7 Ccna Ccnp Study Tips For The New Year – 2017!!


let’s go on guys welcome back to network chuck where we just do some fun stuff with Cisco stuff can’t start without my coffee Oh freaking a so New Year’s resolutions personally for me when the urge comes around the first thing I’m aligned is certifications what am I going to accomplish in the new year for me the biggest barrier is just figuring out how am I going to do this what what goals am I going to set for me personally I want to finish up my ccmp I want to get my CCNA collaboration and I want to get my CC and P collaboration 2017 is a big year for me to get this stuff done prime time so I know if I would have had a list like this for me it would have been invaluable so here we go 7 steps to setting your CCNA or CCMP study goals in the new year 2017 is our year here are the 7 steps step 1 pick your certification and pick the right one for your career you there are so many certifications CCNA CCNP you have the Microsoft and VMware and Citrix and the all kinds of stuff and even within Cisco you have different tracks you can go on wireless voice routes which security just a ton so which one is best for your career right now can’t go wrong with just basic routes which routes which is always needed and there’s always jobs available for guys who know that well voice many people don’t go down the voice track I did and I love voice it’s what I’m devoting most of my time to now voice is hot right now I get a ton of recruiters hitting me up for voice jobs all the time third I think the other biggest one is security Security’s always been kind of hot and especially with all the data leaks and things like that it’s a hot thing to do right now so whatever the case find the certification path that’s right for you what are you doing right now what are your goals you can’t go wrong with three of those tracks personally I think you can always go down the routes which track and then die from there so for me I finished my CCNA routes which I even almost finished I got one test left my CC and PU I’ll switch and then I’m really going to focus on voice which I’m kind of going to skip around on that just because right now for my career it’s more important for me to know a lot of voice and it’s more beneficial for me to attain those boys certifications so really it’s just tailored to you figure out what you need step two set very specific time goals and don’t touch them go ahead right now set a date for your test if you have the money right now schedule it that’s the really the best thing to do schedule a test if you’re really daring take a reset your password for the Pearson certification portal and hide it or something or make your wife for your friend reset it so you cannot reschedule the test set that goal don’t touch it also be realistic let it be attainable many people set out with certification goals they don’t account for the life’s ups and downs the other day other responsibilities give family do the job are you also in school if you’re crazy and trying to do school and certifications any of those responsibilities is going to make it harder for you to complete your certification just realistic so take that into account before you set any goals figure out how much time you have to study every day and also every certification requires different amounts of time and every person requires different about the time of study could be a complete beginner from scratch trying to learn networking you’re going to take some time to build up or ramp up into that level you need to be a while others are have been doing it for a while and they’re just building on their knowledge orders that they’re just going back to certify things they already know so there’s just a there’s different situations so the big question is well okay Chuck how much time do I actually need well here’s kind of what I do for me so I try to at least study 2 to 3 hours a day this is a combination of you know doing it at work on my lunch or when I have free time at the job or links which is rare but you know you take it when you get it and then when I get home if I can you know get quiet time by myself I’ll try to bust out 2 hours so this is for you if you really want to own 2017 you really want to hustle this is kind of the guideline I would I would set for myself for these different certifications this all assumes that you’re willing to devote 2 to 3 hours a day of study maybe even more on the weekend but also you need to account for resting times maybe taking a day or two off a week you have to account for your rest people don’t do that you’re a human you’re person you need downtime so for the CCENT CCENT or IC and d1 I would say if you’re starting from scratch no experience and maybe you don’t even have a job in networking yet or you’re on a help desk trying to move up I would say minimum four months for some people that’s pretty ambitious because you may know nothing about networking while some may know may already have done a bit of troubleshooting or something like that but I think at minimum four months if you’re just starting out if you’ve been doing it for a little bit I would say two months two months you can really bust it out learn the concepts and take that test because CCENT i mean it covers it covers a lot if you’re a beginner but it’s it’s not too much information you can digest it you can take the tests once you’ve completed your icnd1 you want to move on to IC and v2 which is the second part of your CCNA I would say if you’re coming fresh off your IC and D 1 you see sent 2 to 3 months no brainer now if you took like a break or some kind of sabbatical year sabbatical which I do not advise if you finish your seeds it bust your butt and get you your icnd2 knocked down you’ll have your CCNA icnd2 it gets more having the topics