If you can’t burn your eyes in lamp light, get ready to burn your soul in the pyre of your dreams.

(This line is my motivation)

After passing my intermediate I took a drop for NEET preparation.

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I joined Akash Institute of Hazratgaj Lucknow. Even I was a good student and always managed to get decent marks and rank but later on somehow my study hours became less, my rank fallen down from two digits to four digits and my performance started degrading day by day.

“What is Turner syndrome?” my zoology teacher asked me one day while taking class(He had scolded me earlier for my decreasing performance and mischieves and from that day I used to remain silent in class to pretend if I don’t exist.)

Though the question was simple but I stood up and after a silence of few seconds I said “Sorry sir” looking at the bench.

He asked me more questions and I was blank for all of them. I couldn’t answer any of them. I was nervous and scared. My earlobes were flushed and I was bitting my lower lip under my teeth. I could feel his gaze and the eyes of every student sitting there on me. I was wishing him to send me out of the class as I couldn’t endure his gaze anymore. My fingers were entangled around the pen in my hand and I was pressing the cap hardly as if its gonna create a magic to rescue me.

After few minutes he made me to stand in the front of the writing board before the class.

“You can’t clear NEET. Stop wasting your parent’s money and go back to your home. Medical is not for you”

His words pierced my heart. I was shattered at the mere thought of not getting a medical college. I couldn’t imagine myself standing and watching the annihilation of my dreams. I tried, but I couldn’t control tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Save your tears for future. You will be short of them very soon” he said and asked me to leave the class.

“If you can’t burn your eyes in lamp light, get ready to burn your soul in the pyre of your dreams.” I heard his voice from my back when I was going out.

I cried and cried for the irreversible mistakes I did. For all the days which I wasted and I cursed myself for all those hours which I spent getting cozy in my bed.

His words were enough to shatter me then but I had to prove him wrong. I studied for whole night. I studied till my spines were hurt. His words didn’t let me sleep for days. After three days we had our AIATS (All India Akash Test Series) and I got rank under 100. He allowed me in his class after that but didn’t talk to me untill my NEET exam.

He called me only after my NEET result to congratulate me. And I would be thankful to him for his lines which shook my present to stablise my future.

Study, because there is no short-cut to success.

Study, to prove them wrong who said you can’t.

Study, to see your parents eyes moist out of happiness.

Study, for your journey from study table to conference table.

Let them burn the dance floor while you are burning your eyes, let them darken their eyes with Kohl while you have dark circle around your eyes and Let your future make a difference.

Work hard untill you stop fetching motivation instead you become a motivation.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Studying.

Don’T Quit – Study Motivation


Most of you won’t be successful because when you’re studying and you get tired you quit. I’m here to tell you today if you gotta somebody came in my office the other day crying i said look don’t cry to give up cry to keep going don’t cry to quit you already in pain you already hurt get a reward from it. Don’t go to sleep until you succeed. Listen to me i’m here to tell you today that you can come here you can jump up you can do flips you can be exciting when we give away money but listen to me you’ll never be successful until i don’t have to give you a dime to do what you do. You won’t be successful until you say i don’t need that money cuz i got it in here so if you want to make six figures you can’t just be talking about you want to make six figures when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful and when you get to the point where all you want to do is be successful as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful and i’m here to tell you number one that most of you say you want to be successful but you don’t want it bad you just kind of want it. You don’t want it badder than you want a party you don’t want it as much as you want to be cool you most of you don’t want success as much as you want to sleep.

Some of you love sleep more than you love success and i’m here to tell you today if you’re going to be successful you’ve got to be willing to give up sleep you got to be willing to work off for three hours of sleep two hours if you really want to be successful some days you will have to stay up three days in a row because if you go to sleep you might miss the opportunity to be successful. That’s how bad you gotta want it. You gotta go days without it. Listen to me you got to want to be successful so bad that you forget to eat so listen to me Emma Smith said this at the end of commercial. Emma Smith said that all men are created equal some work harder in pre season. i’ma say it again because you might have missed it all men are created equal some work harder in preseason.

