Cupertino City Council Study Session On The Citywide Parks And Recreation System – June 11, 2018

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Waiting until we achieve a quorum which I expect to do so very briefly we have councilmember variety not then and Councilmember Chiang is pulling up the dice great And so if you would please join us to pledge allegiance to our nations flag will commence with meeting. Thanks And Madame city clerk if you would please conduct the roll call Councilmember Barry Chang. Yeah, councilmember Savita by tinactin. Yeah Mayor, Darcy Paul, I I see we have one more councilmember pulling into the dice councilmember, Steven Sharpe Okay Noted that vice mayor rod sinks.

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It’s not unit the dice very good, and I’m here as well. Thank you very much Kirsten Okay, so we I believe only have one item on the agenda It is a study session related to our citywide Parks and Recreation master plan And I’m very happy to have hear from staff Gill seats as well as back from our consultant MIG Cindy Mendoza Great one of you like to introduce our item Thanks Gil yes good evening, mayor Paul and councilmembers We’re very happy to be here with you this afternoon To update you on the citywide perks in our creation system master plan and invite your continued feedback and direction Cindy Mendoza senior project manager with MIG is here to assist and she and I will jointly Do a presentation and invite your input as we go along and input from the community And I note that in our audience but effectively available for us should we have any questions of the department we have Christine Hanul from the Parks and Recreation or parks and community services Department and so I think we have a good representation of our knowledge base in the city So just to give us a sense of what we’re looking at here about how long are we expecting for the presentation and I think I’ll ask my council to refrain from asking questions until after the presentation Just for the record we have allocated approximately two hours for the agenda item and for the meeting if it does tend to go a little bit over and You know being in the middle of the afternoon I think it probably won’t give them the fact that we don’t have as much of the Representation out here at this point, but if it does go a little bit over I’ll probably break the meeting around five o’clock So that the council members that have made perhaps some other plans can Attend to those but if we lose quorum, we’ll figure that out from there as well All right. So so as a preliminary matter about how long are we looking at for the presentation and Does that structure work for you to present have questions taking input from the public and then come back to the council for more comments? Yes, and we were intending to invite input at two points input from the Council’s clarifying questions community input and the council’s input and discussion to kind of match two primary topics if that’s acceptable to sure at what points were those At what points were those within the presentation? Schedule and and the timing as well about how long are we expecting for each of the points of the presentation? So based on council member requests last time for additional information with regards to the public outreach We’re going to do a brief maybe 20 minute overview of some outreach findings take any clarifying questions at that point But then talk about the Memorial Park concepts so different Potential recommendations for that site and because that is a specific topic of interest We’re assuming the presentation part of it is only 15 20 minutes. But again, the the questions and comments around that may be longer so at that point We would invite that feedback before we then break into the third part which was on project priorities moving forward into recommendations And about how long were you planning on the project priorities portion of the presentation? Again, it’s approximately 15 20 minutes. We tried to keep it much shorter this time to give you ample time for conversation then comments Okay It sounds to me like about an hour for presentations all told and then including our questions So the audience can get a sense of when we’ll have an opportunity for public input That would probably be at the very earliest about an hour hour 15 minutes out from this point And so we’ll take the public input at that point and then bring it back up the diaster any further com And I just want to know for the record that we’re now joined by vice mayor sinks which is actually impeccable timing because I think that can conclude the preliminaries and Commence with the substance of meeting Alrighty, very good. Thanks Is somebody pulling up the presentation for us or is there That’s available on the staff side where miss eaves is So is there who who has the control of the computer here Right as we just mentioned there is three parts of the meeting we will go over the outreach results quickly then talk about Memorial Park concepts for direction and then talk about Some project priorities around the big moves and major projects that we discussed with you last time The outreach over the view that we are giving you today is in direct response to a request from Councilmembers last time to get a better understanding of the community’s priorities So very quickly. I want to reiterate that Outreach was robust it occurred over the period of a couple of years it included a variety of different types of outreach techniques to be able to meet people where they are as well as get Representative samples as well as invite comments for those people who wouldn’t otherwise participate in the planning process So these included activities such as a citywide survey intercept event stakeholder interviews community and block leader workshops vision and goals questionnaire And of course we have guidance from three different advisory groups including you our special advisory group to this project as well as the Parks and Recreation Commission who provided guidance throughout There’s also been an opportunity for ongoing input via online comments that the city has received from the beginning of the project So clearly we’re not going to highlight results from all of those different activities But we do want to reiterate that there has been consistently 12 key themes that have emerged they’re shown here I believe you’ve seen these before They’re also in your packet What I want to note here for your benefit is that when Mi. G identifies key themes from outreach often? It’s closer to five or six maybe ten at most what we’re finding here is that there is a variety of different things desired and a lot of Expectations to be met in terms of the community in cupertino.

So it is everything from investing in nature to investing in larger facilities that really represent the identity and brand of the city and within that there are smaller moves such as investing in play opportunities and teen Opportunities as well So what you see the 12 collectively rise to the top, but again that is a larger variety than we see in many communities We ask some specific questions This is from the the citywide survey an online questionnaire with regards to the opportunities to improve enhance or add recreation amenities These recreation amenities include some smaller elements such as sports fields athletic fields playgrounds And the like what we found is that the most consistent priorities are often Park trails and pathways which you see in the dark blue being Strongly favored and light blue favored as well as access to nature and natural open areas When we talked about recreation programs and the types of things that people would like to see enhanced Given what you see, is there a variety of different types of enhancements desired Nature and environmental programs nature interpretation are the ones that scored most highly in terms of types of programs desired Again, sticking with that theme of the importance of connecting people to nature But what I also want to point out here is that many categories scored over 50% of the population wanting to see enhancements in all of these different types of programs again that’s emphasis of the variety of different types of Recreation opportunities the community would like to see whether it’s through facilities or through programs When we ask about interest in adding different types of major recreation facilities again These are larger than the amenities that we questioned earlier So things such as multi use gymnasiums aquatic centers Performing Arts banners what we found here Is that what scored the highest was the year round? Aquatic Center, but what’s interesting is that there are other priorities they are clearly? important to note here including number two the Performing Arts Center Which is second from the bottom as well as number three a multi use gymnasium what’s interesting to us about this question is that some of the Elements that were included or smaller elements such as a gymnasium is typically something that you would put inside a facility of another type Same thing with a maker space or incubator hub could be added to a facility of another type So when we start to look at it that way what we realize is that the ones that come to the top are year round Aquatics performing arts and some type of multi purpose multi use recreation center that addresses a variety of different needs Recognizing that we did have 12 goal areas that scored very highly or emerged as the top themes of The from the earlier community outreach when we went back to the public We specifically tested those 12 themes to see which ones as a goal for Parks and Recreation would be most important to them What we found is that number one? recognizing we’re putting together the darker green which indicated this goal was very Important or the lighter green that it was somewhat important is it nature again as a goal emphasizing nature and connections to nature? Was the number one? area of emphasis this is followed by trails again at number two a very consistent theme that we have heard through the community outreach and then for number three There was a sort of a tie between Having a variety of different types of recreation opportunities and improved access to recreation Believe when we were with you last time we talked at length about ways to provide parkland To improve access to recreation and we felt we had solid direction on that So here we’re coming back and looking at some of these other priorities to see where we stand in particular on the major facilities with that in mind we received input from different types of events as well an intercept event, which took these Interactive display boards where people could use dot stickers to show their priorities out to different events And in that case we’ll be asked them about the most desired recreation facilities in the community again The year round aquatic facility rose to the top, but there is a close second between the Performing Arts Center a multi use gymnasium When we asked them about desired recreation programs special events rose to the top followed by aquatic programs in nature and Environment again nature and environment was the top one in the online questionnaire when we asked about desired recreation amenities Access to natural open space trails and pathways being number one again very consistent across the top number two though here was emphasis on playgrounds sports courts community gardens again adding credence to that notion that people desire a greater variety of recreation opportunities in the community and you can see from some of the other notes on the slide that that Where how that variety plays out here? Is a more detailed slide but we wanted to really Draw some information in that we felt responded to your direct questions from last time this is the citywide survey that asks people questions about the recreation activities that they were a family member a member of their household participate in to get a sense of where people were participating most frequently Not surprising and consistent with the interest in trails the top recreation activity was walking for pleasure or fitness the number two Activity consistent with a strong desired access to nature was nature walks and hikes number three in terms of participation is interesting because this is where it starts to give us some clues about other types of facilities that may be needed and Number three was the cultural events in performing arts concerts attending for again emphasizing trails five special events so fairs and festivals Swimming was the highest sport where active recreation activity on the list at number eight What you can see is that the findings are broken down so we can get a sense of all Respondents and what their top priorities are which I was just telling you their rankings but we can also see what’s different in terms of priorities residents only or families with children or people under 30 years of age or 18 years of age We also broke it down into different cultural demographic groups to get a sense of their priorities So just to go into that in a little more detail in particular given the demographics of this community and The respondents that we had through earlier outreach activities. There was a question raised with regards to diverse cultural groups and their priorities What’s interesting to see as we break? This down is that priorities are pretty similar again trail activity score Very highly access to nature is still very important What we also find is that cultural events and performing arts are clearly a priority among Asian Chinese members of the community there are a variety of different activities though that scored with more tea more than 40% of respondents showing participation in these activities It shows a an interest again in a variety of different types of recreation Among Asian Indians, one of the outliers that we see is definitely a priority there one of their top priorities Including swimming as well as I believe that’s jogging running. I’m lining that up correctly and With that it gives us a sense of there’s a slightly different interest between different groups And then if you see at the bottom where we pulled forward some findings that were more than 20% of the population Responding favorably to those we see an emphasis on basketball that doesn’t really show up Otherwise, it really appears among Asian Indians as well as people under 30 years of age And so you start to see that some of the priorities stay consistent But there are some different things that emerge when we start to talk about needs of youth for example or needs of specific Demographics so things like Batman become part of the conversation as well as soccer and even dancing Or even is an earlier slide showed musical performance To go back to that the bottom line number 20 what you’ll see is that playing a musical instrument is super high amongst the population under 30 years of age again giving credence to the need for some type of a Performing arts or practice space to be able to encourage those types of activities Because the youth input is so important to this conversation And their needs were called out as one of the key themes that we needed to address We’ve also wanted to respond specifically on what the teen the Commission had indicated to us They definitely want youth interests taken into consideration in selecting new facilities But noting things such as sports are important aquatic facility is desirable the Teen and makerspace would be something that would be very interesting But a teen center needs to be thought of differently than it has in the past and I think we had that conversation Strongly with you all last time so I won’t reiterate that but again looking differently at these opportunities They called out that the sports center really needs a full size gym and that throughout the system where basketball courts are lacking again Consistent with what we just saw in the survey in terms of basketball spiking among younger adults They also called out needs for indoor badminton Because of the different concepts in a variety of outreach comments that we heard through the Preliminary outreach activities once we identified what some of these major desires are for facilities We talked to you last time and called in the big moves The different major types of recommendations or investments that the city could make in the future We wanted to test more specifically in other words Go back to the public and say hey, what do you guys think about this now that we have? Identified some top key features. What do you think? So we had a special advisory group meeting as well as a public workshop hosted by the Parks and Recreation Commission We’re gonna share those findings with you tonight because they are brand new. But what I want caution is Attendance there tells us that these findings are not representative So even for advisory group we didn’t have our full panel of advisory group members that night but again had a strong discussion with our 8 attendees who were there for the community workshop we had Approximately 26. We had a few people come in late So 20 to 30 people at the workshop, but the majority of them were mature Caucasian residents who had been longtime residents of the community so over 50 percent were over the age of 65 So the priorities that we’re sharing with you here we recognize are not representative of the demographics of your community overall If this workshop We wanted to get some guidance on again those things that we call big moves which are the larger Investments as well as the most important large facilities and then we tested through an interactive polling device Got instant feedback with regards to some smaller elements such as athletic facilities fields courts and desired types of green spaces and What we found is that again people had strong a Strong desire to see a variety of different types of recreation activities that of the most important big moves There was some interest in all of the different concepts that we tested the most important large facilities depending on which group we were talking to was a Performing Arts Center or The recreation center with strong interest in the tech center makerspace as well as the aquatics facility So again kind of across the board given that the group there we realized wasn’t representative When we asked them about the most important ethic facilities certainly there is interest in more basketball courts When we asked about desired types of green spaces here is where we saw something that was almost unanimous and that was interested in protecting natural areas in providing native plantings and natural space and parks and even taking care of riparian corridors That was consistent amongst both the advisory group as well as in the community workshop Following our interactive polling activity that we had we allowed people to break into different stations and provide specific verbal and written input with regards to a Variety of different types of facilities and again the comments that we got for each of these were mixed for example on the pool Some people were questioning. Do we really need this? There are a variety of pools already in cupertino or other people saying yes We definitely need this and it should be an indoor pool not just an outdoor pool, and it should also include Competitive tank as well as a recreation tank and fitness uses We saw that kind of mixed input amongst all of these But again, very strong consistent support for trails and natural areas Sydney just to give you a sense of the time. We’re about or about Maybe 16 six and a half minutes in So that is our quick overview of the public outreach If you have any questions of that We just wanted to give you that Sense that there are mixed comments with regards to trails and nature being trout top priorities Thanks very much Are there any questions from Council at this point councilmember sharp? I’ll go first.