or the heavy networking writing protocol topics so you want to give yourself time but I say 2 to 3 months you’ve already get that base network knowledge through icnd1 you can jump right in cover icnd2 knock that sucker out to three months set your studies go after one of those guys you’re ballsy enough to do your CCNA one test now it’s they haven’t throw reasons some people just need to recertify understandable some guys have been doing it for a while and suddenly realize they want to have their certification or they suddenly need it for something or maybe for a vendor they’re working for or maybe it’s even a raise for a job so you want to bust out the CCNA one test about doing I see the one then I see in d2 I would say two to three months because usually you guys are already on it you ready their stuff get in there with you any new topics freshen up our new topics you’re not really confident on bust it out but some guys they don’t want to do icnd2 they want to do their CCENT and then move onto the specialization track that’s fine you can go from icnd1 your CCENT and jump into you know CCNA wireless CCNA collaboration you can do whatever whatever truck you want to do I don’t work him in that I think we as network guys whether what your whatever track you select you need to have that base foundation of routes which you always need that because that’s the foundation that’s the road system that everything’s built on you have to do that I would say get your CCNA then for the CCNA specialization tracks collaboration security wireless what have you give yourself two or three months you already have the base foundation of networking so just focusing on another technology that layers on top of that not as difficult as relearning your whole CCNA two to three months dig deep learn the concepts give yourself enough time now for the CC and P that’s a whole different story because CC and PS they require multiple tests throughout Swift requires three I think collaborations now four I don’t really know much about the others but multiple tests varying difficulty depending on where you’re at what you currently do so take what I say with a grain of salt I know for me with the ccmp I tried to vote in segment two to three months per test again you’re just building on your CCNA knowledge and you’re moving on to more concepts building on top of that now if you you know got your CCNA took a long break and then now you want to conquer the CCMP you might want to give yourself more time maybe four or five months because you have to go back kind of freshen yourself up on the old CCNA topics and then start to build on to the new topics with CCMP the CCI a I don’t know that requires a life commitment I you gotta check out I might be one of those guys that goes for CCIE not right now not my current my current goal set right now but other guys like George Amazon I’ll kind of link him here click him here he’s great follow him on a CCIE journey and figure out what he did honestly not sure I know it takes a lot of time a lot of labbing but follow those guys and maybe check back here when I start to do it step 3 pick the right study material there are so many options out there now some people say oh no I can only do videos or on I’m more of a book guy um you know what pick both books are valuable videos of value valuable don’t pigeonhole yourself to one medium things multiple things make yourself diverse study charts make flashcards do all these different things don’t limit yourself to one set of study materials and just make sure it’s quality look at the reviews um see how many people have actually used um you know video sites like CBT Nuggets can’t vouch for them and uh Jeremy Chara is tops he’s the best loved that guy um just not been getting into I&E they’re pretty good other chloral sites not bad I’m using for a few things on the Cisco press books I mean there’s Cisco press they’re pretty good they helped me kind of organize and I noticed as I was going through like some of Jeremy chara stuff on CBT Nuggets it was organized the same way as the assist compress book I got those are great the lab books you can buy those are fantastic as well don’t limit yourself to just one stone material do as many as you can um even the boot camps if you want to do those expensive if your job pay for that date it’s awesome use whatever you can most study materials especially the videos will tell you the time investment it takes to complete all these videos and complete their training so I use those to kind of divvy up how much time I need to complete that training and and figure out when I can actually take my tests so I’ll use their recommendations to set up a study schedule so maybe a chapter a day or maybe a couple videos a day CBT couple of Nuggets a day then what I’ll do is I’ll you know just plan this out throw it into my calendar or throw into a to view application I recommend to doest fantastic application for managing stuff like this kind of use that as your guideline and County use it to say um to make yourself accountable and kind of check your progress because you can often set your goal through a test way out in the future and then you really don’t study well and you don’t have you don’t make sure you study all the topics you need to by that time and they give yourself enough time to lab and go back over it review you need to account for all that not touch more on that here in a bit and do not make the same mistake I did on my CCMP route don’t trust the material alone because even Cisco pressbooks say this is meant to be a guy does not necessarily completely prepare you for the test and that is true because there are some topics that were not touched that I was not prepared for when I took my CCNP route so I recommend you go to the Cisco comm or you go to e go to the Cisco