have learned things better or what I have learned things worse or not as effectively just sit down and ask yourself that question and that can hopefully bring you a better understanding of not only should I study in groups but also who should I study with what topics are better to study in groups versus not groups because not every topic and every class is the same way etc and these are really things that you want to turn out early on in college so that you know you know yourself the best do not study on your bed ideally don’t even study in your room actually it’s actually pretty important that you don’t create an association in your mind between what you sleep and where you work that leads to less efficiency less productivity more distractions definitely so I personally don’t like to study in my like apartment room I think it’s really important to go to a library or study room or lounge an academic building even a coffee shop I think it’s better that way again you’re not creating a link between where you sleep and where you work and therefore kind of having your mind drift off a lot a lot easier when you’re studying if you must send you a new room at least avoid the bed I know it’s really easy just to hop on over and get relaxed and lay down with your laptop but that’s like the worst thing you can do for yourself you should sit at a proper workstation with your desk and a chair upright get a glass of water spread out your textbooks and really focus on the task at hand my next step is a lot easier said than done I know but change your mindset from I want to get an a on this test too I should actually learn this topic I should actually understand this subject even with classes that don’t see they have anything to do with what you plan on doing and you might find them useless and therefore studying them is very tedious and becomes a chore it’s really really really hard to do well in a class that you don’t like so what I started doing is thinking about how important education is to me as cheesy as it sounds and realizing like I’m very lucky to be here I’m very lucky to take this class that’s so many course staff have like developed over time and they really want students to learn this I’m so lucky to even have an education like this and to be able to learn this subject that other people you know really don’t have the privilege to learn and I think realizing appreciation really helps develop more motivation for studying but also just learning so I know not all classes seem like they’re relevant or interesting but at least try to convince yourself that they are and that it’s actually useful information that it is valuable that you learn it any process that we put ourselves through depends on the goal and the task at hand and if your goal is just to get an a on a test then naturally your process is going to consist of probably manipulating your studying so that you can get an a on the test typically won’t work out and as students we are kind of all guilty to this we’re all vulnerable to this tendency but instead if you try to change your mindset I actually want to understand this topic then the process to get there ends up resulting in much greater understanding and typically a much better grade this next tip kind of goes along with the last one which is while you were trying to understand the topic also try to understand how different topics leave into each other and our mind learns networks and associations and links a lot easier than separate issues so if I have five different chapters that I need to study for a given class instead of seeing those as five different chapters and kind of giving getting overwhelmed by all of this different information I need to instead think about how do they connect with each other so for example if I have you know five different chapters or subjects in a linear algebra class that I need to learn for an exam I can think about okay well how does this one topic relate to this other one what are the base topics that they share what are the base equations or methodologies that I have to do to complete each one do some of them you know work together to create a similar goal maybe one topic is actually an improvement on another etc and this has really really helped in my studying techniques especially for things like math or science classes where things tend to be related more but even in like liberal arts classes even in government you know history repeats itself different events are caused by others different people are certain away because of others and so even in liberal arts classes this can be done pretty much any subject I think creating these links is a pretty easy thing to do drink water this is really really important please drink water it can help you stay awake and alert and obviously hydrated and healthy so please drink a lot of water wherever you are whatever you’re studying whether or not you listen to these other tips at least drink water okay so then this last tip is especially important for college exam weeks when you’re scheduled a lot of times seems to be crammed it seems like we always have like two tests on one day or like four tests in three days or something crazy that the Registrar you know schedules some people like to put all of their eggs in one basket and kind of really study hard for let’s say the most important class or maybe the most difficult class in my opinion it’s not a really smart thing to do because oftentimes their overall GPA will suffer oftentimes the classes that you think don’t require that much time you actually should have studied and whatnot so in my personal opinion you should not put all of your eggs in one basket and instead spread your eggs out I guess a lot fairly equal amounts of time to each class and then adjust accordingly to easier and harder classes but don’t you know put all your time and energy into one class and then end up getting like a D and a class that was actually supposed to be easy and then you just feel like a fool in the end and then you just regret everything after exam weeks you know so instead you know be smart about it and plan but a lot of times I think we get caught up in this really difficult class that’s been giving us a hard time throughout the whole semester and we just want to do really well Nia and ace the final exam but it’s really not smart to neglect easier classes because you should be getting an A in those first okay so those are all of my kind of little quirky studying tips I could honestly probably make a whole another set of videos about this because I have a lot of weird study tips that I do and a lot of tips and tricks so if you guys like this video let me know let me know if any of these work for you or if you guys have any really cool study tips please put them in the comments so I can use them and other people can use them so I hope any or all of these helped you guys out and until next time I will see you guys later bye..


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  • Here’s all the tips summarized:
    1. Cover up the time when studying at night
    2. Take power naps
    3. Do mindless tasks between classes
    4. Know when studying with others is fun vs effective
    5. Don’t study on your bed / room
    6. Try to learn the material instead of just getting a good grade; it’s hard to do well in classes you don’t like
    7. Make connections between subject material
    8. Drink water!
    9. Don’t neglect any classes. It is a mistake to spend all you time studying for your harder courses.

  • What did you use in your college application as an extracurricular ?
    Can you do a video on work ethic and how were you advised on developing work ethics on yourself?

  • I prefer not to study with friends, as I feel like it is not effective. I think i do best when studying by myself. However, whenever my friends ask me to study with them, I did and sometimes, in fact many, I feel like my time is wasted. Like this past Friday, I’ve to wait for my friend over 2 hours to arrive to study together. In the midst of waiting, I no longer have the mood/energy to study.

  • Can you give us a tour of the dining Halls? Lol I just binged on a bunch of ur vids but as an incoming freshman I haven’t found any videos on YouTube that show what food is in the dining halls :

  • Oml thank you so much. I recently got accepted to Cornell ED and i’ve been worried about how i’m going study effectively and keep a good GPA at Cornell, bc i’ve definitely developed some bad study habits this year This really helps!

  • As a Cornell freshman, I swear by taking power naps too. My headaches always feel better and I’m so much more productive. I also like to make Spotify playlists to listen to while studying. For finals week, my friend and I made playlists for each other which really helped me relax and enjoy my studying a little bit. When I really need to get things done, I like to blast piano music. One time my roommate heard my listening to it and thought it was weird at first but we both got so much done that night. Thanks for the tips! I’d love to see another video.

  • Glad to see I’m not alone in not being a big fan of study groups, but then being a bit of an introvert tends to make me want to also shun them. I do see some benefits coming from having info presented from another persons perspective though. Still, I feel like studying alone generates more inner dialogue, which in turn tends to fuel my curiosity about the subject matter, and helps me with learning. I agree big time on the napping point, because besides frustration/anger, for me, few things serves as mental block to learning like drowsiness.