Yeah, I have about 30 questions So regarding pools you Know I think we’ve kind of let our residents down. We used to have a Year round pool next to the Sports Center now, we don’t have any public year round pools. So when you said there’s a variety of pools Are you referring to like the YMCA or or? Pools the people’s houses or what do you mean there’s a variety of pools Yes, when we shared with you some needs assessment results many months ago Now one of the things we noted is that some of the private pools and semi public pools were Taking care of some of the needs for swimming in this community. So it’s everything from school facilities to the specific What is it a pool and racket club that you have here in Cupertino? Oh Yeah forgot about the Country Club there So you mentioned protected creeks? Are there any creeks at Memorial Park I? Don’t recall any not specifically in Memorial Park the the creeks that have been called out have been across the city and Aligned with I’m thinking more Memorial Park. Yeah. Okay.

So this is the whole master plan Not just not just Memorial Park, okay So in terms of basketball, I mean I know people love basketball But there’s so many places in Cupertino for basketball. Is that something I mean, I’d rather have basketball than tennis it doesn’t take up much space, but You mentioned there’s a lack of basketball space To me that finding suggests not necessarily that we need to have a lot more outdoor basketball courts But it speaks to the need for an indoor gymnasium the fact that there’s strong participation in basketball again Suggests that what’s lacking in this community is the indoor basketball, right? Yeah, I agree that I mean I would personally like to see a gymnasium Sports Center pool all together to kind of reduce the staffing level, so we don’t need all separate separate facilities and Did anyone talk about moving the teen center into that area? I think did you mention that Memorial Park might not be? optimal for the teen center location There has been specific studies and conversations with the teen commission about what to do with the teen center There is a sense that the the current location is not ideal for teens It’s difficult to get to not many people use it. They would like to see it moved elsewhere Across the nation the the trend is to provide teen space in some type of multi age Recreation center also a multi purpose recreation center so that it gives them a variety of other opportunities All right. Thank you. That’s all I any further questions vice mayor sinks. Yeah Do you know what the pool hours for Rancho? Rincon Anna are are they are they all year or what the pool season is for Rancho Rinconada they closed because we’ve talked about Considering whether that could be public facility do we know Not clear on the hours, so we’re looking to see if somebody can get that information to you It is open to the public for swimming However, so even if you do not live within that district to you, there is an opportunity to swim there I mean, I think we floated the idea before that. Maybe some of our money could go toward Relieving the property tax burden that’s placed on the folks on that side of the city So in exchange for making it available as a maybe a City facility rather than a membership facility We would relieve the property tax burden on all those folks and have a real facility for everybody on the east side of town I’ve pulled up the hours here. There are Monday through Friday 3: 30 to 7: 00 p. m.

Yeah, okay I mean it is really the season right so that’s the other thing and then the weekends noon to 3: 00. I Know most of those Cabana clubs are not year round. It’s like April to October Or something like that. I mean I’m personally interested in an understanding Whether the considerable investment we’ve made in At blackberry farm if that pool couldn’t be converted to or at least part of it to full time use I mean what a decade ago. We made such a big investment.

It’s such a beautiful place. I walked past there with my family on on Saturday It was 12: 30 in the afternoon There were 84 people Who had paid to enter the pool and weekends? It’s I think eight four Cupertino residents and ten for non residents I was impressed by how lively the place was. It’s such a beautiful venue So I’d like to continue to look at on the east side the the club there is is it possible that that could be as a City facility year round facility and also at back blackberry farm Because I think we you know, there’s a lot of investment been made I realize we can recreate it at Memorial Park or someplace else But I’m just scratching my head thinking wouldn’t we be better off with two facilities? If if that’s not good enough? You know if that’s not enough for some reason I’d like to understand why and and I’m you know Maybe it has to do with if we want to Do the super pool? Santa Clara style, you know big swim meet thing that might be a reason but I want to be testing our residents to see how how much of a Sylheti they need but it just seems to me you have what a couple of pools down at blackberry farm We have the other one. Could we make those year round? I Will also note, we talked one of the priorities here was on As we went through the list something that scored fairly high was community gardens Well on my walk I walked through those community gardens I have to say there in about the sorriest state I have ever seen in all my years here Most of the garden area isn’t Being used there are thistles growing everywhere up to four feet six feet high The space that is being taken by gardeners is a small fraction of a plot typically I think these Facilities are sorely the facility at blackberry at this is at Rancho Preserve is sorely underutilized. I don’t know what it’s going to take to transform those but I would say I Would like to see some garden space for residents in the city and I don’t think we’re managing what we have very well All you’ll need to try to punch in we know you’re new to the city, but Welcome city manager brand I just wanted to let you guys know in the CIP this year’s budget you approved a million dollar item to renovate the community garden You should see a dramatic transformation of that facility. I’m I’m relieved to hear that I will tell you I think you know if we had maybe smaller plots that People could use as they really use them We could accommodate more people because I’m you know I keep hearing from people that they’ve been on the waiting list for years, and I don’t think somebody taking a 20 by 20 or 30 by 30 or whatever it is foot plot. And then using 10% of it is okay Yeah, we’ll pass that information along to the parking rate Commission.

They’re the ones supervising the project. So, thank you very much I do have some around to that The community garden II, can we work out with the school Because I know those elementary school stearin at some of the school they have their own print have small paths Maybe we can work out with some kind of friend with their school school district here and then have them you know just designate certain Plant for them and then they can bring this the kids over there to see how it work And I was so close to the nature So that’s what I have in mind Okay, because even in our library here in the middle, they have their school children playing some Vegetable there, so I think it obvious If we can work out some print and make it work There to some some of them doesn’t look that big and then if you talking about the Environment of the community and you only have designated Certain number of the resident and that’s it only it’s very limited, but I would like to get more kids in the special Schools children to get more involved with about every cultural thing, you know printing You know vegetable all this so I think it would be much much much better used that way Okay, great for the questions from by Smurfs, thanks I was just wondering why we were doing this study session at 3: 00 in the afternoon rather than in the evening. I Recognize that a lot of people are passionate about this, but we have about five folks in the audience Is there a reason we picked this time to do this? Stuff was there any particular input as to the the timing of this? We worked with city clerk’s office and city manager’s office to identify windows that would work when Staff and the consultant and the council were all available And we wanted to get this Continue our progress and there weren’t a lot of good dates And this was the time slot that I that we understood was the best for all concerned yeah, typically we it’s usually scheduling issues that were that sort of we default to the time where the room is available and all the Customer was available. So I presume that was How we landed on this time during the day? Okay. Well, I would just note that I Bet we’d have a Lot more people in here if it was evening. So but I also respect that, you know Scheduling is hard. And I know that a lot of I also respect that we’ve done all this outreach So I find my general comment is I appreciate the summary information we’ve gotten from residents on all this and Can I ask you a question? Sure, you would have to see many You think at this time is not Convenient for their resident to participate maybe we can do another one in the night time Well, this won’t be the last meeting we have on this, right Correct It’s not like this is the last chance or any such thing. So it’s just it’s just an observation that you know, I think for a meeting where We’re providing facilities to the general public right that are considered a big benefit given that we’ve Observed a lot of passion in the community.