certification website and get your blueprint for your certification use that let that be your guide so I’ll put links down below for the specific blueprints from the most popular Cisco certifications yeah go through your blueprint mark out things that your Cisco um that your training whether BC BT Cisco press goes through make sure you know cuz a blueprint what kind of list how in depth you need to go make sure it covers that and if there are topics I just are not covered and your training Cisco’s got documents for those collaboration they have this are Indies and I’ll cover everything you need don’t be afraid to bust into those little dry that’s not gonna be as engaging as CBT or something like that it look at the job done you wanna make sure you know everything going into that exam step for this probably the most important step is going to be about incentives so you’re getting your certification for a reason right whether it be something with your career where you want to really further your career have you know very ambitious goals won’t get that a job or maybe you want to just get promotion in your current job maybe you’re your boss I says you know when it comes time for review time that if you’ve gotten certifications you’ve proven that you’re trying to learn more and it’ll help you get bonus or raise these things happen maybe you work you want to work for Cisco partner you currently do and they give you a bonus when you get your certification they give you an immediate raise when you get a certification this stuff happens often as well and then ultimately get any certification just gives you gives you the opportunity to provide a better for your family keep all these things in mind think about that often make it your drive you need that just constant reminder of the incentive of Hawaii you’re doing this because going through this while it can’t be fun and while many guys are very passionate about it including me I when I get into it when I get laughing it’s really fun Cisco is awesome Cisco voice especially oh my gosh love Cisco boys sometimes it’s a bit dry sometimes you just want to binge watch Netflix right sometimes you just want to play a video game and call duty sorry sorry Cisco sorry CBT sorry I any Call of Duty’s a lot more fun than your stuff I’m just gonna be honest and when I get home and I’ve had a long day of already working with your stuff and I want to get down and learn something you’d be more complicated I just want to move veg I want to veg is that’s not as fun sorry so you need a constant reminder or just not so much constant just when you we know you’re about to hit that that’s slump you need that reminder of why you’re actually doing this so what I kind of mentioned was that’s more like the you know the long term like ultimate reason you’re doing this then also for me will really help me with setting a shorter term goals for example if I complete my certification like if I can play my ccmp I said you know what you’d like the game I like the game I love the game but I haven’t league aimed as much you know with my family life and with working and studying it’s really hard to so I said I want to get my ccmp take a break by myself ps4 because Xbox sorry yes ps4 is where it’s at so buy ps4 and relaxing and game get some downtime for me that’s an awesome reward so find something you like maybe a trip maybe a toy for yourself you’re a geek you like toys get a toy for yourself set that is a kind of an incentive for you and when you get your certification that’s your reward that stuff works I mean it’s just something get the carrot ready dangle the carrot that’s why they do it also it helps go even shorter term on the goals for like your daily study habits so for me you know I tried two three hours a day of studying and at the end of that if I do complete what I’ve my objective or what I need to do if I made significant progress in my studying I’ll give myself a treat maybe some ice cream maybe a candy bar maybe I make myself another delicious cup of coffee I rarely deny that to myself anyway beacon of Gavi oh yeah I said those short term goals it really really helps brain is it’s all about the chemicals right and you kind of have to play it you have to make it work so I mean you can think about it theoretically you can say oh yeah I’m going to bust out a study session doesn’t matter about a long time or my long term rewards is enough to keep me going it’s not true you’re a human being and you’ve got these chemicals in your brain that kind of fire off when you are looking forward to something or when you reward yourself so just thinking about that future reward even for a short term thing just think so insignificant as eating ice cream maybe you get to watch a movie when you’re done or maybe you get to game for 30 minutes set up sort of term goals they do help they really do help all right step 5 this is very important as well now I can step for incentives most important that’s what’s gonna keep it going when you get burnout you will get burnout that’s just what happens it’s hard to dig deep and learn the stuff and then keep remember memorizing these boring tedious things there’s definitely fun parts in it believe me when you tell Abby ah lighting so fun but sometimes the drudgery of learning and studying for a certification that gets to you so remember incentives incentives incentives offer five learn how to study many people don’t know how to study they just they go at it they burn themselves out really fast and they don’t do it efficiently so they just they’re not good at studying learn how to study this is going to be just incredibly valuable to you have used to invest a little bit of time to learn how it’s done here are some tips that I had to kind of learn myself and I’ll pass these on to you my dice number one