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hello pants today we will learn what is tryptophan operon see tryptophan open on how it works you to a fan you this operon is regulated by to my Canon first is the repressor binds to it operator the regressive mind it’s good okay and in description of TRPA my knees at enmity the transcription of TRP m. RNA transcription Oh the typical fan and modern is a diluted loyalty tryptophan and Miami is that didn’t you dude along the key TRP repressor you you it’s confirmational no change like that you it’s me tryptophan you finish me okay a bak Smith five genes hotel it’s me five genes Hotel valet key character and observe the tryptophan over to fill cell energy waste comparing our depth of tryptophan operon is one condition it’s this me regulate regime a crevel atrazine pudica through a plasmid may have to be transcribed with a cooler time once my repressor protein tiny slow but ongoing process over there it can be by no tag to be Nickleby jot any pressure point of multiple raw tryptophan synthesize Water Act puce Kowalski sequence with a king he kiss made you happy operator you have a promoter in how about we tell anybody to have an attenuation sequencer okay when you order your local leader Jean with you triple just make your take attenuator sequence over there which will also look at soon when the bacteria I was made through the tryptophan / cackle synthesize whatever they think he what will be synthesized in each by a gene these are structural genes they kept their structural genes we gotta synthesize over after IP or trip the tryptophan Egypt Effendi synthesized Krieger mm hmm yeah and through Nellie’s Khadijah what trip see Clippy Hugo Vega will duel first fetch indras a school where they go or last me tryptophan in tryptophan Cynthia a beautiful synthesis carry a synthesized Karenga called tryptophan category a triple fan repressors a very go ESCA shapes change data up here joganki operator fine without the org local data polymerase to bind hoon a set of instructions enjoyed for transcribing party she care chrysolite their professor blue bird super Geordi pussies but it’s just icky icky icky I’m binding dissociate view associated in consumer level familiar our attenuations again the key tip two hand level lower than ribosomes as it emerges from the elements when they encountered two tryptophan codons in a region called one evoke a gardenia tryptophan charge t. RNA in order to continue having everything while the a pair of completely regions you I didn’t his second regulatory process he took care of the Maliki slaves I mean secondly we’ll talk about the transcriptions which may initiate with other normally the synthesis a regulatory sequence producer of attenuation que pasa lat second a regulatory process or transcription initiation normally with that but abruptly heighted before the operand is untrusted the or skeptic token operon intervention mechanism uses signal bait tryptophan signal encoded in four sequence chicken I’m appreciating the initiation go down on the first gene of chaos within the leader lies a region known as attenuator read above sequence three and four obviously like the onion the new terminal in the sequence base pair for my gc rich stem and Japan big thing he is happy me dizzy little blue 42 asked about film was are you I gotta hit Alan our kids a BTC reached a mother was Catholic residues out there a nation gave us our chances with them taking up a guitar a key these sequences base pair to form a G Series team and loop structure where the attenuator structure act as a transcription terminated if see..

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