So that means that there are some people who are going to see the professor going to see the TA and even when the professor says I don’t meet with you, my TA meet with you you say I don’t want to talk to your TA I don’t pay the TA I pay you to teach me so you are gonna have to find some time to meet me if I got to meet you at the mall if I got to meet you at your house you are going to see me. Listen to me all men are created equal some work hard in preseason. When I went to college, guys were way smarter than me four point oh three point oh they went to the Ivy League high schools came to oak board from these great high schools, most of them are not doing what I’m doing. Why? Because it’s not about where you come from it’s about heart you come to a place where you know being smart ain’t enough you gotta have heart that’s number one whats number two number two catch number two I wrote it down I want to make sure you got it. It says to be watch this watch this we talking about sacrifice now. The important thing is this you’re right and why I’m saying it cuz i only have about three more minutes listen to me the most important thing is this to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become. That’s the number two thing you got to catch that one to be able to listen to me at any moment some of you you can make sacrifices when monday night football is not on, you can make a sacrifice but when the game come on for some reason you just attach to it but some of you when your favorite show come on you you can leave you can make sacrifices on Sunday when they’re not going on but when your favorite show comes on Monday, some of you focus until the phone ring and then you like I gotta answer it if i don’t answer the phone I’m gonna die. I’m saying to you today that there are some of you if you give up your cell phone you would be successful but your cell phone is more important to you than your success.

I’m gonna say it again I’m gonna hurt somebody I’m gonna hurt somebody some of you need to give up your cell phone because the time you spend on your cell phone could be used for your success the time you could be using to be successful you’re using on the sale and the cell phone is not bringing you nothing but a bill and somebody has told you you couldn’t live without it I’m talking about going deep now giving up stuff. Watch what it says. To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could be I don’t do well in math you’re right you ain’t never studied. I’m not good in writing cuz you have never written before but I dare you to fail it right for a whole year to see if you can get to the end.

I dare you to fail I dare you to take that same class over and over guys I dare you stop dropping classes like you soft. Always want to give up i’m dropping why you drop it I’m so grateful that the slaves didn’t drop and quit say I’m just gonna stop I’m a slave I’m just gonna be a slave. I’ma quit listen to me the slaves said we will live because one day we will become…


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  • This video saved me. My parents are drug addicts, I bounce around from foster home to foster home. Only 16% of kids like me make it to college. But my freshman year of high school I found this video and it changed me. I challenged myself to make a future. I could not read in the 5th grade and had a learning disability. As I am now applying to several universities, I am graduating from a state- top ranked high school as an AP Honors student with a strong GPA, ACT, and outstanding resume. It truly doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you’re willing to miss sleep for your future.

  • “You don’t want to look back and know you could’ve done better.” Work hard! Keep studying! Thanks for watching!

  • Remember guys this is extrinsic motivation, use it to find your intrinsic motivation to keep you going to unlocked your full potential & be a better version of yourself.

  • I failed my school year (12th grade) and I’m going threw depression atm but after seeing this vid, I’m motivated again to retake the year and do better. – Thank you.

  • What touched me when he said it’s all about heart, not where you came from!! Because I came from a place where all people think we are idiots and losers, a place where people think we are all losers. But I am here to prove to all of them how a man from that place can be more successful than all of them and keep doing it till the end!

  • I do not agree 100%. If you give up something as important as sleep, you won’t be able to give 100% in what you are doing.

  • this helped me soo much. I drink coffee at 9pm sleep until 12am and wake up to study until 4am and sleep for only 4 hours until 8am and study again. I bearly get enough sleep but when my results gonna come I’m goona be so happy with my progress. Every hour while studying I go for a walk around campus just to have my mind relaxed off the stress and recap what I have studied. One thing is study smart guys. there is a big difference between studying and studying smart

  • so its 10:00pm and i have two major assessments due at the end of the week i haven’t even started, and im getting tired and losing motivation so I youtube “homework motivation” and the guy saying “DON’T GO TO SLEEP. YOU NEED TO SACRIFICE SLEEP.” was just what i needed.

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