use a Pomodoro timer I’ve never used these it’s like this little productivity timer there’s an app for it it’s this call Pomodoro timer I’ll link it below but basically you set like a time maybe 20 minutes of uninterrupted study time when that timer goes off you step away and do something else for five minutes and come back and then other minutes of uninterrupted study time you can kind of set the intervals but studies have shown that if you go any longer than 20 30 minutes your study sessions become less effective so you want to make sure that you’re maximizing your studies I should hack that brain of yours your brain is just the machine so you got to make it work the best way you can give it breaks we’re not gonna say here an overclock our brains you got to make it run efficiently next tip number two is make handwritten notes I know we’re an age of technology you want to type up your notes handwritten notes have been shown to help you remember things better it’s just that’s just science oh it’s just science what I only do is I’ll write it out then I go back and type it up kind of double double review bye and another other tips two three use flashcards they’re they’re great especially for me because I try to find time where you know when I’m just sitting around doing nothing where I normally check my phone and went you know now I’m enough time where I have enough time to sit down bust up on a book and start a study session but you know five minutes where I’m waiting for something waiting on my wife to get ready buddy got my wife to get out the dressing room at the mall waiting at my wife to pick oh she wants to eat at the restaurant mostly waiting on my wife bust out your flashcards and go through a few of them and flashcards are great and you want to use a flash card that uses a system which is called an SRS a space repetition system what this does is it gives you a flash card if you get it right it’ll then kind of set a timer on it and not give it to you until the next day if you get it right again then they’ll space it out and maybe give it to you three days later you get that right then it’ll space it out and give it to you ten days later so kind of nestled is that that little that little tidbit of technology into your brain and then slowly gets into your long term memory fantastic ideas really helped me on mice my ccmp stuff especially the route because a route book I mean it was good this is gay it’s huge it’s big long material come on I use this program called Anki which is a very popular free SRS now it’s free for the desktop if you want to get if your your i. Phone or Android that’s how they make the money it’s like it’s not cheap but I shelled it out it’s totally worth it you can make these these flash cards and and they think it’s nice all that stuff into your long term memory so it’s invaluable to me so what I’ll do is I’ll take handwritten notes I’ll put them into a notes application and then I’ll make flashcards off of these guys it’s invaluable I recommend donkey it’s great a buddy of mine he used Quizlet that’s another good one I think they recently started doing an SRS kind of thing so make sure you do spaced repetition it makes the most of your time and then you gotta stay organized I use Evernote or you can use One. Note a lot of all Microsoft guys lo love One. Note Evernote I’ve use it from the beginning it’s fantastic it’ll help keep your stuff organized your study sessions organized to each his own on how you’re going to do that but use Evernote to do that alright step 6 another very good fairy I mean obviously a lot of these are important steps so step 6 very important you need to stay positive I cannot I cannot tell you how important it is this tip I mean you know how important it is stay positive and stay excited I mean you’re an IT you’re a geek I mean you’re you’re a geek and you love this stuff it’s fun if you don’t love it then do something else but if you if you love it then try cuz you’re not gonna always be excited about it and come on it’s some of it’s pretty freakin dry do your best to stay excited the exciting stuff will keep you going through the boring stuff what I do and I’m so thankful for these guys I’ll take a break when I know I’m hitting on kind of a slump or you know just a slope part and I’m getting like why am I doing this it’s so boring uh I’ll take a break and I’ll get on and I’ll find guys who are going through certifications and they’re excited or maybe they’re a success story and they completed the certification neither they’ve got this kick ass job and they’re something they’re happy about it or gosh you’re doing really cool things with their career I’ll do that to keep myself motivated and keep my stuff like yeah I can be like that guy that’s why I’m doing this so I can’t I can’t emphasize enough again spiration from people from from or bloggers I’ll recommend some below I’m some great guys I follow especially on Twitter to kind of keep myself excited you need to surround yourself with like minded people or even better minded people that’s even better and keep yourself motivated yeah that’s so important because again this is just a bowl of chemicals that you have to manipulate at the machine you got to keep it happy keep it motivated because we’re more naturally inclined to just slump on the couch and watch TV it’s Netflix I mean come on Netflix dude you’re not helping us right now so many freaking good shows I’m not gonna mention any because it’s not conducive to what I’m trying to get you guys to do so yeah fine fine guys at work or find groups around you you can kind of buddy with accountability partners they the people that will keep you inspired you keep going because you’re going to get burnt out again kinda the incentive thing gonna get burnt out stay positive and stay excited