I’d love to have Instead of you know moms and dads picking up their kids from school at this hour. I’d love to have him here Lobbying for the thing that they’re most passionate about It you know, it was interesting to me to see last time. I think we determined that there was no place in town for a full size regulation international cricket field Did you just drop that from the survey or I would it seems to me that? You know, there’s there may be a middle ground between the size of what we have here and a full size regulation field Did we pull on that or did we get input about that? So yes I believe there was clear direction from you all last time that we didn’t need to talk about the international scale cricket field But that we should continue to look through partnership for a place to have a community size cricket that will be addressed Towards the end of the presentation when we talk about key key things to carry forward well But I didn’t see that in your survey either. I noticed that basketball popped out cricket did not test very strongly again, which could be Part of who participated in this survey. I think it is also one of those elements in terms of recreation variety that we would like to add but as we talked about last time We don’t feel it necessarily should replace any existing use Given the size needed for a large cricket field But instead should be something to add to the system if the opportunity exists to do. So, okay Go ahead. Yeah, I will add that the results the most recent results on cricket in the two page attachment II with all the breakouts about Do you are members of your family participate in the following the results on cricket ranged from? 0.4 and 0.7 percent to Three five or six percent the highest Demographic was the under 18 year olds.

There was 8.6 percent, but it was one of them lower participation items of the Approximately 980 people that got to that survey question that their responses were low and finally I see the big number. So I’ll Move on what I’ll be done with after this question, but for basketball Ya, the response was high. I mean I know in my own kids experience Cupertino hoops is a very popular program And in the time that they were participating at the least which wasn’t all that long ago the program filled up within a day or two if you didn’t get your registration and when they called for it, you know you couldn’t get in so there was much more demand and it’s it’s We’re at least at that time was constrained by supply. I wonder if you have any supply of gymnasiums I wonder if you have any comment on on basketball I Mean clearly it’s it’s it’s really popular So that that might call for us to build a gymnasium To add space to the stock that is really supplied by the schools here yeah, I’ll also add we we hear informally very consistently the interest in having places to play basketball indoor and Outdoor and one of the comments we’ve gotten consistently is that there are no full sized Outdoor courts in the city that are city owned and operated With the exception of the multi use court at the Sports Center Which is in great demand for the multiple Activities that can occur on it and that we do have hoops in our city parks But none is a full size court if we look at the popularity of tennis versus basketball we think about And I don’t know if I don’t know the relative size of a tennis court versus a basketball court But I’m rather wondering if we should take for whatever number of Courts were willing to build Think about moving the ratio between basketball and tennis courts in the favor of basketball courts.

I Don’t know if you have any thoughts about that based on Parks and Rec demand program demand What you see in the Sports Center any thoughts For it for outdoor courts, specifically I guess which must be less expensive to build or maintain. Yeah Christine Hanul assistant director of recreation and community services I just wanted to add that when this the multi sports court opened at the Sports Center it was Incredibly popular and part of that reason is a lighted facility, which is the other piece here that I think is important Teenagers in particular male boys in high school were coming from the area Sunnyvale as well to use that court and we don’t have any other lit facilities in the in the city So it’s very popular right now, but our tennis courts are generally lit, right? Our tennis courts are also very popular and we do offer Basketball camps and programs at the Sports Center and those do very well as well For the tennis courts we have right around the Sports Center, are they continually occupied? During prime time Yes, there are down times. But unfortunately the down time is going to occur during the school day. I see which is when many of the participants that Partake in basketball not all but many in high school college age would want to utilize it Alright, so for the courts that are north on the north end of Memorial Park, are those lit and are those popular? Those are popular. And yes, those are lit. Also, yes, any other tennis courts in the city? Mana Vista is not lit. Right Gil.

Yeah, I don’t believe so. Okay, so I believe those are the prime ones there at Memorial Park Thank you. Yeah, great. Thank you. Maurice thinks councilmember vite enough and any questions Yes And one was two of them are similar on the lines of what vice mayor was asking.

I would like you to bring up that graphic on cricket Because there from what I recollect there was something that said like 10 percent Wanted it and there was a big number showed opposition. It was a graph. Yes. It wasn’t the bright in the beginning So, how do we relate these numbers to the other numbers later on in your statistic It was a bar graph, yeah, it was the Parker In the meeting notes, it’s on our third page. So I don’t know if that yeah, here we go Yes, these the summer 2016 survey. You’re quite correct we asked about athletic fields in general sports courts and cricket fields and whether people Favored strongly favorite or neutral or opposed? And so that the cricket fields had the maximum opposition if so is this something that was surveyed by in written or in a room of people because it’s not clear to me because you’ve had Several intercept events and you also had an event in a room with people This was a written survey and it was again self selected participants there were Over 600 close to 700 people that took the survey But there’s no way to know what the demographics of the bet believe is.

We don’t have the ethnic Results okay on that survey that we do have age We have a little bit of demographic information, but not as robust as the as last summer survey, okay? Thank you that that’s really important and not because that that’s the hidden message behind this And then coming to the point of that the tennis courts I had a very interesting conversation with someone who said oh there aren’t enough tennis courts in your city and I said why do you say so she said my child has no place to play and Then I realized that child. She was talking about was an adult. It’s her child Yes, but this was an adult and they were looking for a free tennis court So I think in in our questions we have to be very Specific in what people are really looking for and then I tried to explain to her We have plenty of tennis courts, they may not be free, but we have their accessibility and then then she understood how the city works And then again coming to the question of demand. Is it Monday through? Friday during school hours is the only time from what? Christine said is that the only time they are not used? what the tennis courts I have been advised by senior center, excuse me Support Center staff that if you want to if you’re a non but want to come by and reserve a court and pay for court time that the only time they Consistently have court space available is Monday to Thursday? 10: 00 a. m. To noon and that they are generally at or near capacity at all other times That’s really good to know and do we have similar data for the basketball courts, or do we don’t have any facility? Which is on demand and reserved? yeah, the only one that we would have any information on is that Multi purpose court at the Sports Center, which is well used at the time that’s allocated for basketball activities But it’s in demand for the other options as well. And that court is in very high use Thank you, so my Follow up questions on this is we have arrangements with our school districts for the use of school facilities, which are public works helps to maintain has there been any outreach to the school districts in the in terms of asking them for the use of the pools or the gymnasiums or their basketball courts At the time when the students are not in the in the school I can respond a bit about pools the pools are available for rent at a couple of the sites during the summertime for a Less than two month window. It’s six to seven weeks.

And we do run our summer swim instruction at Cupertino High School Monta Vista High School could potentially be rented as well their pool from what I understand, but only during the summer Excuse me. Only during the summer break. Yes. That’s what we have Explored to date. I don’t know if there have been conversations about sharing other spaces basketball spaces and tennis spaces our agreement with the school district allows us to program and Run the fields during non school hours after hours and weekends, but it the agreement does not cover use they’re indoor facilities nor their pools that Would be a separate arrangement, but perhaps Christine could Add to that So regarding swimming facilities, we are currently at Cupertino High School at one time we had nine weeks that we would be able to utilize that facility and this year I Believe it’s barely eight might be seven and a half actually What’s happening is the schools are just having such a demand by their own students and their own programs Through the years as you know, the calendar the school calendar has shifted So we used to run summer programs through mid august and we no longer can do that because fall sports are typically gearing up We’ve also lost some space at some of the high schools for for gyms. So we used to run more sports camps But we don’t have the gym space to do so and in this community parents really do prefer an indoor facility during the summer and I think that just stems from Overall health and safety with regards to being out in the Sun for you know Those hot periods of time and then the blower exposure.

Yeah. Yeah, so So we have you know through the years we have lost space we have been in we’ve had some conversations with the high school district about the possibility of Working for next summer to reserve some additional pool space And we’re hoping that that that we can work that out But right now it’s not confirmed, but it’ll only be for the summer months not Monday through Friday events as in session. Yes, definitely only during the high school Or during the school good summer. I’m Sam, okay Thank you for that clarification The other question was you had some slides on the team Commission and you had got some input from them Where any service sent to the actual teens and the high school anything through? The high school school loop or whatever it’s called We we did extra outreach to the teen community we had an intern assisting us to strive to have higher team participation in the 2017 summer survey and we did much better than the previous one. We had a higher percentage That the the most robust information was a survey that the teen commissioned themselves pursued about two years ago they had a very detailed questionnaire about the future of the teen center and those results were shared with the Commission and they Were noted in one of the many Attachments to the previous reports that have come forward and the overall conclusion was about kind of the desirable location for a teen facility so the survey was typically largely about the teen center and I was it really about the teen center and they had I Believe over a thousand participants.

I’m gonna focus strictly on the Teen Center Was maker space one of the questions within the teen center Was that a separate question because I saw there was something on a different graph. I saw there was some interest on incubator makerspace yes, I I Don’t recall if the teen Commission survey in 2016 Focused on that it did invite feedback on the kinds of amenities that the teens themselves would like to have and there were a number of things that were important to them and were noted in the scoping matrix We brought to you in February the kinds of elements that the teens themselves felt were the most important And this recent comment was just by a team commissioner when we invited their individual and collective input They felt that a makerspace and teen space would be compatible. They could flourish well together Thank you. So I’m envisioning a slightly larger facility with Different users within the same facility and easily accessible to them not not for like where it currently is Which doesn’t seem very accessible Is that fair to say? Yes, okay. Thank you. That’s what my questions for now Thank You Councilmember Weiden authen council member changed you questions for this section of the presentation Done very good survey and I’m glad to see that the resident majority quite large majority like to keep the nature and the environment and then also the trail and also Glad to see they’re performing our still on the top. So See how we can work it out.

I know it’s not going to be easy, but it’s a it’s a citywide See what kind of program we can make it work So hopefully the mega doses he really attract here and then really enjoyable for everybody. Thank you Okay, great. So I know that this next section is about Memorial Park specifically and then we’ll take some questions for counsel with regard to that after that section. I did Make a note that approximately an hour after the meeting started around three o’clock We would hopefully be able to take some commentary from the public Remind us again what the third section of your presentation is about the third section is with regards to establishing priorities among the big moves So we’re going to share with you what we know are the top Priorities going to raise a couple of questions around some of these facilities and then ask for guidance on how to move forward, okay? No This is what I’d like to ask you to do As as part of the end of this presentation If you could just give us a slide on what you found to be the community’s input or your own Assessment of what the big moves the top big moves are After we take questions from the council Let’s go ahead and open it up to the public for commentary and then after we get those comments Respecting people’s times and our own timing.

We can bring it back up and you can finish off that third section of the Presentation we’ll take some questions regarding that at which point we can Segway directly into more comments from the council. So councilmember sharp Just a quick question for some of these sports like tennis and basketball there seems to be demand for casual use as opposed to times when it’s reserved for paid classes or Something like that. So have we looked into the difference between Usage just people wanting to go play basketball and tennis versus having to sign up for leagues or pay for instruction like through lifetime tennis because it seems like the shortage of tennis courts a big part of it is they’re being used so much for for revenue instruction So have you looked at at all about maybe shifting some of that even though we would lose revenue if we did that? That’s an operational decision that the department would need to make with regards to being able to reinvest in the cost of the facilities facility maintenance and upkeep and the like so Certainly, it is ideal to have sufficient court space that you can offer. Both programmed fee based court time as well as dropping play Okay, great I’ll take that as an expression of interest as well that if you’re following up, perhaps we can pursue A little more detailed analysis into that in the next presentation session but without further delay, let’s go ahead and talk about Memorial Park and some of the proposed big projects there and again just listing out the you know top recommendations for The the follow on steps and the big projects and then we’ll ask questions Take a public comment, and then finish up that last section. I think that works. All right.

