Beautiful Piano Music: Study Music, Work, Relaxing Music, Sleeping Music (1 Hour Focus)

Study Music Project (SMP) makes music to help you focus. SMP blends unique calm sounds with relaxing, beautiful piano and chill beats to create the ultimate instrumental background music (BGM) for your life.

To make the most from your studying don’t focus on the time you invest. Focus on the quality of your study session over the quantity you do. This is one of the key things we focus on and we absolutely think you can get twice the results in half the time. Make sure you grab the free audiobook Unlimited Memory by a chess grandmaster which will absolutely transform your results overnight if you apply the techniques.

Study Music Style: Piano

Start your productivity now by working with the 24/7 Livestream:

The background instrumental music found here is good as study music, relaxing music, chill music, sleep music, cafe music, and driving music. Make SMP your soundtrack to life.

Music by Dennis Kuo, MD:

Study Music Project 5 – Music for the Heart:


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  • Listening from New Zealand and having a de-stressing session… Been a long day at work. Hope you are doing well, Dennis! As always, thank you!

  • There are many instrumental or background or study music on youtube but I don’t know why yours are the one which makes me really focus. Sometimes I don’t realize that I am listening for hours and hours.What makes your music even more special is that I don’t mind to listen to the same tracks, many times. Your music has been accompanying my study time since 2013, until I graduate master course in 2015 and now going to finish my Ph.D. soon (I hope). I am an international student in Japan, just FYI. Bless you, Dennis, thank you for keep making your music, please keep doing. I am your big loyal fan.

  • omg….i cant help my tears to fall down. I am already 25 years old, and i am now writing a love letter to the guy I like, and we will be meeting next year. I dont know if he likes me, but he promised to help me go to his country 🙂