to remind yourself while you’re doing this all right here we go step 7 congrats you made them a list and I appreciate it cuz I like it when you watch my stuff and so step 7 again very important step step 7 lab lab lab laughing is super important cannot emphasize labbing enough now I’m sure there are certifications that are really heavy on theory um I know like I forget which ones were heavy out there like that maybe some like security plus stuff maybe even a plus stuff I mean obviously want to lab some stuff but there are some certifications that are have very heavy on theory not so important to know lab stuff but for like cisco stuff you’ve gotten all your stuff man CCNA ccnp frickin CCIE rah I hate that word frickin see see all these you’ve gotta know your stuff you cannot walk into that certification or walk into the workplace with confidence unless you’ve had labbing experience if you get on a piece of equipment and you can configure something backwards and forwards you’re there you know what you need to do you can walk into that exam be like guys I’ve got this I’ve got every certification really calls for a different level of labbing and how deep into how how long you need to do it um and it ramps up as you get to more complex certifications CCENT CCNA don’t blab as much you’re learning concepts that build on two concepts and then build into what can you configure a Cisco router BAM for the CCNA a lot of guys like to get their hands on physical equipment they IC see the stuff touch smell it sleep with it I don’t know the logs are just that me personally I think you’re better off just getting packet tracer or rocking some gns3 it’ll do the job when you get to ccmp it might be you get through most of stuff with ceasing to pee on and this is more for this is more for routes which you can get a lot a lot of the stuff for CCMP through gns3 and maybe even packet tracer or like the CCP switch exam even need some physical equipment to properly do your BSS and your your stacks and all the all the different protocols you got to do with switching because they don’t properly gns3 can’t emulate a switch and then for exams like the collaboration you’re gonna need some end points you’ve gotta have some stuff there’s no really no way around it you can virtualize call manager you can virtualize a lot of stuff you need but you know for commented your Express unity Express ended a freaking phone Amica virtualized some phones but you don’t want those influence especially for collaboration video endpoints get what I did that really helped me is go online find some labs people have labs available for you to kind of work through and also the the Cisco the Cisco Academy the Cisco Network Academy lab books they’re really good I went through them for my switch of my route fantastic they go they kind of give you a topic and they have you go through it and they kind of build on each other they’re fantastic so guys lab lighting is key and every guy will tell you this and it gives you the little talk about people who just become paper certs or just paper certs where when you get a certification you’re no more valuable than the paper that you had your certification printed on you just learn the stuff you your brain dump did brain dumps are bad don’t believe me go look at this video here this video here on brain dubs no brain ups are bad you won’t you want to avoid being that paper certification guy you walk in oh yeah I’ve got my Suzy day ok Liz you simply give me something configure I don’t know what I’m doing and people recognize that guy you see guys come in you immediately know they don’t know their stuff lie being sets you apart it gives you the hands on experience the confidence you need to walk into the workplace walk to the certification be like I am wears it I’m ready they could inclusion guys that was all seven steps hey there are seven steps if you don’t remember what they are then rewind go back through and watch them again certifications and studying for certifications and valuable I think they’re more valuable than degrees now I started my degree stalked it because didn’t it wasn’t gonna be valuable to me anymore I’m completing my four year degree I was going through WGU didn’t mean much to me anymore I was already working a job that the degree would have gotten me and certifications we’re going to help me get further along in my career I think certifications and especially in this industry are what speak volumes about you certifications and experience you get those two guys you are gold in most companies and in most most sectors start the new year out 2017 I am going to make 2017 my ear for certifications I’m going to knock out my CCMP or my CCNA Collaboration get my CCP collaboration and I’m gonna finish my CC and peer ounce which I am going to do all this I know you guys have goals let me know in the comments below let me know what certifications you’re going to knock out this year and let me know whatever study habits you have oh and whatever recommendations you have for everybody else um because this is a few things that picked up along the ways I’ve been going through my stuff and just trying to keep myself motivated and trying to keep myself organized so again seven steps to get ready for 2017 and your certifications we’re gonna rock this year we’re gonna make ourselves better and we’re going to own IT again guys this was a network shop thanks so much for watching please subscribe I’m going to continue to post more videos how to do collaboration stuff maybe sprinkle in some networking stuff and what have you and of course talk about certification because it’s really close to my heart really important to me and I really want to help everyone else now so thanks for watching again subscribe and share like whatever thanks guys see you later ..