Thanks very much All right with regards to Memorial Park you have in your packet three different alternatives These are not representing recommendations or specific design intent for Memorial Park but recognizing that this site is your largest and one of your most popular parks, we wanted to look at different opportunities to Enhance the park moving forward into the future through the year 2040 So all of the concepts each of the three keep the event space Recognizing. This is an important place for community events. And that space is not replicated anywhere else in the community So that had to stay but also keeping the Quinlin Community Center Senior Center Sports Center Veterans Memorial as well as the amphitheater All concepts also repurpose the inactive and there are three different common Concepts being brought before you one is the naturalized Gathering space I’m gonna skip the slide about the existing configuration. I imagine most of you are pretty familiar with Memorial Park at this point What the naturalized civic gathering space does is it keeps Memorial Park mostly the same it emphasizes Some renovations such as a renovated playground the renovated amphitheater adding a trail through the park Expanding the event lawn and improving landscaping and tree canopies. Otherwise, it keeps the site the same That’s quite a contrast to the arts and events concept which instead repurposes the softball field and instead creates a multi story arts and Performance Center that also includes the incubator space Technology Center within it and improve parking a courtyard that connects that to the rest of the park that also then connects to the expanded event lawn that has a stronger indoor/outdoor connection to Quinlin across the top of the Concept and then moving down the side Relocates a couple of different uses in order to further expand the amphitheater and event space at this park So it keeps a small water feature. It expands the playground area, but it Moves it into a different location and improves event staging as well The third concept instead focuses on active and multi uses for the site again Recognizing that there are several existing anchors to this park but wanting to connect them more strongly So in this case we keep the softball field We improve up at the top corner the tennis courts providing a pickleball overlay The Concept also across the bottom you will see that there is strong emphasis between in connection between an expanded Senior Center and Added aquatic facility and added gymnasium that well replacing some tennis courts can include rooftop Activities and then a renovated and improved fitness center this concept would also redesign the parking lot of to address some parking needs and Again, leave the emphasis on the event space that is there The intent with the three concepts was just to collect feedback between different opportunities Begin to enhance this site at the workshop on May 17th and in the advisory group Meeting we asked them what their? priorities were and what we found in most cases is that it was a mix of each of the concepts the trail loop trail for Example was a priority for all For our advisory group definitely the active and multi use concept and in particular the recreation center element of that Rose to the top for them but in our workshop their risk Impressions along the board of some people like the aquatic part of it some people like the Performing Arts Center concept a lot of them Again, recognizing the mature audience that were there like the concept that didn’t change anything and really kept it naturalized So there were again a mix of feedback that we received The info stations gave us a further opportunity to test what people specifically liked and didn’t like about each Concept with regards to arts and events.

There was strong support for the Performing Arts But also some comments that a different site should be considered for that and other partnerships as well With any major facility there was a conversation around parking and traffic concerns certainly Rose to the top again with active and multi use concept But again, there was strong support for the aquatic facility gym and sports improvements for Memorial Park The naturalized civic gathering concept there was support for the amount of green space at the park and the added trails Mixed input on the water features because we didn’t specify what those would be Only to say that we keep some type of water element different from what’s there currently? So some mixed feedback but the Parks and Recreation Commission were clear in terms of their Priorities and what they would like to see out of Memorial Park when they were reflected on this back on just a few days ago They preferred the active and multi concept three of the four commissioners Recognizing that memorials the recreation center of the city and that it needs to have a focus on the activity centers connecting the existing facilities that are there they like the notion of the multi story structures to be able to expand uses and ability to address some parking and traffic issues The sense was that it was important to retain and host the event Capacity of the site and to make sure we were improving transportation and access There were lots of individual calm Comments with regards to the different comments The ones that I want to call forward are the ones that say things such as we really like the Performing Arts Center But perhaps a different site would be a better location for it So simply because they didn’t call it forward and their preferred concept for Memorial Park does not mean that they did not want to see It at the city again. This was a specific look about what would be best for Memorial Park with Memorial Park? There was definitely interest in renovating the amphitheater the event space being more Inclusive in terms of the opportunities that are there but considering an inclusive play area as something else to occur at a different site That’s a very fast overview of our Memorial Park concepts knowing that we’d rather hear from you rather than having me talk Thank you so much. Are there questions from Council with regarding this counselor Bashar? Sure I Kind of liked the idea of the taller multi use buildings, but a long Stevens Creek Boulevard Not up against the northern edge of the park closer to the residential area You know if we did an aquatic center Indoor Nana, how do you call it an editorial? It’s kind of we’re saving that land For something else so we could do a multi story building with an indoor pool on the bottom floor You could have basketball indoor basketball courts. You could even put a makerspace or Senior Center in there And I think that’s key cuz I think it’s a lot cheaper to build one larger building in multiple smaller buildings As to parking that that’s a big issue since parking garages we were just talking about wanna the Library joint powers authority. It’s like $50,000 per parking space to build the parking garage, so Yeah, that that’s a big a big issue there And while I appreciate tennis course, I did like the idea of maybe using those eight tennis courts that are up on the What is that the south west? Corner, maybe those could be used for something else.

Maybe we could even put some tennis courts Up on the roof of somewhere. I’ve seen that done before you mean in the northwest even Right. There’s eight tennis courts That no, no that are on the you mean within the south right there kind of the southwest part of the Sports Center It’s where the pool used to be They took out the pool and they put in some other. So going over to Anton along Stevens Creek you mean? Yeah, it’s that Anton there.

Yeah, okay, okay Yeah, I know some hotels put pools on the roof, but we was looking into that It’s really expensive cuz you have to make the building a lot stronger to support the support the weight of the pool even Though that that would be kind of cool to have a pool on the roof Okay, thank you great further questions from Council Thanks sure I mean I have comments too, but I’m sort of wondering if we ought not hear from the public We are way in that’s are there any questions? I I mean the last time I did do a little weighing inside Maybe I I don’t have I may have some questions after the public speaks Okay, like I don’t know one of the questions also everybody nothing so Continuing with my question questions from the previous section. That’s what I was looking at a big space all inclusive Had have you done any parking study? Related to any of the things in Memorial Park even what has been discussed with the commissioners where three of the four agree That we could go vertical At this point there hasn’t been any specific Parking study in particularly because we haven’t defined the scale and types of facilities to include there As part of the sequel process. We do have to address traffic impacts It depends on the type of recommendation that is carried forward with regards to these facilities Because this is intended to feed into a more site specific master plan that would dress in detail those elements Okay, and then the second person was the amphitheater. I really like Some of the ideas that we heard about the amphitheater to make it more programmable and the seating also so that the families can attend any in detail study on that so we know What what are we talking in terms of dollars and cents? Not aware of any plans to do a detailed study on the of the theater at this point But certainly that would be addressed in the site master plan for memorial, but that would depend on the direction given by counsel Okay, thank you.

Yeah, thank you. Calcium. Everybody. Nothing else a member Chang any questions. Yes Do you think indoor pools have that kind of demand? I’m not quite sure because I just joined the Sunnyvale Freema high school pool you can buy it the past and it’s It used but it’s not Okay, and then also nearby in nearby the Memorial Park across three from the Stevens Cree the end of college their pool is open is also open to the public if you want to join Specially in the noon time you can you can go in and swim and I used to swim there but still history is not Whole bunch of people. So I’m wondering if we spend this kind of money People like to have the humanity, but we really using you know, they have a good use of this money here Okay, so that’s my question and then besides that you still have in Europe and you still have couple area with the water elements in there Knowing what I heard on NPR This year will be another hardest year.

We are going to face Would that be a wise to have another water element because we just waste water with all this water element in here, so that My question to you do you looking into that and then If we need it, can we just come combined together? I really like what council members jobs idea with multiple story But not stuck in the neighbor and neighborhood area, you know coming out too close to Stevens Creek. I think that’s a good idea Yeah So it sounds like there are a couple questions there one about demand of the pool and one with regard to the the parking Certainly with regards to the pool there has been mixed demand for what people would like to see the strongest Comments to date have been for a year round facility that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be indoors I think there’s been stronger discussion around an outdoor pool but again there has been some comments that it needs to include a competitive tank as well as a Recreational tank some comments with regards to things such as lazy rivers and stronger recreation features So there’s a lot that still needs to be answered with regards to the aquatic facility and the water water features Water features will we’ve been discussing to date include water features with some type of interactive Element so it can either be such as a playable Creek that meanders through the play area or something That is a water spray element. If it is something that is decorative the intent would that we’d have to be oriented towards water conservation The trend is not to provide any type of strictly decorative water elements to date for the reasons that you mentioned Another follow up question an MP theater if we have a Performing Arts Center would endure we still need the empty theater in there in the memory apart Because currently the one we have is not working we know that because this walkway in the middle, okay It’s very distracted Between the performer on the stage and then the between the and the audience you have people walking constantly walking back and forth It’s very distracting for the performer and then also for the audience so that’s why Matheny is now. It’s now rare attractive people. Don’t use it that often When you want to see the performance you want to be really focused enjoy.

You don’t want to have any distractions So my question is if we have a Performing Arts Center if this counts don’t give a direction, which I’m strongly In favor of it the multiple story and then have a Najd Performing Arts Center If we do have that then we still need to have a house outdoor amphitheater I’ll note that the amphitheater it was designed many decades ago it is aging and it’s not State of the art and we understand it warrants a renovation for sure to make it Deliver more to our community. It does get pretty Consistent use and very enthusiastic use for our concerts in the park the summer Shakespeare program and certainly, the festival’s many of our festivals use the amphitheater as an integral part of what they’re doing and it could be improved quite a bit Probably without even that much effort design professional but I You’re saying that perhaps we don’t need it at all if we have an indoor space, right? Sounds like that is your suggestion. Don’t get me wrong Area, I live nearby I went to Memorial Park couple loop almost twice four times a week and that’s my route I went up to the redwood tree to the tub near my defense and coming down It’s Freddy. Okay, but for the amphitheater for the Performing our purpose every time I see the Activity, there is just not many people because very distractive when you’re people walking in the middle It’s just not Not well designed. Okay, but that was thumbing the way before Okay, so we understand that but now we’re going to do it if we have a Performing Arts Center Do we really need to consider that? Okay, maybe we don’t need at all Okay, make it make a different way of Preserve those redwood tree and then make it a different Setting yes it could be repurposed Yeah And what if each of you needs something because even as I’m sitting here I can see the kids playing in the fountain outside So something may not that use too much water But a little amount of water it would be great to see something and of course I know the concerns about the geese so maybe no standing water. But some some water feature would be great. Okay Excellent Thank You.

