A Day In The Life Of Psychology Student | Study Session Vlog 2016

I will not discuss what university I go to or anything to do with my dissertation topic but I can answer any other question x

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video. I purchased everything with my own money.

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Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh hey guys and welcome to my channel so today I’m going to be doing another day in the life I know I’ve been doing quite a bit of vlogs but I just feel like it’s easier for me because um all I have to do is just sell the camera and then that’s it and but I will be doing more content other than just like blogs and things like that but I’ve been getting a good response from you guys so hopefully you guys don’t mind the kind of flow of vlogs and things like that and but I have just had my breakfast or today’s money education I should just say and I’ve just had my breakfast and you will see my face with no makeup on today and looking a bit not as put together but today I decided that I’m not going to go to the library usually I would and I do go to lectures by the way I just don’t blog in them but I only have lectures twice a week so I have three three days to kind of do kind of extra work and kind of go over those lectures so even though it sounds like I don’t have a lot going on I kind of do because you kind of have to constantly be reading and now it’s getting to the point where things are starting to pile up because things are starting to get you like I have assignments do kind of around the same time so it’s the Battle of kind of balancing my time I really can’t speak this morning and but yes and so like I said I’m not going to the library because I just don’t feel like going and the weather’s not the nicest today so I’m going to stay at home and do work and then yeah that’s pretty much it so I’m going to show you guys what I’m doing clothed so I have so right now I am currently planning this is my personal this is my personal planner which looks like this so it’s just a 2016 and planner and you can I got it from personal planner calm I’m not affiliated with them or anything like that but I get a lot of questions and a lot of dm’s from you guys asking me where I get my planner from and things like that so I just thought I’d put it in a video just as I’m about to plan so this is how mine looks I did customize it and spin is I don’t mean like any more I liked it when I designed it but now I’m just not a fan but anyways so like I said it is a fully customized so this one started back in so this one I got mine in February so mine starts in February and so it’s a four years so it’s February to February because that’s what I obviously designed it but I just have you know some quotes here I’m big on my quotes if you follow me on Instagram I do like to quote a lot it does keep me motivated and Tans and I just feel like I can’t bothered and I’m procrastinate I just like to read especially this one this was a really good one and but yeah I am so what month this is this is so this is this week so as you can see I haven’t obviously done anything and but yeah this is from personal panakam I think I have more quotes in here somewhere and come to the little plastic wallet and then there’s the other quote oh here it is this is the other quote I have so I’m quite big on quotes and I like to use these these called this Stabilo yes the below and fine liners and then just a regular black pen so if any of you guys are wondering this is from personal panakam and this is just a and roulade that comes in and again you get to customize the colors you literally customize everything you want so I will need a link to their site down below if you’re interested but I’m going to start adding Oh you Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh hey guys so it is around 1 o’clock right now and today is I feel like every time well I think my last vlog um revision why wasn’t you advising but it just wasn’t going well like I was just super tired and then it was better the next day so today is basically that day again I just feel super tired and just tired and fatigued and like I have like 0.1 motivation right now and I think it’s because TMI I’m starting my period soon and like usually a week before or like a few days before I start feeling super tired and like I just have no motivation and I just want to stay in bed all day and today is just one of those days I just don’t feel the best and it’s horrible because I go to bed and I I go to bed just thinking like I haven’t realized much today and I did get work done but I just don’t feel great about it like I literally feel like I want to sleep right now it sounds really bad and I look a mess and I have to go to a meeting for my dissertation and I think it’s around 2 o’clock so I saw her like a lot of times get ready but I’m legit gonna go in this hoodie and keep my head down and go to that meeting so I’m going to take too long and I’m just going to go over just know some things like that but um so yeah I just thought I’d come on here and express to you guys how I’m feeling today I just I don’t know I’m pretty short because I’m starting my period soon so my brain is just like not today and I always feel like this but not have any tips if you guys experienced this as well ladies out there if you experienced this comment down below what you do to stay motivated when you’re feeling like you just want to sleep and lie down and watch videos all day and and I’ve still got so much to do I have a lot of things to do not a lot of things to things do next month but to Symonds one is a presentation and one is an essay which isn’t really that long but I want to do well in it and I want to start early and hand it in at least a week early but this rate it’s not going the greatest I just want my period comes then I can feel better again and I can feel super motivated I’m going to stop talking now because I feel like I’ve been talking for a long time so I’m going to head over to my meeting and then I’m going to come back and then probably I haven’t even had lunch I might have lunch now just depending how I feel and then hopefully I’ll start back to do more work again so peace guys pray for me Oh Oh Oh how Oh how we Oh you Oh Oh..


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  • I’m also a psychology student. I love this subject. it’s too awesome. but when someone ask what you study I told them they watch me like I’m a alien or something they laugh but they don’t know how good to study. the practical are awesome to apply on real world

  • Nice video, can you please upload a video talking about careers for psychology students. And I would really appreciate if you talk about what is psychology and which students are suitable to choose this major.