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  • Hey Chuck,

    I currently live in Ohio – mid Ohio to be precise – and work for an MSP. I don’t have any certifications and worry about the future of IT. I see the market changing (and shrinking) continually. Development seems stable, but I’m having such a hard time going after certs when I worry I won’t be able to stay employed in another 10 years without a CCIE and a ton of experience -but then I think about the fact that people like YOU will be my direct competition with loads more experience then I’ll have. As the jobs tighten up, I fear I’ll eventually be squeezed out. I love IT and am really interested in Security and Architecture – I love systems and breaking/fixing things to make better systems, but I fear programming is where the future is and that I’ll be pushed out.

    Any advice?

  • Good tips! I just finished the CCNA R&S and the CCNA Security last year. I’ll most likely go for the CCNP this coming year (my employer became a Gold Partner and now I can use test vouchers). Happy studying!

  • hey Chuck awesome video but you know reality is very difficult….really after job in the subcontinent it really sucks it out of you….most of the time I slept on my laptop and on books…..anyways cleared CCNA and Ccnp (R/s and Security) almost emptied my pocket…..But since I am not from networking and I am really tired and bored with my current and want to pursue my long time love I.e, Networking …..but even after all these I am not getting a single job opportunity…..CCIE I am quite doubtful….I don’t want to spend any more bucks untill I get any job
    …Really feel wasted my money…..Pls help

  • Getting ready for my CCNA and packet tracer has failed me many times. There are bugs and a few important commands to complete labs that are just not there. My advice is, get your own equipment. They are so cheap now. You are investing in your future. You can also sell your equipment when you are done.

  • thanks for this video. I started studying from zero experience for a CCNA R&S 4 weeks ago. This week is the first week I have spent actually playing with Packet Tracer. Took a while to learn basic concepts, tcp/ip and subnetting. I’ve got a 1000 page text book which i normally read a chapter at a time, before watching videos on the same topic and now playing with labs. Plan to take the first test within 2 more months. currently studying about 12 hours per week

  • Thanks, Chuck. I just found your page and subscribed. I really needed this. I’ve been trying to leave my current career in retail for networking. I finished up my Associates Degree recently, but between doing that, my job, and taking care of my son, I got burned out, and kinda lapsed on studying for a few months. Now I really need to get ramped back up into getting my certifications and knocking this stuff out. Studying has always been a bit of a struggle for me, so I’m going to try to incorporate some of your steps, pointers, and apps to see if I can’t improve my efficiency, and hopefully not get distracted as much. Do you have any opinion on Udemy? I’d like to use CBT Nuggets, but $84/month as a bit excessive for much budget currently, and my employer isn’t going to pay for it.

  • 17:30 what your talking about here is pimsluers language learning method called graduated interval recall. this is literally how you learn languages and….. everything.

  • Love the video man, would love to see more videos ! I currently work for a large IT reseller as a part of the Cisco team. I am working on my CCNA study as we speak and came across this video 🙂

  • Currently studying for the CCENT right now to take it next week hopefully. Still worried because some of the stuff wasn’t covered.