Councilmember Cheh and Councilman provided nothing I have two brief questions before we open it up to public comment My first question is in concept three. I was wondering if you could pull up that image Of your presentation and my question is where’s the parking located in concept three I wasn’t able to Locate where that was and you had specifically mentioned fixing the parking issue. So is there an ability if anyone’s? Listening from the the city channel. Can we put this back up on the presentation and get to the The presentation page of concept three Is it showing on your screen? It’s not showing on our screen now or any of the powers that be out there and Excellent, thank you. So this is an image of concept number three Where is the parking located in this so there’s been a couple of different conversations one is around some type of parking structure adjacent to the Senior Center because one of the things we heard is a need for Parking that is easy for them to access The facility in particular and then others could use that to move to different parts of the park there’s also been a conversation about either underground parking or Potentially including lower levels of parking and a building that then above that had the gymnasium and other features associated with the recreation building It also calls out improved parking around the Quinlin community center as well Got it and with with Quinlin is there any kind of talk about underground parking or structure and Quinlin or is it just a matter of restructuring the existing parking lots there At this point we haven’t looked in detail. Again. It depends on the feedback And what concept is preferred that will give us the license to look, you know in more depth than two Parking and other elements to address it.

Okay, and then my other question is a very general question These are very, you know, full range plans What are the costs and at what point if we’re not getting those today? do we anticipate if at all getting cost estimates for each of these, you know, very Broad scale plans. That is an excellent question which explains the need to get to the third point of our Presentation because we do want to talk about what you would like to see in terms of costs for different facilities moving forward Okay, very good. Are there any following questions at this point all members one thing? I would love to see is some secure indoor bicycle parking. I was in a meeting recently in San Francisco At the MTC and there was kind of a incident with two of us They didn’t want us to use the indoor parking. They finally led us and it was just amazing. It’s multi level indoor secured parking because I think a lot of people are Reluctant to use bicycles because they’re even at the library that bicycles stolen here. So I would love to see some kind of Secure parking for bicycles. Thank you Hey great.

We have three comment cards from the public now They’re from Shawnee clean house Jennifer Griffin and Jean beador. Welcome Shawnee and Per usual we have three minutes per speaker Good afternoon Thank you very much. First I want to thank Gale speed and Cindy Mendoza for a wonderful outreach Effort I was part of the stakeholder groups and participated in all the meetings they’ve always been very civil respectful and informative and I found that to be a very Fun experience nice to participate in I also went to some of the public meetings and again, they were extremely well browned So thank you. I think it’s important to notice that the thing that Floated to the top of what people want is nature and they want it in their every power cut they want to preserve nature They want to regenerate nature. They want to see nature And how do we do that is a question that is not easy to answer Everybody knows how to build something Now people don’t know how to bring nature into an urban environment in cupertino Actually is in a wonderful situation because there’s a boundary of nature and you can pull it in by planting Oaks there’s things that can be done in the city to do it in a very Coherent way with the city planning all along so it doesn’t only have to be in parks and that’s why it’s important that you all pay attention to that because you can do It many many ways and That can identify and provide the brand that people want to see and that’s what really did float in every meeting every age every group, everybody put that is one of their highest priority and maybe it’s because they know they already have some so they know how Wonderful it is but it’s not only in Cupertino I say the same in San Jose when I participate in their green print effort and I saw that in the Palo Alto parks and Plan everybody wants to see nature. And I think it’s your I would love to see that You actually respond to that and find ways to provide that because that’s not simple like I said Everybody knows how to build a trail you pave something and I don’t think that’s what people mean when they want access to nature they want a path not necessarily a paved trail because Bicycle provide you with exercise Nature is not always compatible with the type of things that we do to provide that access when that is hardscape Concrete asphalt and how do you bring that? You bring it by planting you bring it by creating? paths like you have it Mc. Clellan Ranch, which people just love in the people play the kids play there and Adults walk there and everybody loves it so I wrote myself a few Small comments One time it’s kind of up but that’s what I want to say and thank you.

This really has been an enjoyable experience Thank you, Shaunie and if you want to attend any of your comments and written medium Please feel free to provide the city clerk as part of the record Thanks very much. Welcome Jennifer This reorganization As it’s been proceeding along I would just say right now with Memorial Park. It is a Memorial Park. It’s a central park It’s open land and I really think that we should do number one and just leave it alone It’s a park it had it now has a memorial in it But the water feature, I love the ponds and Apple paid buku bucks to bring recycled water from Sunnyvale down Wolff We lived through the drama of having the roads ripped up again the east side and the onslaught for two years So now you’ve got it up to Stevens Creek So just bring the recycled while down to Memorial Park and then you can have all the water features you want Enough said about that. Let’s talk about the East Side and poor Rancho and the Cabana Club. I will tell you right now that that is a electic electic elected pool board body The Cabana Club is a county entity It is the same thing as mid Peninsula Regional open space Entity, I forgot what the word is. I’m sorry menopause Same thing of cemeteries. It is a county entity and Since we annexed in 2000 people have been trying to grab the property the county has tried multiple times to dissolve the pool board and Grab the property I would hate to think that Cupertino would try to do something like that also Yes, we pay a very small fee all the residents there are 6500 I was looking at it last night.

I thought it was 5000 we are 6500 strong Rancho Lorie, and that’s not even counting the iclear community and we have the Cabana Club It has been there since 1952. My great aunt was an original owner on Barnhart and I remember going over there when I was a little girl and the Cabana Club was integral to the whole community They’re not that unusual for that type of construction. Just look around the area Yes, we pay like about I think it’s $30 a year all the people in the district We are a district of the county and yes, our sewers are owned by Sunnyvale So yes, Rancho is sort of a horse of a different color, but that’s what we are. There is no parking available in that end of Cupertino If you tried to park the rest of the city there they would be parking in Barrington bridge Community along the creek and that is a private neighborhood as it is now. No one is really supposed to park in there that is a Restricted area that’s where the elementary school used to be So no, no, no, if you’re gonna do this, we need to have a big discussion And as far as I’m concerned, let us Lee park upon you keep our Cabana Club. We have gotten no parks from Cupertino Nothing and I give up we have 1/2 acre and that’s all we’ve ever gotten and Sedgwick. There’s a one acre there Why don’t we have part of that? Thank You Jennifer our last and final speaker card at the moment is from Jean Bedard welcome Jean Thank you, my name is Jean beador and I greatly appreciate the presentation that you gave on the master plan and also Memorial Park I’m here to express my opposition to a new aquatic facility yes, I know it shows up high on the wish list, but My concern is something that has not been addressed at all. And that’s staffing I Belong to the YMCA.

I think it’s a great facility. My husband and I both go to an aquatic arthritis class It happens to be offered five days a week. We don’t go five days but I notice that at all times there are two lifeguards and There’s a maintenance person running around Making sure that number one. The chlorine level is the right level and Keeping everything working Swimming facilities are very expensive to maintain I’ve talked with the manager of the rink Rancho Rinconada pool, and he’ll tell you the same thing Things wear out in a couple of years. It’s a very Difficult environment, I think we need to look at strength if finding out with different ways to work with existing aquatic facilities, but it’s Too expensive for too small a group of people who would benefit from it And I think you as Kelso people who had you know You were dealing with FTEs last week You’re talking about probably three to four FTEs for an aquatic facility at the minimum thank you Thank You Jeanne and at this we’ll take it back up to our diocese for the continuation and Finalization of the third part of our presentation from our outside consultant and staff. So take it away Cindy and yell Thanks. Great.

Thank you So we want to end this by talking a bit about planning Priorities what you heard earlier through the outreach is that there’s a lot of competing demands Last time we introduced to you what we call the big move some major facilities and some other facilities with special Considerations just real quickly that addressed everything from new parks to protecting nature the major facilities listed in front of you on the slide there as Well as some facilities with special consideration For example last time we discussed the results of the cricket field study that we alluded to earlier There are also some new results from an inclusive play area study and with regards to trails that Gail would like to share with you before we proceed Yes, we have a consultant team working on an inclusive play area Feasibility study and the first batch of the results went to the Parks and Recreation Commission on Thursday evening the team evaluated for potential locations Noted below Memorial Park Creekside Park, JA Lehmann and Monta Vista Park and Rec Center among the screening criteria They used to identify suitable sites. Were is there enough space to add? Such a play area Without removing an existing key facility such as a soccer field And do we have parks that are located on collector or arterial streets so that we wouldn’t be bringing Traffic from outside our city limits through a neighborhood to access the inclusive play area. They tend to draw regionally The four sites were evaluated. There’s a nice report posted That folks can look at it’s on the city website and among the four sites After discussion and evaluation of the results the commissioners found that Jellyman Park was the unanimous top choice to examined further For its suitability as an inclusive play area venue. They were interested in both Renovation of the northerly existing play area and the southerly existing play area both of them faced more or less on Stelling Avenue With a parking lot in the middle They found those to be the highest desirability sites out of the There are actually six possible venues examined including two at memorial to a jolly man one at Creekside and one at Monte Vista So that’s it in a snapshot Based on those results if there’s no if there’s council concurrence will develop two Conceptual layouts and associated cost estimates and while bringing those forward to the Commission and then to the council Regarding trails you’ve heard How important they are to our community and they’ve been well addressed in the bicycle transportation plan the pedestrian transportation Plan, the public works department is working actively pursuing feasibility and implementation of Some new trail connections on the regular Creek Trail. The feasibility study is underway There have been public meetings and what they call walk shops And they’re progressing strongly Same thing on the sarah channel the coniferous sarah channel on the south side of Interstate 280 that potential trail alignment is being examined with a different consultant team and another Feasibility study process there have been several public meetings about that potential trail as well and what we have been calling the U P railroad trail is now also being Noted with an additional name as part of the De Anza trail system. There is a team in place Pursuing the feasibility of that trail, which could be over five miles long and connect from Sunnyvale and northwards.

