Do You Prefer To Study Alone Or In Groups?

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I prefer studying alone because I if I have to work on one particular issue I say as long as I need to setting that part so I’d rather study by myself I think I prefer sterling with in grips because I can I can find out many things I haven’t thought about and then we can do some little teaches after work after it is studying oh alone definitely I kind of like to be in control of my own learning I feel like we groups it’s too easy to get distracted I definitely prefer studying alone like I said before about the team sports I am an individualist and I like working in teams theoretically but a lot of the time it doesn’t work my problem is a lot of the time I don’t study for tests until the night before so it’s difficult to get groups together and study for the test and I find that although maybe you learn better when you’re studying in groups it takes a lot longer and it’s a lot you get a lot less done in the same period of time so when I’m by myself I’m able to just power through the material and study hard and get it done do you like study alone or in a group my answer will be in a group definitely because when you study alone you have you need to have high self motivation mmm I’m kind of lack of that so I need a group I prefer studying alone but I like to collaborate with other people and to discuss ideas and I think collaboration can help you to develop your own ideas and see things from a different point of view you..

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