So those are progressing And the capable hands of the Public Works Department So what this all boils down to is that we are creating our capital projects list and we are beginning to identify Costs for each of those elements and we have some known priorities in this community certainly trails and major Enhancement and protection are two that are clear priorities taking care of your existing parks has been a clear priority that comes through but also adding a variety of Recreation elements when those parks are refreshed as you know The current existing facilities and amenities age and are worn so that has been a clear priority that came through as well as providing added neighborhood parks and underserved areas if and when opportunities emerge we had a clear conversation last time with regards to standards and understand that while that is still a priority that it is opportunity based in terms of identifying ways to meet those needs as Gail just reported the inclusive play area has also has merged as a known priority Beyond that there are some priorities that as we agreed last time to keep them on the list and we have further Tested they are still popular and desired amongst residents in this community, but they do require further study before we can define exactly what these facilities would Include how much they would cost where they should be located because as we just heard from members of our community Not only the aquatic facility but each of the top three mentioned here require a very strong staffing component and an Operational subsidy before they can generate any type of profit by bringing in revenue. So it really should be driven by strong business planning We also know that several of these facilities should be able to incorporate some of the other priorities that we heard from the community Including meeting additional senior needs as well as 14 space as well as her the maker space or incubator hub But some of these facilities are also affected by partnerships you all have called forward today You know opportunities to look to work with others to provide an aquatic facility. For example considering schools as an option also the Performing and Fine Arts Center could be contingent on a partnership as well either a Public private partnership or potentially with the Enza College or others? Certainly looking at the school is in partners with teen centers with something that we actually discussed and the stakeholder interviews Earlier in this process as an option as well And last time you gave us guidance to look at potential partners to have a community scale cricket field Potentially beyond city limits even if that’s what’s required So because of that we have some unknown elements here as we put together this project list and unknown in terms of costing That leads us to a few questions that we’d like for you to give us guidance before we do that You know the first one and this to some extent revolves around Memorial Park is What is Cupertino want to be known for? And the reason I ask this is because usually when a city is looking at investing Substantial not only funds but also staffing in a major facility it does so because not only is it addressing community needs but it is also part of your identity of what is important and where you want to be in the future and certainly Memorial Park is kind of the the living room of the community is something that you want to consider in that regard and Then the other question that’s here is something that you guys have already raised here tonight? Why is it we’re talking about all of these big separate facilities Should we be considering what many communities do and that is providing some type of? multi use multi purpose community recreation and Art Center that includes different Elements for each of the things that we described and would that include aquatic facility or do we want to look at aquatics differently? Or is it that we are combining aquatics gymnasium fitness and recreation and then having a separate Performing Arts Center somewhere else Those are the types of questions that we’re not sure we need to answer in this plan And we want to know in terms of costing whether you would just prefer to have a framework to be able to Move forward strongly in evaluating these possibilities further with a range of cost or whether we need to dial it in further That is our question to you Okay, very good. Thank you very much. And I assume that concludes the presentation Okay, very good. Is there any desire to kick off the final round of questions and we’ll make this you know Not that it really makes a delineation between our practice, but we’ll make this question comments with regard to this final round and of course if there are further comments or questions We can always do another cycle but councilmember sharp. You’re indicating a desire to go.

Sure. I’ll go first so with aquatics I know my daughter was a lifeguard at the JCC and It’s really not full time employees that are lifeguards. It’s almost all hiring young adults to do that job and unfortunately, they don’t pay very well for Lifeguard positions. I think it was like $15 an hour And as a swimming pool owner for the last 20 years It can be expensive if you don’t do it, right if you put in solar panels for the pumps Electricity if you put in solar water heating if you plan ahead and do it, right? the maintenance costs are not a lot and it could actually be handled properly by our existing Public Works or It could be contracted out to another company to do the maintenance you can do automatic chlorinators automatic chemical dispensers automatic water testing and Robotic pool cleaners. It’s It’s just being smart and designing it upfront to be as low maintenance as possible and While it’s still not cheap since that was one of the most requested items. I would hate to see it eliminated Just because we think my em might cost too much On an ongoing basis I Think yeah, that’s all I have. Thank you. Okay.

Great Thanks very much. What anyone like to go next council member body? Nothing. I have a question. We sing aquatics and I sing swimming pool Are these two the same or are we talking? international sized Olympic sized pool when we say aquatics We’re using these terms interchangeably aquatic facility swimming pool Okay, um Usually an aquatic facility recognizes that there may be a couple of different tanks associated with the swimming pool area So they could be more than one indeed Okay, and do we know why we closed the one in the sports facility that was before my time So doesn’t even have an answer My kids took swimming lessons there it was An outdoor pool that they had kind of a canvas tent over. Yeah I remember the tear was kind of junky, but it was really popular for kids taking swim lessons I mean, I know, you know everyone in our neighborhood went there for swim lessons I know that I knew it was very popular. And so that’s why I kind of feel we took away the aquatics year round Why why did we do that? Well, I think because it needed to be rebuilt and they didn’t You didn’t want to spend the money at that facility Yes, it needed some repairs as well as the fact that it was a very very tiny pool It was about the size of a backyard pool So in terms of programming, it was a bit of a challenge, but yes It was popular for small groups of children swim lessons my kid learnt there, too so yeah, I know I’ve been there and I remember how Constricted it was right.

So we are looking for a much larger footprint From what from what the community is asking and just to understand what the community is asking a much larger footprint possibly two pools Correct, right. I think that’s what we’re trying to define right Cindy. I mean there’s There’s a huge spectrum in terms of aquatic centers from Olympics I fools like what you see in the city of Santa Clara at International Swim Center and places that are more recreational in nature where they might have slides and spray pools and that sort of thing so There’s a lot of choices These black people eyes that yes. Thank you. Thank you for that and then in terms of the all inclusive playground I’ve been to both that that I mentioned in the staff report and they both just Spectacular and when you see the kids play there and and the look on the face of the parents with special needs kids It’s just the best thing any community could have Again, the pricing have we looked into that. I know the footprint from what you’re saying there’s one Park where it unanimously everybody says, but do we know the Yes, moving forward that’s what we will bring forward is to conceptual layout and the associated costs That is the next step and partnership with Any foundations like magical bridge? Yes, the report will identify Possible funding sources.

Okay. Thank you Great Thank You. Councilmember value nothing. Would anyone like to go next between councilmember Chang and vice mayor sinks? Councilmember chain. Yes Sometime and the elected official we have to make a decision. Sometimes it’s not necessary popular Way to do what the best service of the entire city and then this money because we all have a limited Resources and our process we would like to be popular in every everywhere we can I know the pool from the Survey is show on the top, but then look at the reality really serving to Certain number not not really large number of the population. So that’s my concern with that kind of money We spend and then if we want to have a pool based on what I know We do need to have up to the international standard Because then it for the kids to pray or the training for the for the for the competition You and we are not the regular size.

You just don’t work. Okay, that’s my understanding Because it’s counting, you know all this time So if that’s the case, then we probably would need to spend a lot of time and lot of money for it Would that be worth it? Because in the meantime as I say there’s quite a few Manta busines has a swimming pool I believe between high school has a swimming pool and then the endocardial swimming pool and The public one Annenberg has one And so it’s all nearby and I’m a swimmer myself Okay, as I say before I used to take their fiber crown in the morning class in the under County really That’s most people won in the early in the morning after that in the noon time won It don’t don’t have that many people use it So so in even that is still not in consideration It’s not the large number to serve and then if you want to spend this money I would like to see as enacted or of issue, you know correctively what we would like to see this city will be on the cultural wide on the activity wise so people can recognize oh, there’s this cancer ever, you know, yeah, annually if you want to go to For example country music. You should come to Cupertino. You see how merry because Silicon Valley is free a Little bit back on the cultural side.

So we can do it that way and that’s I think that’s our job at this elected official to look it into it and put the Money into it and make it work Then then you will be you will be a signature event Every year to everybody come to Silicon Valley there’s no oh and they have to come to Cupertino for this and that’s what What I’m looking at and endosome a Maria part to me Look at the situation is a great opportunity for us to do it if we do a right And I would like to see more focus on getting a Multi Multi story and then performing our everything together, you know even if we need it, we can put a swimming pool on top of them the Top story of the building and then that will be outdoor swimming pool time. Okay if that’s the case just Look it into that and see what what kind of money we have to come out with it And then what kind of effort we can do? And then it will be a really really good facility for any kind of event that we would like to See this this city has in the future and that’s one I have in mind and in that sense I’m going to spend money on it to make it work. Okay? Okay. Thanks very much councilmember Chang vice mayor sinks questions and comments.

Thank you. So What does Cupertino want to be known for I think I mean I agree with Barry There’s a lot of life in the various festivals of various cultures that we have throughout the year And I think we have a lot of them and we’re proud we’re drawing from all over the South Bay On these festivals and enter and we could do a lot better on Entertainment, I think You know specific well, let me just keep going with general comments I think Not being known as a city that is working to reverse the 50s Idea that we had to have little backwaters and dead ends that make the city hard to navigate for walkers and bikers I think all the work we’re doing on our bike trails and our walking trails. I’d like to have the city be known for Excellent access from where people live to parks and to green spaces into nature So I think that’s all really important. I Think our residents are looking for access to sports facilities and those don’t necessarily have to be at City facilities. They can be In places where we partner and share or where the city frankly, you know The city doesn’t have to own all the pools in the city right you you can become a whi member as one One in the public said or you can go over to Dhaka and you can get in the pool I guess it’s early in the morning and go for lap swimming So In general on Memorial Park, I I respect the majority opinion of the Parks and Rec Commission Overall, I generally concur with them.

I think I Would say that I’ve been to a number of the summer events at the amphitheater there. They’re well used But the space is very inefficient, you know, you’re sitting on the hillside and it’s really awkward The steps that we have are so wide that they take up a lot of space without allowing us to efficiently utilize that space And I think it’s well enough used in the summer time that we ought to have some summer festivals and I would like to see as the Commission did seeing that Center Redone and maybe we we improve the backstage to allow props to be stored and other things For some of these productions to make it a little easier on the companies that we would invite in For water feature there, I Really, you know every time I come Here where those fountains are on there kids playing it’s just a delight and I think a water feature that is designed specifically not to attract geese which cause Various problems, right kids are afraid of the geese they defecate they make make the park experience less attractive and I so I think An interactive water feature. I don’t it doesn’t have to be exactly this, but I know this would be popular if we Produced a second one in Memorial Park. I think that’s a great idea. I don’t feel particularly attached to that gazebo there I’m not sure who does but it might be worth asking if that’s something we I don’t know. Maybe it has great historic value or I don’t understand the history of it.

I guess I’d like to to have Somebody explain to me why that I mean is that of the love feature in the city? I’m not sure right Maybe it is so for anybody out there watching. I love your gazebo, but Would you rather have something else? I guess it’d be my question Because it’s like this close building right that you can’t go in there It is actually rentable it’s rentable, yeah Does anybody ever rent it all the girls who want to get married is their bridal dress there? Anybody ever rent it? Oh, yeah used to be rather popular when we had water Or is that we don’t have the water. It’s not a very attractive sight, but we used to have weddings Okay there. Okay, so then I support the gazebo It’s a more attractive Surrounding right? I mean fine. Yeah, we do need places for that too in the city Yes with regards to your historical question, I believe Gail help me on this but it was moved there I think but I think it was was at the Lions Club that had that or Yeah every club Spending it.

Yeah. Yeah, there was a donation and that and the trim on it is historic Yes, it’s from the parish house parish house somebody’s parish some churches parish someplace Oh Enoch parish, huh the Enoch parish You know home the trim is was from their home is my understanding and it’s a historical artifact Okay. Well then It’s definitely a keeper I guess right From the prick well, it’s something that parks and that Commission didn’t talk about but I Wanted to at least bring it up and I get think I got most of it. It’s good. Yeah So pools, I like gene think that you know We don’t need to do everything in the city with with all those pools I’ve heard over time the YMCA was interested in a larger space Let’s say that that happened right they could Come to the council and ask us to develop homes there But it also may be that if they wanted to find a place with a bigger location we could acquire that site As more green area for the city Which is it’s a it’s a couple blocks away. Right? But we know we have a lot of multi family housing there it could be an amenity for the city and we could thereby get a a pool and indoor pool It’s it’s a it’s a very nice pool. It’s not that old So I think it would be interesting to ask the YMCA what their long term strategic plans are B’s I think they’ve been working for a while, and I know the The preliminary plan they had like a decade ago to look at Acquiring property, excuse me, sir. Can you take your conversation outside? Thank you I know that the a decade ago that I was talking about Trying to relocate to what’s now Main Street and that didn’t work out there were a bunch of reasons for that But I think they may still be trying to do so in order to expand So I think we should talk to them I respect the idea that Rancho Rinconada may not be the right place But I’d love to have a pool on the east side as well.

And I really don’t consider Memorial Park particularly central in the city You know Honestly, so maybe there’s a way to do something but I’m not sure Memorial Park is the right place I Support I think we ought to look at Making the pool at blackberry farm a year round endeavor. I Think it’s a beautiful facility. We’ve invested so many millions of dollars not only our money, but the money of the Of the water district in making that such an attractive corridor I mean walking around there you walk up and down and on any afternoon there were people picnicking there There were kids playing on the bocce fields this weekend There were people walking up and down the creek Even that part that we you know, don’t maintain very well right along the creek bed there were Yeah, as I said 84 people inside the fence that I counted at the pool paying 8 to 10 bucks a head To enjoy that facility with a beautiful green lawn. I think it’s a great investment and I don’t don’t really I don’t really see Intensifying someplace else especially a place where we’re already parking challenged, right? Because well, we just want another pool. It’s like well, what about the facilities? We already have in town, right? So I think we ought to be a little thinking a little more creatively about how to provide the pools Likewise a Performing Arts Center. I consider Memorial Park Particularly in the evening hours where you’d like to have theater Except for the amphitheater use which I think is covered in the summertime with an improved amphitheater.

I think the Performing Arts Center ought to go someplace else if Valco were if it works out in Valco, that would be great, but I think You know any place in Memorial Park is frankly too passive I’d like to see a theater where we have active use you know dining restaurants where we really have an evening destination and Memorial Park, isn’t it except for that that special use in the summertime? But I’d like, you know, if we’re being known as a city that is offering, you know called many cultures festivals during the day and you know performance arts during the evening music and all these things that our kids say they want I think then Right. We do want a year round facility Which means it’s got to be indoor and it’s got to be substantial sort of like what Mountain View has a mountain view Center for the Performing Arts a 600 person theater that’s filled five and a half times a week On average every week of the year. Why shouldn’t we have one of those in? Cupertino and a second stage where you can do you can supplement that you can actually have up in mountain. Do you can have two? Events going on in the same time I think our city has grown enough and has become so interesting right in in all the people that have come here from all over the world and We need to have more venues in active areas where people can come and have a night out in our city and We’re really lacking that today and in my view so yeah, I know all these don’t relate specifically to Memorial Park except that you’ve brought the question up by asking, you know Do you want it in Memorial Park and I would say, you know, generally I like the third plan But I’m not convinced about the Aquatic Center and I’m not convinced about the theater At that particular location all the way I’m supportive I would support Given the demand I see for basketball and the lack of gym space I could support a gym With a bunch of basketball courts, it seems like that’s popular I would support Outdoor, you know? Multi. What did you call it a multi? multi purpose courts a multi purpose courts outdoor So we’d have some flexibility there And I would support or maybe dedicated basketball outside, you know practice things as the schools have And then I would also support An indoor gymnasium that might house you know several simultaneous games Because it seems like that’s really lacking Let’s see I Think that’s those are my comments Mara. Can I add one item? I mentioned it sure feel free since that both the council members shop and Advise me. I mention about the access.

I think the access is the key Okay, we cannot make it part unless we have this space so How do we access to it is I remember a last time in the last meeting I mentioned about we have Rancho, San Antonio We have FEMA outer space open space and then special equipment outer space. You can get access from rainbow Try or rainbow court or you can get it from 7th spring that in or you can get onto the rig now roll and Oh you can get on to where I live used to do Can um you Circle it Once you get up there is you can walk you can be kept in all the nature you want. You have the novel trail But it’s very hard to get to it for the city of Cupertino And the reason I got onto it because I used to run marathon So that was my training took route so I can just run to it Okay, but I thought I doubted that many people can do it and in special regnal road It’s very hard to find a parking space there to get onto that fire truck fire truck Trail and then get onto three my order so we can get some kind of design with providing their small shuttle bus service Circle around the east side of the entire city people can just come up onto the bus and go to I Think and then go to there the entrance area of each trail and then this you just go And then when they’re done, they can just come back either walk down or they can just take the bus back Then then you have the access then you don’t need to because if you’re talking about East Side’s really there’s limit space Unless they want to sell their house and then you have to correctly put you know Put a whole cup of house together to make it work otherwise and that will be hard that’s really hard for now I think an easier way is just if we can provide a The access the bus service its motion of service and then people can just hop onto it and just go go to it no, that’s not that’s not going to cost that much money either in comparison to Acquire a piece of house or two couple house to assemble them together. I think that’s much more Easier and reasonable and then much more enjoyable That what I can On the canyon view circle find out why there’s a fire truck there But in the neighbor the owner there is doesn’t allow anybody to get access to it Because one time we ran over there or the guy was saying you next time you come out with shot you I was shoot you right there.

Okay, so no got scared. Okay We started that’s probably wrong, you know, I think a pub fire truck access to the trail should be a public road But they only just put their could put the earth is it is simple gate and you can still walk through it And so we went through it or he was out. He wasn’t really man And I they don’t have the right then the city should tell them to remove it those gate Those barrier and then put a note that’s probably way off Okay, any further comments from Council at this point tell someone providing nothing, yeah, I was only asking questions I didn’t give my comments. So as far as cricket is concerned that sounds like an echo I have been saying it for a very long time if we can find room for a regulation size Cricket field we find a community one, and we also approached the Anza College What are they doing with repurposing their temporary parking structures that they had while Flint was being renovated? There are many many options.

I would like to look into that And as far as you also had a question about what we’d like to be known for We are almost an international community here. So I think we need to be known for a little bit of everything That’s what makes a salad bowl exciting Just one spice in a bowl by itself. It’s not relished Thank you Great any further comments from council member char for vice mayor sings at this point? well, let me just maybe try to recap some of this I Think for your first question with regard to what do we don’t want to be known for? You know, I think we’re known for quite a few things But there are a number of things that we’re starting to do very well I would be good to see those accentuated over time and as vice mayor sings mentioned there are number of festivals as councilmember vite and often just mentioned or a very eclectic community and I would encourage us to go forward and and try to you know Do those things that we’re doing pretty well and and you know accentuate those types of facilities There does seem to be a potential bit of a division on the Aquatics question Methought it snes’s awful fledged eight length eight Lane 50 meter international pool in there But I I don’t think it would hurt to Evaluate those options, you know and to create a relatively wide envelope starting With something relatively smaller, like what used to be at the Sports Center? going up to potentially something along lines of four six lanes and 25 yards and Going to the maximum sized envelope of something that’s competitive and usable for you know, full competitive purposes. I Think there is appetite But I think also that you’re looking for Feedback with regard to whether there is some kind of sense on council Perhaps not necessarily majority sense at this point, but some kind of support for it go forward for further evaluation So I did I did hear that support with regard to the Performing Arts space You know, even though vice mayor Singh says that he would rather not see it in Memorial Park I think it might not be a bad idea to take a look at what? You know along the same lines to take a look at that facility and see you know If we were looking at it as an option to deliver to the community, what would we be? Yeah with regard to You know the costs in the design and and so on and so forth so I was I would support that as I would support going forward with looking at the cricket question and identifying particular fields that we might be able to use I think there are also potential synergies with our school districts on that issue as well And so if you could in your outreach because councilmember vice mayor stinks did ask for outreach to the schools as well as possibly ranch oreganata and the other Facilities for pools if you could in your outreach there and follow up to this meeting also include in that Cricket for namely the schools.

I can’t think of any other entities that would have sufficient amounts of space to cover that kind of facility In Cupertino, I think that would be a really good useful Follow up exercise. We recently had a very good polling system. It’s pretty novel with regard to another item, I would ask that you work with the city manager’s office to perhaps create five to ten questions based upon our Feedback here that could be potentially used at a relatively low cost to the city in terms of getting some follow up feedback Based upon what you know, we’re kind of curious about so what is the appetite for you know these various items? In Cupertino, I heard cricket field, you know discuss. I heard you know the pool discussed Performing Arts Center But if if there’s interest in finding out a little bit more and these survey results from 2016 Not only are they a couple of years old right now? They were also not used they were not garnered using our current capabilities And so this recent poll we conducted took literally two days You know I think the Go button was pushed on it and on day four or five it was completed something like day nine or ten We had the full fledge results. And so I think that’s pretty good mechanism to use going forward I had a question about the all inclusive playground. I think Cupertino should have one of those those are great purple playgrounds I’ve taken my kids three and six to a number of Mainly the magical bridge in Palo Alto and then there’s one downtown I think was brought forward by the San Jose Rotary Club and so The our Parks and Recreation Commission identified jolly Minh Park Unanimously as the park that would be best suited for an all inclusive playground.

Why do they come to that? Recommendation as opposed to any of the other parks There was a Study that was pretty detailed and it ranked the potential sites quite a range of criteria It ranked each of the criteria and then weighted each of the criteria and came out with Weighted rankings and the top three sites were the two Jellyman sites and a site at Memorial Park but with further Qualitative feedback from the consultant team. There was a concern that the Memorial Park site would Not be an inviting place for sensitive users of an inclusive play area given the quantity of special events that occur at Memorial Park and the number of participants and how busy that site can be and that the potential inclusive play area Would be surrounded on a couple of sides by festival activities and that at those times and perhaps even during amphitheater performances and so on the noise and activity level would be Uncomfortable potentially for sensitive visitors. So with that thought and with also the thought that there would very likely be a need for additional parking just for the inclusive play area that it could not be served by the adjacent Senior Center parking area That would add quite a bit of cost and possibly structured parking Those considerations made the Commission feel that that site was less desirable But the other two remained very good candidates both at Jellyman Park Okay understood and those are great parks as mentioned previously. I guess my final question has to do with process what are we looking at with regard to the rest of the Parks and Rec master plan process How many more times are we looking to come back to the council? outreach to the community possibly going through the Commission just a general time frame so that as we conclude our Public has an idea of what we’re looking at in the in the future on this item It was our hope at this point to receive the feedback that we needed to go ahead and develop the capital projects Let’s costing and an administrative draft plan to move rapidly into those procedures what we need in order to have an adoptive plan is to go through it’s a sequel process and we would like to If at all possible wrap up the plan Ideally by the end of this year if we can it may carry forward into the next year depending on the secret timing Because of that we were not anticipating doing further outreach here at this juncture but waiting until we had a draft plan in hand and then bringing it back out to the public if you would like us to Do additional outreach that will slow the timeline down To do so I see and and so do you feel comfortable based upon the feedback that you’ve heard from council tonight? To be able to conduct some of that outreach and come back in a relatively efficient manner essentially report out There’s been some appetite with regard to being able to report out in the evening when perhaps more people are present to Hear the report and we could even make it part of a regularly scheduled Council meeting as well with the understanding that perhaps a report out we can contain within half an hour or 45 minutes in a relatively you know near time frame schedule and then you could proceed with the rest of your time and I think that I Don’t think we’re in any, you know, a huge rush to get this done by a particular time ie the end of the year It’s such a far ranging issue that affects virtually every space and every person in the community on a long term basis and so, you know Let’s let’s get it. Right even if it’s a matter of, you know, maybe even two or three months We appreciate that.

Thank you. Okay Erica now at one way of course cosmo chang another another item might I see what akun is a 10 sprays 10 to the studio, okay I I’ve been taking the tents class for more than about a year. Now. I find out when there’s a festivity People like to go out and dance.

Okay, and then sometimes we work when I go to his credit another event It’s a whole room is packed and people are dancing But they don’t know how to dance so and it just hit each other. You know, it’s very annoying Okay, if they follow you know I take the class so I know this so called 9 or 10 if you follow 9 or 10 You won’t get each other really and then still can you can still come at it a large number of people? Okay, and but most people don’t take a car so they don’t know what the night ends is So this has to to go in the direction they want and then when you have so pack and so many people you just get Each other all the time So if we have that we can put down because tents tents to do it doesn’t cost that much money Only the size you have to be for the international standard tents You have to a certain size if you mean that size. The only requirement is a mere war they put me at the wall so when you tense you can you can see how you How you’re moving is and that’s only the only difference only thing you have to add on to it So I think that’s part of the art and then I know this area here. There’s no Indian dance, you know I saw quite a few Sunnyvale Cupertino There’s the O’s They’re all tiny and then they have all these kids known in their their their their their Traditional tents in a Chinese in an Indian and all kind even even some from the Eastern Europe. No European The intensity is different.

Okay, but so if you can put that into consideration, I know it’s not going to cost that much money But you just have that Additional flavor of oil. Yeah. Oh, thank you calcium are for Chang. You know, I will say that one of the events I really like to go to in the Bay Area and I’ve started taking my family there as well. Is that ethnic dance festival? That’s helped up at San Francisco every year You know given the fact that we’re talking about a multi level potentially facility at one of the parks, you know As well as a full size gymnasium indoor possibly. I mean, it seems like that could be, you know design pretty readily in order to Accommodate what? Councilmember Chang is talking about and if we got some kind of civic oriented performing arts space like vice mayor stinks really likes to You know envision at perhaps the Valco space, maybe we could even pull performance or two On that particular event down in the South Bay, but just that’s just the conjecture and At this point you feel like you have sufficient amounts of guidance to go forward for the next iteration Or would you like us to? perhaps Pontificate on any other items at this time.

I Think we do have good guidance and that we can go ahead and proceed with the capital projects list conduct the additional outreach that you’ve requested to get feedback on that project list before we proceed with the Developing the plan great thanks so much Cindy and then vice mayor sinks has his green light on and so we’ll Give him the last word on this with a councilmember of ID authen also having a request for a final comment there. Well Just having listened a couple of my colleagues. I’d like to support a couple of points. I would also support Seeing what we could do about cricket and I think the schools a school could be a good venue I Also support the idea that if Help me out with a polling here was this people that self selected exclusively into this so I Would also support the idea that given that we know now how to do polling in a week I mean, yeah, you have to execute the contract but David I see you in the audience Given that we how long would it take us to execute a contract with The same vendor we used for the recent rolling to ask some pertinent questions to make sure we’re getting you know the problem of course with self selection surveys as you get the people that are Paying attention and want to weigh in but I’m a little Well, I’m I would be eager to see what the average resident thinks We did earlier Assuming we had the questions and it sounds like you know in that we have Questions, we’d have to translate them into a form that was easily digestible about 10 days about 10 days. I mean I would support Darcy’s thought that It might be worth taking that amount of time sure to to see and I don’t know that I’d be okay with it Just rather than scheduling yet another meeting if it could be included in At whatever next formal more formal hearings we have I think we could develop the the projects list in any case I don’t I wouldn’t want to hold that up.

I would think this could be done in parallel included the council and items of interest and also Presented as an information item at the next Parks and Rec Commission. So that that would be my suggestion sure just so we get Right, we hear from the people that aren’t necessarily The ones who so maybe it has to be simplified to make it fit in length But I think some some look at these key questions would be in order. I’m not so I’m not saying duplicate a Lengthy survey I’m saying take some essential questions Just just test and see if we really have representative Results in the other in the more lengthy surveys we’ve done is that does that make sense? I’m personally I think that makes perfect sense because of the fact also that this company is conducting some analytical You know modeling with regard to the intial error rate whereas I don’t think we’ve necessarily done that in our you know outreach from a couple of years ago up till now with regard to The surveys and so yeah, I I’m eating 100% in support of your support of my my suggestion So thank you very much. Yeah. Thanks. Finally.

I support varies idea about more space for community You know, we do need more community meeting space. I’ve been pushing if we did City Hall here to make it More than we need so we could have more space here. It feels to me like teens might appreciate a teen center more here I’d like teens to get more exercise so, I mean I like the idea of putting it sort of in the location it is but if it isn’t going to get used You know, I’m not a teen anymore and what do I know? But I support Barry’s idea of also, you know having that that kind of space for You know people who aren’t performing they’re taking classes or whatever I mean if we got it inside of alko and it became part of what fu HSD is doing with adult education For example, I don’t think the city necessarily has to program all these things We have all these partner agencies that that offer this De. Anza, right? I’m sure the library would love to program in. Yeah, right Excellent. Thank you. Thank you vice mayor sings and council member body Nothing yet some final comments regarding the survey that you mentioned and the questions that they would come up with Now we’re going into the summer and schools are on break So I would also hope that you could also be present in some form at all our festivals if if the parks and recs could have a booth or even have some of our students participate our Teen Commission participate in in handing out flyers and Getting public input from those who actually visit the festivals that said You get a concentrated audience at all our festivals and you’d have them all the way through September if not further, and I I guess you’ll be able to bring back those results to us when whenever we meet again in the Wallace Okay, great. Councillor Musharraf, I would also suggest Setting up a table outside the library especially now that the election is over you’re free to do that but that gets tremendous use in it’s probably a high percentage of Cupertino residents whereas the festival’s tends tend to draw a lot of people from outside the community so we definitely If we don’t think our current survey is representative I mean I guess we can keep doing surveys until we get the answers we want but we really should do a survey that That that looks at ask the questions of our actual residents I think you pointed out that one of the survey one of the meetings the average age was what 65 something or yeah, so that’s probably not representative just as having this meeting here today at 3 o’clock is probably a really Bad idea if we want to get input from residents.

Thank you Sir, I don’t feel like we need to be exhaustive and you know survey in various places I think a quick polling of random. I mean we’ve done so much of this already. I’m okay with just Getting a survey out to a random sample and seeing how it compares with all this work that you’ve already done. So I mean just That would be my preference short doesn’t take much effort goes In parallel with the developing the capital projects list Because you know quite frankly We started talking about parks when I joined this council and we haven’t done very much We haven’t done that much and waiting another umpteen months isn’t my idea of making progress.

Thanks agreed I don’t think we needed to this survey till find out the result. We want I Don’t think that that way okay, I think as a leader we have to deed and we have to see as ice Earlier and then everybody mention about what do we want? For this city to be known for what do we want? How do we accomplish? And then for the park and recreation and that’s it. That’s it Cultures thing is the main part here. It’s very big item in my opinion, especially in the text center of the world This is what we are lacking in the entire region. So if we can focus on more culturally You know also including the diversity here I mean now be great event and that’s what we do and the data what we need and if we don’t do it Right.

I mean I can guarantee you you have before of the For house of the people show up here just yelling and screaming at us Okay, but I mean I think if we do it right people were appreciated and you even even don’t know many people show up 20 years or 30 years down the road people say yeah that council did a good job and that’s why people city of Cupertino is known for not only for Apple here for also for certain of the event we did or certain of the facility we provide So that’s very important for in my opinion Okay, very good. And your first question can be are you equip it in a resident? That would help Okay, one of the survey questions regarding residency Thank You councilmember Chiang and Councilman providing authen with that We will adjourn the meeting Our next regularly scheduled meeting is June 19th, the second meeting of June for the City Council. Thanks very much, Cindy thanks very much Gail and We’ll see you next time. Take care You You..


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